Revision history for File-Monitor

0.0.1   2007-02-01

        Initial release.
0.0.2   2007-02-01

        Removed idiotic idea of monitoring atime. What was I thinking?

        Started work on Linux specific implementation.

0.0.3   2007-02-02

        Deprecated the direct creation of File::Monitor::Object and the
        whole idea using individual F::M::O instances directly. We need
        to enforce the idea of a parent object to support platform
        specific monitoring support (which typically requires a monitor
        instance with a number of watches attached to it).

        Moved the Linux support into a separate (unreleased) branch.

0.0.4   2007-02-07

        Added the option (pass base argument to File::Monitor->new) to
        use relative names internally. This is to support relocatable
        trees - if the whole tree moves call 
        $monitor->base( '/new/dir' ).

0.0.5   2007-02-23

        Added machine readable licence and pod-coverage.t

0.10    2007-11-22

        Stopped using
        Fixed related bug - didn't have use version on the
        version line.