Revision history for Perl extension GD::SecurityImage::AC.

1.11 Sun May 02 07:29:00 2008
        => Seperated POD into .pod file
        => Fixed taint compatibility and added documentation note on it
        => Fixed locking
        => Removed pointless AUTOLOAD (and consequent DESTROY) subs
        => Replaced use of 'base' module with direct setting of @Authen::Captcha::ISA 
        => Added build test for taint compatibility
        => Benjamin Franz took over as maintainer

1.10 Sun Feb 19 23:33:56 2006
	=> First release after separation from GD::SecurityImage 
	=> Fixed a bug in setting attributes in new() and AUTOLOAD().
	=> (Hopefully) fixed a bug related to unlink()ing images.
	   Reported by GribUser.