0.94 (2007-05-17)

    -- Make the job_servers list be able to contain raw sockets, or even Gearman::Server
       objects, so that we can run in the same thread as a Gearman::Server very easily.

0.93 (2007-04-26)

    -- don't break with latest Gearman::Client (package 'Gearman') which added prefix

0.92 (2007-04-16)

    -- fix for when a client task timeouts before the server gets a handle back to the client

    -- fix a memory leak on timeouts.  adds a new test for it too.

    -- fix a bogus calling instead of checking of a test variable on
       connection timeout

    -- use Danga::Socket's cancellable timers to kill the timeout
       timers as soon as possible on success or fail.

    -- fix memory leaks

    -- initial release, now that it has a nice big passing test suite,
       does timeouts, and actually handles error conditions.  :)