Changelog for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-IOANR

1.201592 2020-06-07T23:33:20Z
 - Fix repository URL

1.201591 2020-06-07T22:48:47Z
 - Fix regex for http git remotes

1.201590 2020-06-07T22:26:02Z
 - Drop travis
 - Bail out if can't find git host

1.201410 2020-05-20T05:29:24Z
 - Don't bundle Devel::CheckOS in build tarballs
 - Fix always using Devel::AssertOS in Build.PL 

1.201400 2020-05-19T03:08:22Z
 - Migrate to
 - Support dists hosted on or

1.173520 2017-12-18T22:33:59Z
 - Add missing dep

1.173490 2017-12-15T18:36:52Z
 - Make sure DZP::Prereqs::AuthorDeps is added to prereqs
 - Add a git mailmap, mapping to committers' pause addresses
 - Kwalitee test handles checking META.json, drop obsolete dep
 - Split up release plugins to control whether or not to make local or
   remote git changes

1.173480 2017-12-14T16:53:11Z
 - Fix use of DZP::GitHub to actually use metacpan as homepage
 - Remove DZP::Test::MinimumVersion while it does not handle META.json
 - Testing META.json and MANIFEST is done in Test::Kwalitee
 - Contributors always come from Git::, Meta:: was not used
 - Make sure to use latest ChangeLogFromGit
 - This is only used for releasing from my workstattion, so bump perl
   requirement to v5.24 and use postfix deref becuase I can
 - Move required Pod::Weaver plugins from dist.ini to the .pm for easier
 - Never actually seen any duplicate sections, so drop EnsureUniqueSections
 - Removed unused dep, not actually adding contributers to POD
 - DZP::Test::Pod::404s was being required twice
 - Drop Test::Pod::LinkCheck, it is unmaintained and fails to find some
   modules which do actually exist on CPAN
 - WarrantyDisclaimer is redundant, equivalent text is in LICENSE file
 - Drop
   Pod::Weaver::Section::{BugsAndLimitations,Availability,SourceGitHub} in
   favour of Support
 - test signatures and add author deps to devel prereqs

1.172580 2017-09-15T05:18:24Z
 - Control AutoVersion with a major_version option, or {V} override (Ioan
 - Update travis config using App::CISetup (Ioan Rogers)

1.172320 2017-08-20T19:58:15Z
 - Switch to using ReadmeAnyFromPod, ReadmeFromPod seems to be broken (Ioan

1.162691 2016-09-25T14:25:58Z
 - DZP::AssertOS now required because dzil authordeps doesn't list
   recommends. Needed for travis-ci (Ioan Rogers)
 - Use the metacpan for the github page link (Ioan Rogers)

1.162690 2016-09-25T14:24:36Z
 - DZP::AssertOS now required because dzil authordeps doesn't list
   recommends. Needed for travis-ci builds(Ioan Rogers)
 - Use the metacpan for the github page link (Ioan Rogers)

0.006 2015-06-14T03:44:33Z
 - Make sure Pod::Markdown is installed to create the README (Ioan Rogers)
 - Make tags before pushing (Ioan Rogers)
 - Add a travis config (Ioan Rogers)
 - Make sure the license gets committed (Ioan Rogers)

0.005 2015-06-13T22:23:52Z
 - Various internal cleanups
 - Commit LICENSE to repo

0.004 2014-03-03T12:18:58Z
 - AutoPrereqs had gone missing (Ioan Rogers)
 - Don't require unreleased versions (Ioan Rogers)

0.003 2014-03-02T09:12:59Z
 - Don't auto-commit non-release builds in Git::CommitBuild (Ioan Rogers)
 - Copy readme to root (Ioan Rogers)
 - Use the new tag_regexp option for changelog (Ioan Rogers)
 - Update minimum version requirements (Ioan Rogers)
 - Add a readme (Ioan Rogers)
 - Add a changelog (Ioan Rogers)

0.002 2014-03-02T07:37:13Z
 - Make sure generated files are committed (Ioan Rogers)
 - Disable some problematic tests (Ioan Rogers)
 - Don't gather files from disk which will be generated (Ioan Rogers)
 - Update options for DZP CPAN::Changes (Ioan Rogers)
 - change PWP::Encoding to PWP::SingleEncoding (Sergey Romanov)