Revision history for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PromptIfStale

0.057     2020-05-03 17:55:48Z
          - fix tests on Dist::Zilla <6.0 (seen especially on perl 5.10, 5.12)

0.056     2020-04-30 23:46:50Z
          - filter out plugins in the local repository from being checked for

0.055     2018-05-08 03:09:35Z
          - fix for Dist::Zilla 7: ensure that the proper directory is used
            for determining authordeps and local modules

0.054     2017-08-17 00:47:23Z
          - switch to a different environment variable to control
            functionality in tests, especially travis, to allow installing on
            travis during other distributions' tests and still allow testing
            ourselves under travis too (it's complicated)

0.053     2017-04-19 02:19:30Z
          - all tests are skipped when installing this distribution under
            travis (unless it is this distribution testing ourselves), to
            avoid failing tests due to many layers of various detection logic

0.052     2017-02-13 23:50:54Z
          - work around a problematic Log::Dispatch version that does not like
            us trying to log blank lines (RT#120218)

0.051     2016-06-19 04:03:22Z
          - allow setting the index_base_url via a new env var,
            CPAN_INDEX_BASE_URL. Patch by Dave Rolsky. GitHub #5.

0.050     2016-06-06 03:29:58Z
          - by default, build checks are no longer performed under Travis
            Continuous Integration (see 'run_under_travis' config)

0.049     2016-04-19 05:34:06Z
          - now using distinctive log messages for each phase
          - now using Module::Metadata rather than Module::Path to look for
            installed modules in @INC

0.048     2016-04-01 05:25:37Z
          - avoid loading Module::CoreList until it is needed, for a faster
            runtime (Olivier Mengué)
          - now using List::Util::uniq

0.047     2015-09-07 01:02:36Z
          - 'dzil stale' now returns a non-zero exit status if a full prereq
            check cannot be done (i.e. there is still more work to be done).

0.046     2015-08-22 05:18:01Z
          - fix tests that started failing with Dist::Zilla 5.038, which now
            injects a licence provider class into authordeps
          - pull in an updated Log::Dispatch if it was in the version range
            that causes issues for App::Cmd testing

0.045     2015-06-17 03:42:30Z
          - fix false negatives on MSWin32 if a module is installed to a
            different volume than the current working directory (thanks
            for helping me track this down, Mithaldu!!)

0.044     2015-05-23 17:05:24Z
          - eliminate remaining uses of List::MoreUtils

0.043     2015-05-23 03:11:25Z
          - make a 'dzil stale' warning about authordeps a little more visible
            by using ANSI colours
          - fix version range in prerequisites that is problematic for

0.042     2015-04-21 21:22:51Z
          - fix tests that will fail with an upcoming change to
            Test::DZil (Dist::Zilla::Tester and Dist::Zilla::Chrome::Term will
            no longer always be loaded)

0.041     2015-04-10 19:13:59Z
          - 'dzil stale' now provides extra output (to stderr) when not all
            stale modules can be found in a single pass
          - eliminate loading modules up front in the 'stale' command, to
            speed up all dzil commands (RT#103435)

0.040     2015-03-08 00:05:42Z
          - properly understand error strings when a plugin bundle is stale,
            from changes in Dist::Zilla 5.033

0.039     2015-03-07 05:26:43Z
          - fix tests that fail when Carp is installed at a dev release
          - fix shortened plugin names returned when Config::MVP::Section is
            an old version

0.038     2015-02-12 01:42:54Z
          - 'dzil stale' command now also properly detects modules and plugins
            that are loaded indirectly, e.g. via a plugin bundle

0.037     2015-01-30 03:06:09Z
          - fix test failure in 0.036 caused by assuming a module is loaded
            when it isn't always on all platforms

0.036     2015-01-24 06:09:05Z
          - fixed bad parsing of response from cpanmetadb, which resulted in
            false negatives when checking dual-life upstream-cpan modules

0.035     2015-01-18 00:36:26Z
          - now properly detects when running under travis, to prevent
            prompting when trying to perform 'dzil listdeps' as a preliminary
            step to testing a distribution

0.034     2015-01-12 00:17:50Z
          - avoid prompting for unindexed core modules (RT#101293)

0.033     2015-01-03 20:27:49Z
          - bump Module::Metdata prereq for $VERSION parsing (RT#101095)

0.032     2014-11-22 03:36:00Z
          - better way of avoiding warnings in perl 5.21.6, while still
            allowing this dist to install
          - switch from cpanidx to cpanmetadb index

0.031     2014-11-17 02:51:40Z
          - add a dynamic test prereq to avoid new warnings added to perl 5.21.6

0.030     2014-11-13 06:48:50Z
          - make prompt tests unfailable on perls older than 5.16, to work around an
            apparent issue with IO::Pty

