TODO: mkv
TODO/FIXME: pixmap-bg-trick sometimes doesn't work (race?)
TODO/FIXME: remove event does not recalculate schanuzer content size
TODO: with manual placement, initial contents aren't displayed
TODO: update a file that has been removed etc.
TODO: note to self, the reason mplayer hangs during long copies is that execve hangs, because it closes an fd to the target file.

TODO: "mädhcne" utf-8 bug move to ERROR is a directory
TODO: up == select dir
TODO: turbojpeg
TODO: Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text() at /opt/bin/cv line 224.
TODO: dir_is_movie in load_image bluray: ffmpeg etc.

1.8  Mon Apr 29 15:10:44 CEST 2019
	- work around newer versions of mpv no longer having a pause command.
	- always use mpv to display gif images, because it's hard to detect whether a gif
          is animated or not.
	- use a better(?), more "sharp" method to detect keyboard accelerators and to decide
          which keys to pass to the schnauzer from the image window.
	- new selection method. Alt-A / select files i same directory, can be repeated.
        - rename select by prefix to select by adjacent name.
        - increase search range for adjacent name to 10000.
	- change meta-mask to mod1-mask, as gtk+ has silently changed the meaning of meta
          over the years (so much for api stability...).
	- newer perl versions somehow manage to leak the prefetch file handle somehow,
          try tro work aorund.
        - implement (undocumented) filename_display_name hook in Gt2k::CV::Schnauer.
        - use symbolic names for entry indices in Schnauzer, for sanity, as the design
          is now stable enough.
        - use loop-file=inf for mpv instead of -loop 0, which only works for mplayer.
        - add metadata clustering plugin.
        - use ffprobe also if libmagic cannot detect anything, to decide whether the
          file is (maybe) an image or (maybe) a video.
        - namecluster now respects default modifier mask.

1.71 Tue Jul 31 00:57:03 CEST 2018
	- fix 'o' key osd level switching in mpv (similar to old mplayer mode).
	- do not error out on incomplete JPEG files, generate fake EOI marker instead
          to enable the decoder to output a partial file.

1.7  Wed Dec 27 18:47:50 CET 2017
	- DEFAULT CHANGED: cv will now default to mpv instead of mplayer.
          use CV_MPLAYER=mplayer to get the previous behaviour.
	- new env variable, CV_MPLAYER, defaulting to mpv.
	- make "mplayer" configurable via CV_MPLAYER, support mpv.
        - support mpv ipc protocol for remote control.
        - implement audio visualisation when playing audio streams,
          remove support for CV_AUDIO_PLAYER.
        - port to newer versions of gtk2, which require including gdkx.h.
        - preliminary & optional webp load and thumbnail support.
        - use mmap to "load" files and decode from memory buffers.
        - use internal fileype function to detect filetype when generating
          hthumbnails, instead of relaying on file extension (for speed).
        - add internal magic_buffer/magic_buffer_mime functions.
        - add more fallback extensions for audio when mimetype detection fails.

