0.04007   2018-07-18 22:49:22+02:00 Europe/Berlin
    GitHub PR #2 merged (thanks karenetheridge)
        * link to HTTP::Throwable    
    GitHub PR #4 merged (thanks timbunce)
        * use q{} for _status_message so message can contain a single quote
        * throw exception on loader code error instead of silently ignoring
    GitHub PR #5 merged (thanks neilb)
        * Added [MetaJSON] so releases will include META.json
        * Added "use warnings" to all modules

0.04006   2014-02-14 00:27:50+01:00 Europe/Berlin
    typo fix (thanks dsteinbrunner)

0.04005   2014-02-14 00:03:43+01:00 Europe/Berlin
    corrected Encoding in dist.ini,
        due to CPAN Testers reporting an invalid byte sequence in the Makefile

0.04004   2012-08-17 01:00:11 Europe/Berlin
    Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GitHub::Meta extracts correct Metainfos now

0.04003   2012-08-17 00:38:56 Europe/Berlin
    Versions are now handled by Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PkgVersion
    deleted 2 unused testclasses
0.04002   2012-08-17 00:08:19 Europe/Berlin
    RT 79021: Eliminate warnings about "subroutine redefined"
        * subroutine redefined warnings under mod_perl silenced
        * created testcase "emulating" mod_perl
    removed shebang in authortests

0.04001   2012-02-24 22:55:01 Europe/Berlin
    RT 75271: AutoPrereq of Dist::Zilla found too many dependencies,
        * fixed by stating dependencies explicitly
        (thanks jquelin)

0.04      2012-02-18 22:04:20 Europe/Berlin
    HTTP::Status 6.03 added a status, that broke this module
    moved to Dist::Zilla

0.03001 2010-03-11
    Fixed tests not to emit warnings anymore

0.03000 2010-03-11
    Added possibility to import only specific error ranges
    Added tests and Pod for this

0.02006 2010-03-08
    Added minimum version requirements to prerequisites

0.02005 2010-03-05
    Added Pod VERSION sections back in, thanks to ShipIt::Step::ChangePodVersion ;) 

0.02004 2010-03-04
    Corrected $VERSION for changed modules

0.02003 2010-03-04
    Removed parent.pm - dependency
    Added base.pm - dependency, works better and is longer in Core
    HTTP::Request::Common required for t/05-plack.t, othwerwise skipped

0.02002 2010-03-04
    Some small POD enhancements for H::E::Base and H::E::Loader

0.02001 2010-03-04
    Fixed POD for HTTP::Exception::nXX-Classes (again copy/paste)
    Updated README

0.02000 2010-03-03
    Added "Tween-Classes" to the hierarchy (1XX .. 5XX)
    Added Tests for "Tween-Classes" to the hierarchy (1XX .. 5XX)
    Fixed t/06-is_methods.t not to use Plack::Test anymore
    Changed HTTP::Exception::Base to use as_string from Exception::Class::Base
    Added location field for 3XX Exceptions
    Added message and error as synonym for status_message (compat for Exception::Class)
    Fixed t/06-is_methods.t to not include Plack::Test anymore (evil copy/paste)
    Forgot dates in the Changes-File :\

0.01007 2010-03-03
    fixed some POD

0.01006 2010-03-02
    changed EMail-Address in packages to my CPAN-EMail

0.01005 2010-03-02
    removed VERSION from pod, too much hassle to keep in sync with $VERSION

0.01004 2010-03-02
    still trying to shipit

0.01003 2010-03-02
    no changes to the module itself, just trying to get shipit to work

0.01002 2010-03-02
    Corrected BuildRequirements in Build.PL (added Test::Exception)
    Corrected Requirements in Makefile.PL, thought it is recreated automatically
    fixed t/05.plack to be skipped on systems without Plack

0.01001 2010-03-02
    Corrected Requirements in Build.PL

0.01000 2010-02-29
    First Implementation of HTTP::Exceptions