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Version 16, October 2019
    - new email

Version 15, November 2010
    - fix signal warnings for target widget destroyed when unrealized

Version 14, November 2010
    - an actual Glib::Object so can make from Gtk2::Builder
    - cleanup realize handler on destroy (harmless but unsightly)

Version 13, September 2010
    - fix some realize-during-busy commented out for debugging

Version 12, September 2010
    - test manifest only as an author test

Version 11, August 2010
    - tests allow for perl 5.8.3 on widget somehow not working

Version 10, June 2010
    - use refaddr() just in case a widget overloads numizing

Version 9, December 2009
    - use 'blank-cursor' when available

Version 8, March 2009
    - restore cursor in Gtk2::SpinButton of Gtk 2.14

Version 7, December 2008
    - workaround for emission hook before any widgets with gtk2-perl 1.160

Version 6, August 2008
    - restore cursor on Gtk2::SpinButton, improve Gtk2::TextView

Version 5, July 2008
    - fix weakening so garbage collection actually works

Version 4, June 2008
    - fix for unrealized Gtk2::Entry

Version 3, June 2008
    - let test suite cope with single-display gdk backends, as
      reported by Jamie Lahowetz

Version 2, May 2008
    - use GtkButton private subwindow
    - notice new toplevels during busy

Version 1, April 2008
    - the first version