Revision history for IO::Callback

2.00    2020-08-29  cpan:TOBYINK
        Change slot keys to be lowercase, fixes RT#132961.
        Workaround difficulties with Test::NoWarnings, fixes RT#98861.

1.12    2014-05-25  cpan:TOBYINK
        No functional changes since 1.11_01.

1.11_01 2014-05-18  cpan:TOBYINK
        Rename SLOW_TESTS environment variable to EXTENDED_TESTING in line with Lancaster Consensus.
        Skip t/read-sha.t for Digest::SHA 5.89 and 5.90.

1.10    2012-09-10  cpan:TOBYINK
        No functional changes since 1.09_01.

1.09_01 2012-07-16  cpan:TOBYINK
        Fix failing tests.
        Skip slower tests unless SLOW_TESTS environment variable set to true.

1.08    2010-03-29  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Abandon filesystem write intensive tests if they take too long

1.07    2010-03-25  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Fix failing tests under perl 5.11

1.06    2009-08-20  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Made some of the slower tests author only

1.05    2009-08-17  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Reduce the memory footprint of the test suite

1.04    2009-08-06  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Fix failing tests under 5.8.0 to 5.8.8
1.03    2009-08-03  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Fix failing tests under 5.6.2
        made tell() set $., to better mimic perl's behavior

1.02    2009-08-02  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Fixed another test failure under 5.8
        Corrected the dates in this file

1.01    2009-08-02  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Minor doc tweaks.
        Fixed failing test due to an uncaught warning under 5.8.8

1.00    2009-08-01  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Renamed from IO::Coderef to IO::Callback
        Subclassed IO::String.
        Allowed the callbacks to simulate non-fatal file I/O errors.
        Implemented setting $. and input_line_number().
        More tests, fixed offset handling in sysread().

0.94    2009-07-30  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Added tests for ungetc, watched them fail, fixed it.
        Prevented extra callback call on double close of write handle.
        Made use of File::Slurp in the test suite.

0.93    2009-07-29  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Even more tests.
        Pillaged some test scripts from IO::String.
        Added tell() support.

0.92    2009-07-29  cpan:PUBNOOP
        More tests

0.91    2009-07-28  cpan:PUBNOOP
        POD tweak

0.90    2009-07-28  cpan:PUBNOOP
        Initial release.