Revision history for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-ETHER

0.159     2020-11-22 01:17:45Z
          - fix test that broke with Dist::Zilla 6.017 (a test changed its

0.158     2020-06-03 17:27:26Z
          - properly escape the escaped PAUSE download URL (sorry again Olaf!)

0.157     2020-05-27 20:46:58Z
          - properly uri-escape the PAUSE download URL (sorry Olaf!)

0.156     2020-05-03 17:47:37Z
          - bump some prereq requirements to fix failing tests
          - skip a test on older Dist::Zilla that depends on 6.003+ behaviour

0.155     2020-04-30 21:37:07Z
          - exclude local plugins (e.g. =inc::MakeMaker) from being added to
            x_Dist_Zilla prereqs and therefore being checked for by

0.154     2020-04-09 00:29:43Z
          - new "bugtracker" option, to use github issues instead of RT

0.153     2020-04-04 04:32:08Z
          - add mention of git submodules, when relevant, in CONTRIBUTING

0.152     2020-03-24 01:01:11Z
          - skip a test when a necessary feature of Dist::Zilla is not
            available (normal runtime functionality not affected)
          - add (version-guarded) no indirect; to code and minting templates
          - add mention of to the SUPPORT section of woven

0.151     2020-01-18 05:41:38Z
          - update $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t to also give a bye
            to the 'devel' branch

0.150     2019-08-30 19:12:01Z
          - fix parsing of .pause file (sorry, oalders!)

0.149     2019-06-01 05:36:07Z
          - set PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC=0 for travis in this distribution and in
            newly-minted distributions

0.148     2019-03-31 04:31:27Z
          - adjusted test of [Git::Tag] option to account for changes to the
            default made in version 2.046

0.147     2019-02-23 21:42:13Z
          - amended CONTRIBUTING file to clarify that the Changes file should
            be edited in a pull request, and all tests should pass.
          - new 'cpanfile' option, for adding a cpanfile to the distribution

0.146     2019-02-16 20:32:06Z
          - add .gitattributes file to minting profile, to tell github that
            this is perl code, not raku

0.145     2018-09-16 06:09:39Z
          - bump prereqs for [MakeMaker::Awesome] and [MakeMaker::Fallback] to
            ensure we get fixed plugin method definitions

0.144     2018-09-16 00:31:37Z
          - add paragraph on Travis CI in generated CONTRIBUTING file

0.143     2018-07-08 03:46:21Z
          - allow the document to provide its own AUTHOR pod section,
            overriding what we would normally weave into the document

0.142     2018-07-01 22:40:53Z
          - always report installed version of Module::Runtime in
            t/00-report-prereqs.t, as recent versions are incompatible with
            older Moose.
          - always report installed version of File::Temp

0.141     2018-05-21 19:12:49Z
          - still more fixes to $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t

0.140     2018-05-16 04:30:10Z
          - and even more fixes to $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t
          - bump minimum required version of [@Git::VersionManager] to avoid
            test failures

0.139     2018-05-15 05:56:41Z
          - yet more fixes to $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t

0.138     2018-05-15 04:07:46Z
          - updated travis configs (in this distribution, and minting profile)
            to reflect the new latest Dist::Zilla version in the 5.x series
          - further fixes to $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t

0.137     2018-04-01 22:55:32Z
          - fixed $TODO in xt/author/changes_has_content.t

0.136     2018-03-22 04:19:40Z
          - add new xt/author/changes_has_content.t that calls
            xt/release/changes_has_content.t if not on master branch (for
            verifying that pull requests contain a Changes entry)
          - bump minimum required version of [Test::MinimumVersion], to get
            recent change from xt/release -> xt/author

0.135     2018-03-04 19:47:45Z
          - fix CONTRIBUTING template that might sometimes generate an
            undefined warning (tickling tests with AUTHOR_TESTING=1 under
            Text::Template 1.48)

0.134     2018-03-03 08:44:42Z
          - always report installed version of Encode in
            t/00-report-prereqs.t, as it is called by core code (PerlIO).