1.61 Sat Jun 24 01:55:48 CEST 2017
	- work around parser bug in 5.18.1 (-a).
        - very simple "better than nothing" jpeg cmyk/ycck format decoding.
	- use ffprobe instead of mplayer to probe video size/type.
	- switch to using AnyEvent::Fork as provider for the processpool, which ought
          to save gobs of memory.
        - much improved async communications with worker processes.
        - batch expose events together, in an attempt to reduce the amount of
          expose races in gtk+ (does not fix scrolling races).
        - create #cpu + 1 worker jobs now, not 1.5 * #cpu + 1 as before.
        - better shell-quoting: use ""-style for utf-8 filenames and paste as unicode,
          use bash's $'' syntax for other filenames.
	- no longer pass a-z from viewer to schnauzer.
	- properly serialise jobs by priority, instead of executing
          jobs in parallel on the same path *sometimes*.
	- escape select-by-prefix menu item labels.
	- work around more perl unicode bugs.
        - slightly improved filetype detection.
        - add "cp" job for external plugins.
        - work around even more perl unicode bugs that the perl5-porters
          don't want to fix because of backwards compatibility.
        - do not stupidly load big video files into memory just
          to make a thumbnail.
        - don't modify global $_ in aio callbacks.
	- make drag-rectangle more visible.
        - do not enter the last directory on the commandline, if more
          than one argument is specified.
        - started using AnyEvent.
        - space by default activates first file, or first directory, if no files
          (as opposed to first file or last directory in previous versions).
        - fix race condition where the schnauzer might stay non-sensitive
          on fast directory changes.
        - allow reversal of rotation via .cvrc $REVERSE_ROTATION = 1.
        - delay initialisation of Gtk2::CV::Schnauzer until first use.
        - fix a runtime error when starting namecluster with newer gtk's.
        - do not rely on /dev/shm being world-writable, use
          /run/shm, /dev/shm and /tmp, in this order.
        - expect mplayer to sometimes generate more than 2 frames when 1 is
        - tune video thumbnail generation a bit.
        - more fixups for "file -i" failing.
        - properly follows symlinks instead of bailing out.
        - support perl multicore specification (
          for jpeg loading and image transformations, although nothing takes
          advantage of this *yet*.
        - ctrl-up/down in schnauzer tries to move name cluster cursor.
        - ctrl-shift-T in image window now sets default rotation for
          subsequent image loads.
        - ctrl-shift-G in schnauzer now removes thumbnails.
        - implement j (cycle subtitle) and # (cycle audio track)
          in mplayer mode.
        - respect load time (ctrl-shift-T) rotation setting for videos
          (no clue how to do that at runtime).
        - print jpeg error messages to stderr.

1.56 Thu Oct 28 14:13:36 CEST 2010
	- try an ugly workaround against Gtk's CONTINUED brokenness
          with regards to non-ascii filenames :(.
	- REALLY hide paths that are in the process of being removed
          from the Schnauzer.
        - when selecting entries, stat them all and fine their total
          size(s) + filesystem overhead after a delay.
	- take advantage of the Guard module.
        - work around mplayer grabbing the focus.
        - improve mplayer window size bug workaround. *sigh*.
        - try not to keep a handle to a guard file to avoid
          running into rename races with nfs.
        - work around perl bug #77798 in some parts.
        - slight namecluster speed improvement.
        - work around newer libmagic versions adding mime attributes.

1.55 Tue Jan 26 03:18:45 CET 2010
	- schnauzer did usually not give the correct number for
          "# entries selected".
	- added new "renamer" plugin that is useful for mass renames
          of very similar filenames.
	- apply a heavy dose of common::sense.
	- enable assert's (which perl disables...).
        - take advantage of IO::AIO::aio_readdirx.
        - speed up file move duplicate detection.

1.54 Mon Apr 27 04:23:33 CEST 2009
	- implement automatic reloading on SIGUSR1, as per suggestions
          by Trevor Cordes.
        - remove -\d\d\d file ending first on move collision.
	- ctrl-shift-d now deletes despite CV_TRASHCAN.
	- very hacky video thumbnailing via mplayer.
	- ctrl-d errornously worked like ctrl-shift-d (cost 50gb of data).
	- work around glib/gtk's filename corruption bugs when saving thumbnails
          by writing the file ourselves.
        - work around some other glib/gtk string corruption bugs.
	- really only warn about pipe close failures :/.
        - add hide attribute to jobs that will remove the file and do not
          show those files in the schnauzer (but in-progress jobs
          will still be shown, unfortunately).
        - work around some more unicode issues in perl.
        - correctly parse .rm as file extension in the schnauzer.
        - always pre-fork the maximum number of worker slaves,
          as forking later can consume way too much memory.
	- update glade to work around annoying warnings in newer gtk.
        - work around changes in newer glade. *sigh*.
        - document that we need libgtk2.0-dev, too.
        - avoid endless loops in mv.