0.029     2014-11-08 23:55:57Z
          - ensure @INC does not become mangled during tests
          - use newer Dist::Zilla::Util::AuthorDeps to avoid using Path::Class

0.028     2014-10-12 18:51:44Z
          - added extra diagnostics on filehandle states when tests fail

0.027     2014-09-24 01:58:26Z
          - fix tty handling in tests to resolve filehandle issues on linux

0.026     2014-09-12 03:24:50Z
          - fix tests (new in 0.025) that fail when stdin is not a tty (e.g.
            piping module names to cpanm)

0.025     2014-09-09 02:43:51Z
          - in "fatal" mode, also print the detailed list of what is stale and
            why, before dying with an advisory to run 'cpanm'
          - only issue a warning, rather than prompting, when being run

0.024     2014-07-23 20:13:17Z
          - switch from using JSON to JSON::MaybeXS
          - avoid reporting core (non-duallifed) modules as being stale, since
            they cannot be updated without updating perl itself

0.023     2014-05-15 20:38:19Z
          - 'dzil stale' now respects all plugins' skip options
          - improved debug logging
          - cache more data for efficiency when multiple plugins, options are
            used at once
          - new "check_authordeps" option

0.022     2014-04-19 08:28:04Z
          - "dzil stale" now falls back even harder to parsing authordeps out
            of dist.ini when performing the build blew up (such as due to an
            unsatisfied develop prereq)
          - new sister plugin, [EnsureNotStale], which aborts instead of
            prompting (this is for you, Getty - sorry it's too late)

0.021     2014-03-23 05:40:38Z
          - 'dzil stale' properly falls back to fetching authordeps when a
            plugin is not at the required version

0.020     2014-03-01 06:49:02Z
          - fix "dzil stale --all" when no [PromptIfStale] plugins are
            configured for the distribution
          - dzil stale now respects the --verbose flag
          - dzil stale now does the equivalent of 'dzil authordeps' if some
            plugins are missing, rather than dying -- you can now use 'dzil
            stale' as your one stop shop for ensuring all requirements are

0.019     2014-02-28 04:34:49Z
          - fix occasional test failures on win32 due to varying directory
            separators in filenames

0.018     2014-02-23 23:29:22Z
          - new --all option for "dzil stale"

0.017     2014-02-12 05:20:07Z
          - fix uninitialized warning when 02packages.details.txt cannot be

0.016     2014-02-09 03:41:16Z
          - new "dzil stale" command

0.015     2013-12-10 23:38:52Z, a.k.a. "The Getty Release"
          - new 'fatal' option, to avoid prompting
          - new 'index_base_url' option, for using different CPAN indexes

0.014     2013-11-29 05:53:17Z
          - new 'skip' option

0.013     2013-11-15 04:19:33Z
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.012     2013-11-10 19:27:11Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - no longer loading each module being checked in order to get its
          - fix logic for choosing when to pull down a copy of
            02packages.details.txt (now only doing so when otherwise we would
            make six or more HTTP hits to PAUSE)
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.011     2013-11-10 01:54:55Z
          - honour check_all_prereqs setting at release time (previously
            behaviour was always as if it was on); thanks David Golden!

0.010     2013-11-03 20:22:01Z (TRIAL RELEASE)
          - more diagnostics printed in failing tests

0.009     2013-11-02 21:15:16Z
          - work around issues with EUMM-bundled by properly
            fudging a VERSION during testing (affected perls before 5.13.9)

0.008     2013-10-11 01:47:09Z
          - now also checks the configure and build prerequisites

0.007     2013-10-02 03:58:16Z
          - when killing a build after being prompted, include a line that can
            be copy-pasted to install all the missing modules via cpanm
          - speed up index querying when checking for 6 or more modules at
            once by pulling down a copy of 02packages.details.txt.gz

0.006     2013-09-24 04:36:43Z
          - diagnostic message added before checks begin, so the user isn't
            wondering why the build/release appears to hang (querying the
            index can take a little bit of time if there are a lot of modules
            to check)

0.005     2013-09-16 00:05:07Z
          - now only prompting once (per phase) for all discrepancies found
          - no longer prompting for the same module twice, if there are
            multiple instances of the plugin running

0.004     2013-09-11 01:39:02Z
          - New "check_all_prereqs" option
          - warnings tests bypassed during installation

0.003     2013-09-05 07:45:52Z
          - gracefully handle checking for a module that is not installed
          - support setting both the check_all_plugins and module configs at

0.002     2013-08-13 01:04:29Z
          - fix documentation that referred to an option by the wrong name
          - inverted prompt, from "abort build?" to "continue anyway?" (with
            the default remaining as aborting the build/not continuing)
          - version checks are bypassed for modules provided by the dist being

0.001     2013-08-12 04:20:18Z
          - Initial release.