0.133     2018-01-14 08:25:00Z
          - new 'plugin_prereq_phase' and 'plugin_prereq_relationship'
            configuration options, which control whether and how to inject
            plugins used by this bundle into distribution prerequisites
          - plugins used in the distribution build are now injected into
            x_Dist_Zilla/requires by default, rather than develop/suggests

0.132     2017-12-13 07:15:09Z
          - fix test to work with [@Git::VersionManager] 0.003

0.131     2017-09-16 04:29:15Z
          - spelling fix in generated CONTRIBUTING file (thanks, Edward
          - added .travis.yml to minting profile
          - plugins used by the bundle are now injected into develop-suggests
            prerequisites, rather than develop-requires, so Travis no longer
            feels obliged to install them when testing the built distribution

0.130     2017-08-28 01:13:46Z
          - fix test that is broken with older [CopyFilesFromRelease]
          - fix inverted condition in [Git::Check] configuration (wrong since
            version 0.126)
          - fix airplane mode, broken since version 0.127
          - [@Git::VersionManager] and [MetaProvides::Update] are moved off to
            their own distribution, Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Git-VersionManager

0.129     2017-08-21 04:45:42Z
          - fix a new test to avoid triggering the "looks like you're
            installing from cpan, rather than building a distribution in the
            repository" heuristic when using Dist::Zilla (e.g. on older perls)

0.128     2017-08-16 23:39:44Z
          - version extraction and updating plugins now fully extracted out
            into their own plugin bundle, [@Git::VersionManager], to be soon
            released in its own distribution

0.127     2017-08-06 03:16:22Z
          - fix test library's type handling on older Dist::Zilla

0.126     2017-08-02 04:31:30Z
          - minor fixes to distribution prereqs
          - fixed logic for adding default configs for certain plugins and
            their roles

0.125     2017-05-21 01:43:09Z
          - fix tests to work on older perls (thanks, [EnsureLatestPerl])
          - [UseUnsafeInc] (with dot_in_INC=0) is only enabled in perls
            compiled with -DDEFAULT_INC_EXCLUDES_DOT.

0.124     2017-05-13 16:34:59Z
          - added [EnsureLatestPerl] to before-release checks
          - added [EnsureUnsafeInc] (with dot_in_INC=0)

0.123     2017-04-27 21:04:35Z
          - bump up prereq for Test::Portability::Files (used by
            [Test::Portability]) for better compliance with ANSI filename
          - bump up prereq for [VerifyPhases] to get share_map fix
          - added [CheckMetaResources]

0.122     2017-02-03 01:27:46Z
          - properly display ANSI colours on MSWin32 (Roy Ivy Ⅲ)
          - a fake release (one where no PAUSE upload is performed) can now be
            achieved by setting the FAKE_RELEASE environment variable

0.121     2016-10-17 01:38:51Z
          - stop prompting on release when we contain a develop prereq on
            ourselves at the version we are releasing
          - bump the required version of [Git::Contributors], to get the fix
            for attribution commits
          - don't include Test::Pod::No404s under Travis (GitHub #7, Dave Rolsky)

0.120     2016-09-11 00:03:52Z
          - avoid fatal errors on MSWin32 or any system where symlink support
            is not available (see github #5)
          - silence "no bash" warnings during testing
          - respect necessary prereqs for configs provided by plugin roles

0.119     2016-09-04 22:48:25Z
          - Module::Metadata is no longer used as a test prereq (via
            [Test::ReportPrereqs]) if ExtUtils::MakeMaker is the sole
            installer, to avoid adding possibly-unwanted prereqs (Graham Knop)

0.118     2016-08-07 21:59:49Z
          - in tests, report the installed version of more tools, to aid in
            diagnosing buggy CPANTesters reports

0.117     2016-06-19 17:13:44Z
          - new 'authority' configuration option
          - bump prereq version for [Test::CPAN::Changes], to avoid the broken
            0.011 release

0.116     2016-06-12 01:07:29Z
          - bump prereq version for [Test::Portability] for the new xt/author
          - removed [AuthorityFromModule], as recent PAUSE improvements have
            rendered it redundant

0.115     2016-05-28 20:33:51Z
          - [Test::PodSpelling] now also tests files in examples/, lib/,
            script/, t/, xt/ directories
          - bump prereq version for [Test::Pod::No404s] for the new xt/author
            placement (RT#114799)
          - fix tests that fail with Dist::Zilla::Plugin::NextRelease 6.005

0.114     2016-04-27 04:26:51Z
          - fix PodWeaver config test that broke when Dist::Zilla::Tester
            behaviour changed

0.113     2016-04-23 16:11:17Z
          - remove last vestiges of Path::Class

0.112     2016-03-14 02:35:38Z
          - adjust minting template so vim modeline is always high enough to
            be respected (first five lines)
          - use new version_extractor = Module::Metadata feature in

0.111     2016-02-10 04:50:57Z
          - use more sophisticated markup for the irc channel in SUPPORT pod
          - avoid mangling pod sections labelled something like "SUPPORTED
            INTERFACES" into the "SUPPORT" section

0.110     2015-12-23 07:57:17Z
          - run [Git::Contributors] later, after other prereq plugins have run

