Revision history for Eval-Closure

0.14  2016-05-29
      - a couple minor optimizations (dolmen, #8)

0.13  2015-05-12
      - one more fix for blead (eserte, jplesnik, #6)

0.12  2015-01-17
      - fix tests under blead (sprout, #4)

0.11  2013-07-30
      - add "alias => 1" option for making closure variables actually alias the
        closed over variables (so the variable referenced in the environment
        hashref will actually be updated by changes made in the closure). (Toby
        Inkster, #3)

0.10  2013-07-10
      - fix pod links

0.09  2013-07-10
      - support lexical subs on 5.18+

0.08  2012-02-09
      - Remove a double layer of string eval that was introduced in 0.07 as an
        intermediate step in figuring out the unique package thing - it's not
        necessary with the final implementation, and just makes things slower
        and hides errors.

0.07  2012-02-03
      - the given source is now evaled in a unique package for every
        eval_closure call (it used to always be evaled in the Eval::Closure
        package, which was especially buggy). this is to avoid issues where one
        eval_closure modifies the global environment (by, say, importing a
        function), which could mess up a later call. unfortunately, this means
        that the memoization stuff no longer works, since it will result in
        memoized results using the original package, which defeats the purpose.
        i'm open to suggestions on how to safely reenable it though.

      - clean up a few stray lexicals we were still closing over in the eval

0.06  2011-06-05
      - The dumped source from setting $ENV{EVAL_CLOSURE_PRINT_SOURCE} didn't
        show the captured variable creation properly. (Dave Rolsky)

0.05  2011-04-25
      - make sure Perl::Tidy doesn't look at @ARGV (rafl)

0.04  2011-04-15
      - stop using Memoize, it apparently doesn't work properly under mod_perl
        in some situations (mateu)

0.03  2011-03-02
      - don't add #line directives when the debugger is active (alh)

0.02  2011-01-26
      - add terse_error option for throwing only the actual compilation error
        (Shawn M Moore)
      - allow also specifying the line number for error reporting
        (Shawn M Moore)

0.01  2010-11-14
      - Initial release