1.53 Tue Jul  8 14:03:12 CEST 2008
	- only warn about pipe close failures in printdialog, do not die.
	- do not try to handle filenames in unicode, instead, only
          convert at display time.
	- kill any media players on destroy and not in the finaliser,
          as gtk+'s lazy finalisation and mplayers stubbornness to
          continue running without control socket and output window
          can be annoying.
        - add recursive delete (lamely implemented using rm -rf).
        - update progressbar after a timeout in addition to after
          enough work has done to ensure it is being displayed
          quickly for long jobs.

1.51 Sun Jan 27 17:48:14 CET 2008
	- run more stats in parallel in schnauzer scanning.
        - do not deselect cursor on scroll if a range is selected.

1.5  Sun Nov 25 15:15:27 CET 2007
	- rudimentary support for audio.
	- fix Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer rename (patch by Randy J. Ray).

1.4  Sat Mar 17 14:11:48 CET 2007
	- upgraded to IO::AIO 2.1 features.
        - errors in IO::AIO callback execution will be logged and will
          not freeze AIO operations anymore.
        - jpeg2000 support by running jasper externally (imageviewer only).
        - directory scanning now asynchronous.
        - increased progress update frequency and reduced delay.
        - add/enable icons for mp2/mp3/ogm.
        - better ogm support.
        - use mplayer for just about anything as opposed to just for video/*.
        - fix auto rotation in older perls.

1.3  Wed Sep 27 23:59:27 CEST 2006
	- simplify redraw, avoid unnecessary schnauzer redraws.
        - add rotate entries to the schnauzer menu, adapted
          from a patch by Corris Randall.
        - use new experimental (but much faster) clustering feature vector
          based on moments and not on a histogram.
        - reimplement file movement to use IO::AIO natively, thus much faster
          and lower on resources.

1.2  Fri Mar 31 12:55:15 CEST 2006
	- fix unnecessarily redraws on partial exposes (scrolling etc).
        - fixed CV_TRASHCAN support.
        - "a" calls exiftran to rotate the image on-disk.
        - don't run jobs on the same file in parallel.
        - filenames were sometiems encoded twice when loading xvpics.
        - do not sort filenames given on the commandline.
        - set dithering to 'max', as contrary to documentation 'normal'
          doesn't dither on (my) 8-bit-displays.
        - enable dithering for xvpics.
        - use libmagic for filetype detection.
        - set window roles.
        - changed xor color from 0x8080 PC to 0x8000, as the former yields
          useless results on gtk 2.8.
        - fix p7 thumbnail reading.

1.1  Fri Oct 28 15:47:53 CEST 2005
	- jobs for files currently shown in a schnauzer get prioritised.
	- directories visited in a session are shown darker.
	- unvisited directory with .xvpics in them are shown differently.
	- add Remove Thumbnails menu entry.
	- allow restricting image size to something less than the screen
	- fix a bug where background processes stopped processing jobs.
	- primary selection support for schnauzer selections.
	- documented and implemented scorlling behaviour while drag-selecting.
	- implemented Select=>By Prefix.
	- background loading of .xvpics (and checking for symlinks-to-dirs).
	- use overlays to differentiate between directories that
	  are empty, have .xvpics or are symlinks-to-directories.
	- better/slower expose handling (we need double-refreshes due to
	  probable bugs in gtk+ or X11).
	- implement a dirstack (statestack) and make use of it.
	- don't forget cursor position on ctrl-g and similar commands.
	- implemented keep_only_thumbnailed and remove_thumbnailed.
	- implemented multiple-image-window support in cv.
	- do some extra random resizes on the mplayer window to get it
	  to notice the damned window size.
	- reap fork'ed job processes to avoid ressource leaks.
	- fixed GNU R clustering.