0.109     2015-12-02 02:59:09Z
          - avoid importing Test::Deep::none in tests, to avoid clashing with
          - strip ANSI colours when testing release output

0.108     2015-11-12 04:55:28Z
          - drop dots after URLs in CONTRIBUTING, which broke hyperlinking
          - switch from [GenerateFile::ShareDir] to

0.107     2015-10-14 01:29:39Z
          - bump prereq version for [PodSyntaxTests], [PodCoverageTests] for
            the new xt/author placement

0.106     2015-10-11 00:00:09Z
          - bump prereq version for [InstallGuide] (RT#107659)
          - bump prereq version for [Test::PodSpelling] (RT#107660)

0.105     2015-09-27 17:23:09Z
          - fix cleanup of old LICENSE file after moving it to LICENCE during
            release (broken in 0.103)
          - fix declared version dependency on [Test::Kwalitee], to ensure it
            has the "filename" configuration option (RT#107362)

0.104     2015-09-19 21:48:10Z
          - add a L<> around the support mailing list address woven into pod
          - automatically use "LICENCE" rather than "LICENSE" in distributions
            with first-come maintainers who are not Americans

0.103     2015-09-04 02:22:42Z
          - switch to [MungeFile] for munging
            Dist::Zilla::MintingProfile::Author::ETHER and its data files
            during the build
          - weave a standard SUPPORT section into pod, appending it to any
            existing content in that section

0.102     2015-08-15 02:15:25Z
          - declare proper prereq version for Pod::Weaver::Section::Legal
          - switch from one hacky mechanism to determine the 'Legal' pod
            header to another hacky mechanism, but at least this one is more
            likely to do what I want
          - use :PerlExecFiles in [Test::Compile]
          - [AutoPrereqs] now looks for develop prerequisites in xt/
          - dist.ini in newly-minted dists will now never have trailing

0.101     2015-08-08 20:18:26Z
          - depend on the most recent List transformer, for the text wrapping
          - add use of the Verbatim transformer to the weaver plugin bundle
          - LICENSE file is now renamed as LICENCE for my own distributions
            (where I have authority) (or when the 'licence' option is set to
            'LICENCE'), and the pod section will read "COPYRIGHT AND LICENCE"

0.100     2015-07-19 05:16:43Z
          - ensure all static install configurations are correct and
            consistent with each other
          - fix test that breaks if [RewriteVersion] is not at least version

0.099     2015-07-18 03:44:44Z
          - bump prereq on [Test::Pod::No404s], to get prereq injection
          - upgrade [MojibakeTests], to get the file in xt/author and prereq
          - pass add_tarball_name = 0 to [RewriteVersion(::*)?] configs
          - set x_static_install flag in some distributions

0.098     2015-06-29 03:31:18Z
          - fix test that broke due to [RewriteVersion::Transitional] 0.006

0.097     2015-06-25 04:11:43Z
          - bump up prereq for [Test::EOL], for the 'finders' option
          - fix bash commands when building in a directory with whitespace
          - also copy INSTALL from the build and commit it to the repository
          - new =type collector in weaver bundle

0.096     2015-06-16 02:04:57Z
          - fix Module::Build::Tiny prohibition to also work with
          - add header and footer regions to podweaver bundle, which is very
            useful for adding directives before any content

0.095     2015-06-15 03:37:11Z
          - switch to my weaver plugin bundle in newly-minted distributions;
            preventing older sharedir installs from interfering
          - always copy ppport.h from release back to the repository
          - define weaver plugin bundle config in a more compact and readable
          - do not permit Module::Build::Tiny to be used as an installer if
            perl 5.006 compatibility is desired
          - remove use of build_warnings option in [Git::Check] (added in

0.094     2015-06-01 03:30:00Z
          - eliminate remaining uses of List::MoreUtils
          - remove universal application of [ShareDir] - distributions using
            sharedirs must add it themselves
          - add Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::Author::ETHER and use it in my dzil
            plugin bundle

0.093     2015-05-22 03:44:45Z
          - move kwalitee.t to xt/author
          - reduced logging output during normal builds

0.092     2015-04-12 06:18:30Z
          - update all the $VERSION values, not just the first in each file
          - generate meta provides data from exactly what is in each file
          - fix whitespace in minted dist.ini for Dist::Zilla plugins

0.091     2015-03-28 04:56:11Z
          - avoid gathering any existing ppport.h, as well as Makefile.PL and
            other files that we regenerate during the build
          - never gather inc/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/Dist/Zilla/

