This is the changelog for FASTX::Abi. Version prior to v 0.1 are preliminary (alpha) release, not to be used in production.

0.07	2019-06-14
	* Fixed a bug in fixed_quality for heterozigous sequences
	* Updated '' to accept fixed quality
	* Added unit test

0.06	2019-06-13
	* get_fastq() now accepts a second parameter: fixed quality for each nucleotide
	* get_fastq() now replaces spaces in the sequence name with a "_"
	* Shipping a simple '' conversion program
	* Moved author tests to xt/release
	* Minor POD and code comments updates

0.05	2019-05-17
	* Extended existing unit tests; New unit test on trimming behaviour
	* FIXED: Property 'discard' was previously not covered
0.04	2019-05-16
	* Added unit tests on "keep_abi"
	* Update

0.03	2019-05-16
	* NEW: new() has attribute 'keep_abi' to preserve chromas object, otherwise deleted (_get_trace_info()_ changed accordingly)
	* new() now validates input attributes and object generated attributes; dies if unexpected value is passed (improves code self-documentation)
	* New unit tests
	* Updated TravisCI configuration; Updated Dist::Zilla configuration linking GitHub and cleaning scripts (xt/private/)
	* POD updates

0.02	2019-05-14
	* FIXED: release test (version) was pointing to wrong module
	* Update POD
	* Added unit tests
	* Added GitHub repository
	* Added TravisCI testing

0.01	2019-05-12
	* Initial release (alpha)