Revision history for Perl module HTTP::Cookies::Safari

1.153 2017-08-24T21:00:42Z
	* Update test with an expired cookie (hRT #122874)
	* Freshen distro

1.152 2017-01-05T23:52:20Z
	* Bump version to index in PAUSE. This is actually an ADOPTME
	module, but I made a small fix.

1.151 2016-11-27T21:11:58Z
	* Remove the prereq test. Test::Prereq acts differently now and I do
	this at release time.

1.15 - 2011-04-18
	* Updated module and fixed test with expiring cookie
	* Everything works the same as the last version

1.13 - 2007-11-10
	* Cleanups for the move from CVS to SVN, kwalitee
	* Now requires Perl 5.006
	* No need to upgrade

1.12 - 2007-01-09
	* updated copyright and license info
	* no code changes, so no need to upgrade

1.11 - 2005-12-25
	* Fixed issue with ignore_discard: cookies with no expiry were discarded

1.09 - 2005-10-13
	* Jon Orwant pointed out that a Safari cookie file could have a
	date past the unix epoch for the expiry time of the cookie. I need to
	convert that to unix seconds internally. To get around this, dates too
	far in the future get truncated to 0xFF_FF_FF_FF.
	* If you are working with dates those far out, first ask yourself "Why?",
	then upgrade.

1.07 - 2005-03-11
	* Added POD coverage tests, fixed issues
	* no code updates: no need to upgrade

1.06 - 2004-09-20
	* updated to work with the latest Mac::PropertyList, which has a new

1.03 - 2003-11-27
	* HTTP::Cookies::Safari now uses Date::Calc instead of Date::Manip.
	This should make date calculations much faster.
	* No bugs were fixed, but this should be a performance boost.

1.02 - 2003-01-08
	* now handles expiry times

1.01 - 2003-01-07
	* initial version to work with Safari cookie files