0.090     2015-03-19 06:56:54Z
          - drop annoying -TRIAL suffix on git tag names - tags will now
            always be in the consistent form: v1.234
          - Changes in the release snapshot commit now exactly matches what
            was in the release (without the $NEXT template variable)

0.089     2015-03-06 04:35:28Z
          - ensure correct version of [Test::CleanNamespaces] is used, to ward
            off test failures due to mismatched filenames

0.088     2015-03-05 04:33:03Z
          - fix use of [Test::CheckBreaks] in dist.ini of minted dists
          - add mailing list and irc metadata for minted Test distribution
          - now passing along any payload for [Git::NextVersion] to the
            replacement used by [RewriteVersion::Transitional]
          - added [Test::CleanNamespaces]

0.087     2015-02-20 02:47:43Z
          - now requiring a more conservative minimum version for
            Module::Build::Tiny, when it is used.
          - fix the 'default' minting profile
          - lower the default maximum-allowed minimum perl version in built
            distributions from 5.008001 to 5.006.

0.086     2015-02-01 01:38:17Z
          - no longer scans inc/ for configure_requires minimum perl version
          - generated CONTRIBUTING file now mentions the existence of a TODO
            file in the repository (which is never packaged)
          - dropped the use of "use warnings FATAL => 'all';' in this
            distribution's tests, and in newly-minted distributions
          - add 'default' minting profile, which is the same as 'github'
          - switched from using [Git::NextVersion] and [PkgVersion] as the
            version provider and version inserter (respectively) to
            [RewriteVersion::Transitional] and

0.085     2015-01-16 01:45:19Z
          - fix test failure with metadata mismatch created by [Run::*] 0.031

0.084     2015-01-09 21:46:59Z
          - fix tests that failed in 0.083 for anyone who did not have a
            ~/.pause file

0.083     2015-01-08 04:24:23Z
          - fix regression in 0.082 that caused new generated files not to be
            committed to git after a release
          - -remove = <plugin> now also accepts the unique plugin name, not
            just the class, for more targeted plugin removal

0.082     2015-01-03 20:15:37Z
          - use [Git::Describe]'s new on_package_line feature
          - (temporarily?) revert use of 'our' syntax for $VERSION
            declarations (see RT#101095)

0.081     2014-12-10 02:09:34Z
          - $VERSION statements inserted into modules now use 'our' syntax
            rather than fully-qualfied variable names
          - added more files to the list of things we will never gather from
            the dist, for future-proofing

0.080     2014-11-22 04:53:32Z
          - avoid failing on perl 5.21.6 where is warning

0.079     2014-11-15 08:27:51Z
          - now using colours in diagnostic mesages

0.078     2014-10-29 00:47:46Z
          - documented the first version each configuration option became
          - remove duplicate [MetaConfig] in tests, to avoid issues with meta
            merging in Dist::Zilla 5.022 (RT#99852)
          - ensure environment variables are in the right state during tests

0.077     2014-10-26 21:16:11Z
          - switch from [EOLTests] to [Test::EOL]

0.076     2014-10-18 22:07:58Z
          - bump optional dependency on [MakeMaker::Awesome] to avoid old bug
            with loaded modules
          - copy_file_from_release option now appends to, rather than
            overshadows, the defaults, so users do not need to repeat the
            defaults (which may change over time)
          - reset default eumm_version in MakeMaker plugins to 0, as done in
            [MakeMaker] version 5.020
          - new 'changes_version_columns' configuration option, for
            tweaking [NextRelease] format strings

0.075     2014-10-12 01:02:55Z
          - fix tests that died when run outside a git repository

0.074     2014-10-12 00:01:59Z
          - refer to "the maintainer(s)", rather than "me", in generated
            CONTRIBUTING file
          - use new build_warnings option in [Git::Check]

0.073     2014-09-06 02:07:00Z
          - fixed a few small omissions in the minting profile for new
            Dist::Zilla plugin distributions
          - no longer performing side effects for plugins that are -remove'd
            in the final configuration
          - added [AuthorityFromModule] (twinned for now with [Authority],
            until supported is added in PAUSE)
          - bump prereq on [ModuleBuildTiny::Fallback], to get fixes for
            interaction with [CheckBin], [CheckLib]

0.072     2014-08-20 04:33:59Z
          - fix syntax that parses badly on all perls before 5.21.1 - hey
            that's new enough for everyone, right?

