Changes for the Perl Module called Firebase

1.0002 2014-09-18
 - Firebase Auth Token API changed in a backward incompatible way, this version of the module updates to deal with the new requirements.  
 - Moved service testing out of author.t and into t.

0.0400 2014-07-28
 - Added post and patch methods for the REST interface.
 - Added file detailing the assumed set of Firebase rules for testing.

0.0300 2014-05-03
 - Noted that debug flag does nothing in the REST interface.
 - Updated tests for API changes at Firebase.
 - Added accessor for debug information, now that Firebase allows it via REST calls.

0.0201 2013-09-27
 - Fixed some POD formatting issues.
 - Added more tests.

0.0200 2013-09-27
 - It turns out we were doing auth all wrong. That's been fixed, but makes this module backward incompatible.

0.0100 2013-09-13
 - Initial public release.
 - Includes a modified version of Firebase::Auth with Kiran Kumar's permission.