0.009009 2015-05-15
  - just took the most recent dev release and repository updates, made
    sure all tests pass and cut a stable release.  Please shout out if
    something unexpected happens.

0.009008_01 2013-02-28

  - remove_from_attribute and related helpers (remove_class, add_class)

  - Several patches for incorrect functionality (thanks to Jim Miner &
    stratman@gmail.com) :-

  - Don't throw away leading PCDATA in $text, in _hacky_tag_parser().
    This is important so we can use from_html and replace_content to
    insert fragments with or without markup into templates.

  - Fix matching against attribute value "0" (zero) or "" (empty).

  - Fix parsing of selectors matching against attribute value "" (empty).
    (This does not fix parsing of single-quoted attribute values.)

0.009007 2013-02-24
  - Remove long form ( name, value ) for attributes to set_attribute / add_attribute
    to allow future enhancements (selector in options).

0.009006 2011-05-20
  - Add DESTROY method to fix test failures / warnings in perl >= 5.13.1

0.009005 2011-05-12

  - Perforce escaping of meta-characters in selectors and test (rafl)
  - New Feature:  HTML::Zoom will autoload FilterBuilder functions so that
    you can avoid a bit of boilerplate in method calls.  Now you can replace:

        $z->select('div')->replace_content("Hello World");


        $z->replace_content(div => "Hello World");

  - Lots of changes to FilterBuilder so that functionality matched the docs
    better, improved the docs and added tests for documented functions to
    avoid future regressions.

  - add / to excluded characters in attribute names to correctly parse <br/>
  - add transform_attribute method (rbuels)

0.009004 2011-02-14

  - Large chunks of documentation improvements from jnareb
  - apply_if method from ocharles
  - selector improvements and bugfixes (jnareb, mst)

0.009003 2010-10-12

  - mst is an idiot and forgot to add strictures.pm as a dependency

0.009002 2010-10-12

  - Added support for more selector syntax support including:
  - HTML::Zoom::MatchWithoutFilter replaced by HTML::Zoom::TransformBuilder
  - Improved documentation, including documentation for HTML::Zoom::FilterBuilder.
  - Lots of other refactoring, internal improvements & bugfixes!

0.009001 2010-03-17

  - First release