0.071     2014-08-19 01:11:20Z
          - fix test that broke when I released version 0.09 of
          - remove prereq declaration for plugin that is only actually ever
            used for ether herself
          - now adding all plugins pulled in by the plugin bundle to the built
            distribution's develop prereqs (to add to the plugins outside the
            bundle, that were already being added by [Prereqs::AuthorDeps])

0.070     2014-08-16 18:48:19Z
          - revert git contributor change from v0.069; opened
            (github) CPAN-API/metacpan-web#1270 instead.
          - order contributors by number of commits, descending
          - no longer adding an $AUTHORITY variable to modules, as nothing
            (save Class::MOP, Moose and Moo) has ever used it - this also
            avoids shifting our line numbers by 3

0.069     2014-08-07 02:44:38Z
          - bump prereq on [Git::Contributors] to allow tests to pass when
            running outside of a git repository
          - remove hacks for [ReadmeAnyFromPod], now that the stable release
            is out supporting phase=release
          - fix test failure when installer's ~/.pause cannot be parsed
          - fix test failure on older Dist::Zilla where TestRunners did not
            dump their configuration into metadata
          - now including authors in contributor lists, except for the
            releaser herself

0.068     2014-08-06 04:15:24Z
          - README.pod is now generated only in the repository, after
            release, so it never shows up in the shipped dist
          - include a default .mailmap in the minted dist; invite the user to
            update .mailmap if the contributor data is not quite right
          - avoid errors from in XS-based distributions where a token Makefile.PL
            is included and we try to generate our own over top
          - more directories added to no_index
          - now instead of installing release with [InstallRelease], switch to
            [Run::AfterRelease] with an author-specific PAUSE URL, to help out
          - adjust the command that updates the .latest symlink, to account
            for @#$!@#$ incompatibilities between implementations of `ln`
          - at last! add [Git::Contributors]

0.067     2014-07-25 01:09:13Z
          - disabled [EnsurePrereqsInstalled] for now - it is too annoying
            getting travis to install everything soon enough!

0.066     2014-07-18 03:25:10Z
          - internally-hardcoded extra arguments to be passed to optional
            plugins are now handled in a more generic way, now encompassing
            all plugins that might be used
          - minted Dist::Zilla plugins now contain an extra bit of needed
            prereq declaration, for valid metadata production
          - airplane mode can now also be enabled via the DZIL_AIRPLANE
            environment variable
          - now converting the main module to README.pod (pod instead of
            markdown) for committing to the repository
          - fix test of expected files produced by bundle to handle the new
            data file put out by [Test::ReportPrereqs] 0.014.
          - XS-based distributions (*.xs files found in repository root) must
            now have a basic Makefile.PL provided to assist development

0.065     2014-06-09 20:36:31Z
          - fix dist.ini in minted dzil plugin dist (v0.064)
          - include tailored [MetaResources] for minted dzil plugin's dist.ini
          - inject [SurgicalPodWeaver] in develop prereqs, if selected via the
            surgical_podweaver option
          - include placeholder for keyword declarations in minted modules
          - xt/ tests are now once again run after t/
          - engage maximum fallbackiness!  default installers now
            [ModuleBuildTiny::Fallback], [MakeMaker::Fallback]
          - skip running after-build shell commands on systems with no bash,
            to avoid failing tests on various architectures

0.064     2014-05-21 16:56:30Z
          - one more .latest symlink fix
          - add [CheckIssues]
          - drop automatic develop prereq on Dist::Zilla <what I have>

0.063     2014-05-11 17:53:12Z
          - really fix failing tests this time (from v0.060)
          - fix updating of .ackrc file and .latest symlink in various build
            scenarios (from v0.061)

0.062     2014-05-08 17:02:13Z
          - remove using plugins in tests that will cause the test build to
            fail if users don't have develop prereqs installed

0.061     2014-05-04 21:28:33Z
          - fix ln flags for linux
          - fix filefinders used in no-tabs tests

0.060     2014-05-03 22:52:01Z
          - fix adjustment of existing .latest symlink at build time
          - added use of [EnsurePrereqsInstalled], to check ; authordeps are
          - Dist::Zilla::Plugin::BlockRelease (used by airplane mode) has been
            broken out into its own distribution
          - removed unnecessary use of StopWords in this dist, dists being
            built and dists being minted

0.059     2014-04-26 22:32:12Z
          - revisions to and fixes for generated CONTRIBUTING document

0.058     2014-04-19 05:38:04Z
          - minimum perl version really really fixed now
          - drop [Test::UnusedVars] - too many false positives; perl-critic is
            better suited to address these sorts of issues
          - Makefile.PL now checks for 'git' command, so we can get NA reports
            for every smoker that tried to look at us (before attempting to
            install all the prerequisites)
          - customized minting output if the dist is a Dist::Zilla plugin

