Revision history for Perl module Geo::Region

0.07 2015-03-23
 - Upgraded from CLDR v26 to v27, which only changed the version number and no
   functional or data changes affecting Geo::Region

0.06 2014-12-17
 [ Geo::Region ]
 - Constructor arguments may now optionally be passed as a hashref to `new`
 - `contains` and `is_within` methods now only accept a single region as a
   scalar value and no longer accept a list or arrayref of regions, which was
   never a documented feature

 [ Geo::Region::Constant ]
 - Added constants for ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes
 - Added `:region` and `:country` export tags, in addition to `:all`, for
   exporting region constants or country constants, respectively

0.05 2014-12-05
 - Added Geo::Region::Constant to provide named constants for all supported
   region codes

0.04 2014-12-04
 - Added a warning when using the deprecated `region` constructor argument
   instead of `include`

0.03 2014-11-11
 - Added country code `UK` as a deprecated alias of `GB` (United Kingdom)
 - Changed deprecated region `QU` from being within `150` (Europe) to being a
   deprecated alias of `EU` (European Union), which is also within `150`

0.02 2014-11-09
 - The `region` param to the constructor has been renamed `include` while the
   deprecated alias `region` has been added for backward compatibility
 - Passing the `include` key is now optional when the value is passed as the
   first or only argument to the constructor

0.01 2014-10-10
 - First official release to CPAN
 - Improved docs

0.00_01 2014-10-07
 - First development release to CPAN