Revision history for Device-RAID-Poller

0.1.2	 2019-05-17/18:30
         -Silence which for mdadm check.

0.1.1	 2019-05-01/00:15
         -Don't call sysctl on the ZFS test on Linux, only FreeBSD.
         -Silence which for arcconf check.
         -Fix Adaptec_arcconf BBU status cehcking.
         -FBSD_graid now calls FBSD_graid instead of FBSD_graid3
		 -Now includes the LD name in the return from Adaptec arcconf.
         -Don't consider Adaptec_arcconf unusable if Linux or FreeBSD
             is found.

0.1.0	 2019-04-29/01:15
         -Add FreeBSD GEOM raid3 support.
         -Add FreeBSD GEOM raid support.
         -Add Adaptec arcconf support.
         -The ZFS backend now checks if ZFS on FreeBSD is laoded
             first to avoid accidentally loading it.
         -Check for sysctls now instead of loaded kernel modules
             to avoid errors on usability checks if a module is
             compiled in instead of loaded at boot on FreeBSD.

0.0.0	 2019-04-23/10:10
		 -Initial release.