0.057     2014-04-11 01:04:20Z
          - minimum perl version really softened to 5.10.1, except when
            minting distributions (which should have happened in v0.051)
          - when building as 'dzil build' or 'dzil release', add a .latest
            symlink to facilitate future grepping across repositories

0.056     2014-04-08 02:43:13Z
          - automatically add keywords to metadata, extracted from # KEYWORDS:
            comment in main module
          - switch from [Test::Version] to [CheckStrictVersion]

0.055     2014-03-24 04:03:47Z
          - fix missing prereq declaration needed from last release

0.054     2014-03-23 04:49:15Z
          - pass default_jobs => 9 option to all installer tools in use, and
          - also ensure we never index corpus/; only list no_index directories
            when they actually exist

0.053     2014-03-12 15:01:19Z
          - now using [Test::CleanNamespaces] to build this distribution as
            well as in newly-minted distributions
          - make airplane mode actually work (doh!)

0.052     2014-02-25 04:56:32Z
          - [VerifyPhases] added (another information-only plugin)
          - added missing prereq (from v0.051)
          - minted clean-namespaces.t test no longer skips ::Conflicts
            module (added in v0.019)

0.051     2014-02-23 01:10:45Z
          - fix argument passed to [Git::Commit] that no longer works now that
            it uses Path::Tiny instead of Path::Class
          - new "surgical_podweaver" configuration option
          - minimum perl version softened to 5.010, except for when minting
            distributions (still at 5.013002)

0.050     2014-02-13 17:39:49Z
          - adjusted CONTRIBUTING content for XS-based dists - I promise to
            include a token Makefile.PL to allow development without dzil.

0.049     2014-01-29 02:56:31Z
          - fixed tests that can fail on systems with no spelling dictionaries

0.048     2014-01-21 04:07:40Z
          - removed [PruneCruft], which does nothing useful with
          - removed [ManifestSkip] which does nothing useful when there is no
            MANIFEST.SKIP file
          - add an option for what files to copy from the release, for easier
          - added a dummy option for [Git::Check], to work around an issue in

0.047     2014-01-14 05:34:39Z
          - adjusted plugin order so [PkgVersion] gets a chance to insert into
            the first blank line of the package (new in 5.010) before other
            modules insert their code lines
          - pod removed from in the middle of source is now replaced with a
            commented-out version of itself, to avoid altering line numbers

0.046     2014-01-11 19:23:31Z
          - ensure that .pod files are also eligible for indexing
          - minting profile switched to using a dist sharedir to store
            profiles, so we can now ship using Module::Build::Tiny

0.045     2014-01-06 18:32:05Z
          - fixed transposed link text in documentation (thanks, rwstauner!)
          - fixed new tests that fail when run outside a git repository

0.044     2014-01-04 18:46:04Z
          - adjust airplane mode so it performs all (non-network) pre-release
            checks first, before aborting the release
          - minor tweaks to CONTRIBUTING text

0.043     2013-12-14 17:34:14Z
          - stale [@Git] modules now being checked for again

0.042     2013-12-08 00:24:09Z
          - drop use of [-Encoding] Pod::Weaver plugin - no longer needed with
            Pod::Weaver 4
          - update generated CONTRIBUTING file to filter out local plugins
            when running 'dzil authordeps --missing', and to mention the irc
            channel when available
          - new "airplane" mode, to facilitate development while the network is
            not available

0.041     2013-11-29 06:02:08Z
          - add explicit dep on Pod::Markdown, to get the version that creates
            metacpan hyperlinks
          - add [Test::Portability]
          - no longer prompting about stale [@Git] modules

0.040     2013-11-12 17:50:39Z
          - [Git::CheckFor::MergeConflicts] is working again
          - work around failure of minting test where a development release of
            a plugin is required to generate all expected files

0.039     2013-11-11 02:30:24Z
          - fix config for [Git::Commit], to properly commit files that were
            newly added to the dist
          - now generating full starting content for CONTRIBUTING,,
            LICENSE when minting a new distribution

0.038     2013-11-09 22:46:12Z
          - fixed typo in CONTRIBUTING file (thanks, Сергей Романов!)
          - added use of [Prereqs::AuthorDeps], for more entries in develop

0.037     2013-11-02 20:58:18Z
          - fix regexp error while creating CONTRIBUTING file

0.036     2013-11-02 20:54:09Z
          - version format in Changes file altered from appending -TRIAL to
            the version (which violates CPAN::Meta::Spec) to adding
            ' (TRIAL RELEASE)' after the timestamp
          - temporarily (?) disable broken [Git::CheckFor::MergeConflicts]
          - more tweaks to CONTRIBUTING text
          - plugins which are only used in certain conditions are now also
            declared as runtime requirements, to make it easier for
            contributors (requested by haarg)

