Revision history for HTML-TableParser

0.43      2018-03-22 15:19:44-04:00 America/New_York

   [ BUILD ]

    * switch to Dist::Zilla

0.42	2017-04-20T16:28:40-0400

  * second attempt at fixing no '.' in @inc for perl 5.25.11+

0.41	2017-04-18T10:00:19-0400

  * fix no . in @INC for perl 5.25+

0.40	2014-08-22T14:02:33-0400

  * fix typo in docs RT#82224

0.39	2014-08-22T13:45:47-0400

  * CPAN::testers all green; upgrade to release.

0.38_02	2014-08-18T15:17:53-0400


    * don't distribute MYMETA files
    * update ChangeLog

0.38_01 2014-08-18T10:55:06-0400

    * move author tests to xt/ RT98127

    * remove deprecated syntax in t/contents.t RT97725

    * use cpanfile to manage dependencies

    * add repository link to metadata

0.38  2008-05-13T22:28:38-0400

  * no code changes -- CPAN distribution had bad META.yml file

0.37  2007-09-20T09:30:35-0400

  * incorrect setting of plans if Test::Pod::Coverage wasn't available

  * quiet inappropriate perlcritic warning

0.36  2007-09-20T09:30:35-0400

  * add version to to fix PAUSE indexer error

0.35  2007-09-19T21:22:22-0400

  * fix test to work with Test::More 0.71

  * reorganize to a more modern layout

  * new pod & perlcritic tests

0.34  2002-09-07T01:25:01-0400

  * HTML::Parser v. 3.25 didn't handle croaks in callbacks
    correctly. 3.26 does; Makefile.PL was updated to require it.

0.33  2002-09-03T14:15:13-0400

  * MANIFEST was out of date.  oops.

0.32  2002-09-03T11:32:20-0400

  * extra </table> tags were not handled properly. it now croaks if it
    hits an extra </table> tag.

0.31  2002-04-20T01:56:28-0400

  * was using features of Test::More v0.32 and didn't specify a
    version in Makefile.PL, causing problems with earlier versions.

0.3   2002-04-17T11:26:31-0400

  * specification of ids and column names in matches has been
    extended and simplified.  id and cols now may take
    arrayrefs of things to match. colre is deprecated.

  * matches can be made using literals, subroutines and qr//
    created regexps.  the latter two are automatically recognized.

  * explicit exclusions and skipping of tables is now possible

  * improved docs (a bit)

  * decode_entitites was being called too late in fix_texts,
    so Trim was less than effectual.

  * added DecodeNBSP attribute to fix nbsp decoding issues.

  * callbacks for methods and classes can be turned off
    by assigning an undef value to the appropriate key in the
    table request.

  * the warn callback is also passed the line number now.
    this is an incompatible change in the API.

0.2   2002-01-30T19:54:14-0500

  * one could not use id=DEFAULT as a fall through if a column
    name match didn't work.  in fact, one couldn't intersperse
    id's in a request list; they all had to be at the beginning.
    there's now a well defined order in how requests are

  * fixing this uncovered another subtle bug.  a header line was
    originally recognized only after finishing the first
    non-header line.  this lead to the situation that if an
    embedded table was in the first non-header row, it would be
    matched against column name match requests before the enclosing
    table, because it would be completely parsed before the
    enclosing table's header was even recognized.  to fix this,
    we finish off a header in the first non-header column if the
    previous row was a header and the current row isn't a

  * added an embedded table test in t/contents.t

  * format of comparison data was wrong. wanted embedded tab
    between columns, got character sequence '\t'

  * checking whether a request had been used was 99% foobared.

0.1   2001-12-12T17:12:22-0500

  * total rewrite.  the only thing left of the old code is probably
    the header/row column&row spanning code.

0.01  1999-12-10T14:36:39-0500
  * original version; created by h2xs 1.18