1.0  Wed Sep  7 18:41:38 CEST 2005
	- fix alpha handling: we now compose with a checkerboard,
	  but exposing hidden pixel data is also supported in the code.
	- use jpg instead of P7 format for thumbnails and remove p7
	  write support: better quality, smaller filesize.
	- evaluate _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS to get actual maximum screen size.
	- better mplayer integration (resize handling, aspect handling).
	- fix some bugs when a Schnauzer window was resized and got
	  the wrong offset.
	- don't crash when trying to crop to a size of less than a pixel.
	- schnauzer now has two modes: directors view or single-file view.
	  this changes it's behaviour on rescan and other occasions.
	- reduce the amount of random dithering.
	- load jpeg files ~20% faster, create jpeg thumbnails an order
	  of magnitude faster.
	- improved bin/cv documentation.
	- improve scanning performance further by usign the directory
	  link count and by stat'ing possible directories early.
	- do file data prefetch after space or backspace and 0.3s.
	- better and faster casefolding.
	- use pango's ellipsise functionality and cut at the end.
	- moved the R clustering algo to a separate plugin (and fix it).
	- moved the filename clustering algo to a separate plugin.
	- try very hard to get the window size correct befre first map.
	- only load the default title image when necessary (saves mem & cpu).
	- change drag xor colour to #808080, uglier, but visible on all
	- added icon for .tif files.
	- updated icons for some file-extensions.
	- created a job system and create thumbnails in parallel and
	  in the background.
	- more careful handling of filename encodings.
	- use gdk_pixbuf_rotate_simple instead of our own functions.
	- played with resizing logic once more.

0.5  Mon Jul 11 05:48:13 CEST 2005
	- image window resizing now works again.
	- much improved resize/move handling (still not up to xv's level).
	- every schnauzer now has an associated label/info field.
	- better ^D performance.
	- can now play videos if mplayer is in the path (and probably is
	  identical to my versions and your config file is empty etc. etc.
	  the usual caveats about embedding mplayer...)
	  ( fixes
	   the resize problems).
	- remove gtk20-compatibility cruft.
	- added progress window for lengthy operations.
	- removed <parent> entry, use popup=>Up.
	- change of contact address.
	- updated icons for some file-extensions.
	- make cv's info label wrap as not to change horizontal window width
	  (doesn't work, but that's general gtk2 brokenness).
	- use set_absolute_size for the schnauzer font. doesn't result in an
	  absolute size, but at least results in the same height everywhere.
	- implemented a primitive plugin system (see Gtk2::CV::Plugin and
	- removed bin/cvc's clusteriser.
	- added a new clusteriser algorithm, use Popup=>"Filename clustering..."
	- set _X_CWD to current dir in bin/cv (a rather special feature...).
	- further directory scanning speed improvements.
	- IO::AIO use for some speedups and more concurrency.

0.3  Sun Aug  1 21:59:49 CEST 2004
	- cv * now correctly loads && selects the first image again.
	- changed selection behaviour to select ranges not rectangles
	  (could be configurable at runtime).
	- many small bugfixes.
	- better display behaviour when viewing many images quickly.
	- changed sort order to sth... strange (case insensitive,
	  numbers < 5 digits sorted in numerical order).

0.2  Thu Nov 20 07:49:55 CET 2003
	- add DSC comments (except for %%page).
	- implemented binary encoding for postscript printing.
	- ctrl-s == rescan.
	- less-latency resizes.
	- after implementing filename_to_unicode maybe it is time to use it...

0.15  Wed Nov 12 21:33:32 CET 2003
	- add nifty print dialog, using glade and GladeXML. GladeXML needs
	  some convinience functions, but is ok to use.
	- improved schnauzer scrolling and geometry hints.
	- bugfixes, as usual.
	- implemented ctrl-u.
	- implemented maxpect-always mode.

0.14  Mon Nov 10 20:11:15 CET 2003
	- use subpixbufs for cropping.
	- don't force redraws anymore, hopefully the result is the same.
	- primitive printing with automaxpect (always to /tmp/x, watch out!).
	- off-by-one error in flip code fixed.
	- replaced nearest interpolation to tiles for thumbnail generation.
	- much improved thumbnail dithering.
	- applied drag_rect patch by muppet, together with some infrastructure
	- faster and less accurate text "autoscaling".

0.13  Sat Nov  8 14:13:24 CET 2003
	- Applied patch by muppet to backport it to gtk2.0,
	  plus portabiity fixes.