0.035     2013-10-31 05:50:52Z
          - drop the ego tag in Changes on every release

0.034     2013-10-31 02:05:20Z
          - more tweaks to CONTRIBUTING text

0.033     2013-10-24 01:47:28Z
          - now only generating, LICENSE and CONTRIBUTING in the
            build directory, and copying back to the repository (and
            committing) only at release time

0.032     2013-10-17 02:26:03Z
          - fix some bad templates for files used in the minting profile
          - added [CheckSelfDependency]
          - all prereqs that are used based on config settings are now
            (guaranteed to be) included in the pluginbundle as runtime
            recommendations, as well as injected into the built dist as
            develop requirements (RT#89530)
          - more tweaks to CONTRIBUTING text

0.031     2013-10-13 17:43:37Z
          - fix discrepancy for [Test::Compile] between prereq versions in
            metadata, and runtime required version (RT#89429)

0.030     2013-10-12 22:09:46Z
          - xt_mode must be used in [Test::Compile] when xt/ tests run before
            t/ (because 'make'/'Build' has not been run yet)
          - fixed broken gathering of sharedir

0.029     2013-10-12 21:27:40Z
          --- a.k.a. "the ribasushi release"
          - dropped [Test::CheckDeps]
          - xt/ tests are now run before t/
          - compile test now generated as xt/author/00-compile.t
          - prereqs are noisly, but non-fatally, verified in
          - now generating a custom CONTRIBUTING file

0.028     2013-10-06 06:17:12Z
          - injected t/00-check-deps.t no longer bails out when failures are
          - the shell command used to update the local .ackrc is now POSIX
            shell compatible
          - fix unit tests that broke when Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InstallGuide
            1.200001 was released (which retroactively broke the 0.027

0.027     2013-09-27 03:50:26Z
          - minted dists once again use the default 'installer' value (now
            [MakeMaker::Fallback] and [ModuleBuildTiny], since 0.025)
          - added missing required prereqs, and now properly skipping relevant
            tests when optional dependencies are not installed (with guard
            tests to verify that all prereqs are properly declared) (RT#88977)

0.026     2013-09-25 02:00:04Z
          - skip relevant tests when optional dependencies are not installed

0.025     2013-09-22 22:04:46Z
          - added missing dependency on [MojibakeTests] (RT#88807)
          - fixed bad dependency for NoTabs tester that changed names
          - make tests run without git again (broken in 0.024) by removing all
            git-based plugins for testing
          - now generating a t/00-report-prereqs.t
          - 'installer' option can now be specified more than once, for
            stacking plugins
          - new installer default: MakeMaker::Fallback and ModuleBuildTiny

0.024     2013-09-19 02:29:14Z
          - now also support the server = catagits option, for Catalyst
            repositories hosted at Shadowcat Systems
          - switch to [Test::NoTabs], also testing examples/ files
          - bump prereq on [Test::CheckDeps] to get CPAN::Meta::Check
            dependency that we can now remove from here
          - vim modeline added to .pm in minted dist
          - default 'installer' backend now defaults to 'none', forcing
            consumers to explicitly state a preference; minted dists specify
            ModuleBuildTiny, the previous default (RT#88642)

0.023     2013-09-11 01:43:22Z
          - now checking for stale prereqs at dist release time

0.022     2013-09-10 01:48:53Z
          - warnings tests bypassed during installation, to prevent
            installation issues in the presence of deprecation warnings from
            upstream dependencies (in this case, via Moose 2.1100) - and
            similar change made in test generated via minting profile
          - bumped dependency version for [Test::PodSpelling] and wordlists
          - bumped dependency on Dist::Zilla, for yaml encoding fixes

0.021     2013-09-07 19:41:06Z
          - disable invocation of cpanm-reporter (see RT#88367)
          - added [MojibakeTests], for testing file encoding at release time

0.020     2013-09-02 23:50:35Z
          - set new die_on_existing_version option in [PkgVersion]
          - after releasing and we install the dist, submit a cpantesters

0.019     2013-08-21 19:16:27Z
          - now supporting dists hosted elsewhere than github (currently
            gitmo, p5sagit, or other), via the 'server' option
          - Test::Version now runs in strict mode
          - generated clean-namespaces.t test now skips ::Conflicts module
          - [Test::Kwalitee] now included in bundle, rather than adding it
            into the minted dist.ini separately

0.018     2013-08-16 05:11:06Z
          - now using [PromptIfStale] to ensure the plugin bundle is always
            the latest version, and all plugins are checked at release time
          - bring back [Test::CPAN::Changes], now that the spec has become a
            bit more reasonable (removed since v0.015)
          - Changes entries are now made with times in UTC, with a trailing
            'Z' rather than the CLDR 'ZZZZ' format code

0.017     2013-08-04 16:12:17Z
          - update minimum version of perl required, re syntax used in
            templates applied during minting
          - inject a forced dependency on a fixed CPAN::Meta::Check
          - skip pluginbundle tests if .git dir is not present (too many
            plugins rely on git data)

0.016     2013-08-03 19:44:15Z
          - added basic tests for the pluginbundle and minter
          - clean up .ackrc editing at build time

0.015     2013-08-01 23:02:32Z
          - [Test::CPAN::Changes] omitted if its version >= 0.21, pending
            resolution of too-strict datetime formats (e.g. RT#87499)

0.014     2013-07-30 00:25:48Z
          - fix dist.ini munging done at release time (v0.013)
          - injected compile test now also checks files in examples/
          - ExecDir now looks for installable executables in script/, for
            compatibility with Module::Build::Tiny

0.013     2013-07-28 23:59:41Z
          - inserts --ignore-dir line into .ackrc at build time
          - when releasing this pluginbundle, dist.ini is edited (and
            committed) to force a dependency on the newly-released version, and
            all other local dist.inis using this bundle are also edited
            (without committing)
          - issue tracking is disabled in newly-created github repositories

0.012     2013-07-17 01:32:35Z
          - do not require trial versions of [Test::Compile], allowing
            flexibility as which we choose to build with

0.011     2013-07-06 00:59:57Z
          - compile test will also check for warnings, when author is testing

0.010     2013-06-28 18:28:01Z
          - t/00-check-deps.t test now has TODO tests for 'recommends' and
            'suggests' prereqs
          - release test for unused variables reinstated

0.009     2013-06-20 17:18:12Z
          - 'installer' now defaults to ModuleBuildTiny
          - (experimental) namespaces-are-clean release test added to minting
            profile, although this won't pass for many types of dists as many
            things are sloppy about modifying the package stash

0.008     2013-06-11 22:59:23Z
          - fix bad templating in minted module
          - during minting, push the initial commit to github after creating
            the remote

0.007     2013-05-30 01:48:34Z
          - minting profile updates:
            - extra kwalitee tests enabled by default
            - test now has 'use <main module>;', prefers done_testing,
              and now fails, rather than not compiling
            - main module now avoids the list transformer where it breaks pod
              coverage tests; includes more template pod
          - config option added for changing the installer backend (still
            defaults to MakeMaker, for now)

0.006     2013-05-11 00:06:41Z
          - support dropped for directly passing stopwords via a mvp argument
            -- it's easier to just use a directive right in pod (and they can
            be added via ConfigSlicer too, if needed)
          - minting process now prompts to create a repository on github
          - alter max_target_perl setting for *this dist itself only* to
            commit to run on 5.16.3+, not 5.8.8+
          - the version of Dist::Zilla used to build this distribution is
            injected as a develop prerequisite for users of the plugin bundle
          - the version of this bundle used to mint a dist is set as the
            minimum version for subsequent builds of the dist
          - after release, the github repository is updated with the
            distribution's abstract as its description, and the metacpan page
            as its homepage.

0.005     2013-04-28 15:47:40Z
          - bump version for [Test::Compile] and [Test::CheckDeps] (RT#84900,
            RT#84904, RT#84905)

0.004     2013-04-27 03:56:11Z
          - fix missing .gitignore in minted dists
          - [-Encoding] podweaver plugin added to this distribution and
            minted dists
          - extra stopwords added, after disabling my local aspell dictionary
          - Pod::Weaver plugins used in this bundle are added as runtime

0.003     2013-04-21 17:22:48Z
          - now building ourself with ourselves, [@Author::ETHER].
          - [Test::UnusedVars] added
          - RT mail link cleaned up
          - bump prereqs for Dist::Zilla::Role::PluginBundle::PluginRemover,
          - document the multiple mechanisms for adding stopwords (and add the
            [-Stopwords] weaver plugin, which seems to be needed sometimes)

0.002     2013-04-14 22:40:08Z
          - do not index our profiles/, to avoid its contents from showing up
            under "Documentation" on metacpan
          - users of [@Author::ETHER] can now -remove plugins

0.001     2013-04-14 20:52:50Z
          - Initial release, incorporating the minting profile that I had been
            using locally in ~/.dzil/profiles/github.