Revision history for Perl module DateTime::Event::Easter

Note on version conventions:
|  | |
|  | +-- Minor Decimal
|  +---- Major Decimal
+------- Whole Number

* Whole numbers are rewrite releases. They contain major rewrites
  or alterations to the API. Read the docs before using them.
* Major decimal number is patch release. Some coding has changed
  but the API remains the same (or is extended). Upgrading to 
  these should not change any expected behaviour, however it
  will alter buggy behaviour. Read the docs and check if you've
  been using work-arounds before using them.
* Minor decimal number is a doc or installer patch only. If you have
  the module installed and understand how it works, you don't need
  this release.

0.01 Mon Mar 24 2003
        - original version - posted to DateTime mailing list

0.02 Wed Mar 26 2003
        - posted to DateTime mailing list with this message

        Beta 2 includes support for Orthodox Easter, however I doubt
        it handles it the best way possible. Please take a look and
        offer suggestions (its the last sub before the POD). It
        should also be noted that both Easters should return
        Gregorian Dates as they do now.

        I've renamed the two Easters as 'western' and 'eastern'.
        This is still probably not the best names but its better
        than my mistake concerning Orthodox easter in the previous
        release :). If anyone can help with names that relate I'd
        love it. I considered 'western' and 'orthodox', but I'd
        prefer names that are related.

        The ->set method is now ->as_list and I've added ->as_set
        which returns a DateTime::Set object (although this isn't
        tested at ALL! CPAN wouldn't give me DateTime::Set :))

        The cache has been removed. This means years are sometimes
        recalculated a second later, but the memory blow-out factor
        isn't there.

0.03 Sun Mar 30 2003
        - posted to DateTime mailing list with this message:

        I've poked it with sticks like years with no Orthodox Easter

        I'd like to make it run faster some time, so if anyone can
        think of better ways to do things without the Caching
        problem, let me know.

1.00 Sun Mar 30 2003
        - first release version
        - first CPAN release

        - Added support for any DateTime::Calendar module that subscibes
          to the API (ie, has from_object and utc_rd_values)
          - Thanks Eugene van der Pijll

        - Added placeholder methods as_span and _tospan. Currently these
          do nothing. Once DateTime::Span exists, we'll get them going.

1.00.01 Mon Mar 31 2003
        - Documentation and Version Number patch
        - Hadn't updated the documentation for the release version. Done now.
        - Hadn't updated $VERSION to match the version number on the release
        * No functionality changed. See note 'Minor decimal number releases'

1.00.02 Wed Apr  2 2003
        - Installation now includes pre-req for DateTime::Calendar::Julian
          which is only used if you're calculating Orthodox Easter.
        * No functionality changed. See note 'Minor decimal number releases'

1.0100 Sat Jun 28, 2003 +1000
        - Changed versioning to only use one decimal point. Stops poor CPAN
          from getting confused!
        - Altered closest() to compare delta_days rather than just the two
          DateTime::Duration objects. Not sure why I had to do this but it
          fixed the problem!
        * This release fixes a bug and should be installed for correct 
          handling of closest().

1.02 Sun Aug 17, 2003 +1000
        - as_set() now works. Previously it called a non-existant method in 
          DateTime::Set (new()) where it should have called ->from_datetimes().
          This wasn't previously picked up by the tests because the t/05sets
          test was actually an exact duplicate of 04lists.t! This issue was
          discovered by Ron Hill.
1.03 Sat Sep 20, 2003 +1000
        - as_set() now works like a call to DateTime::Set and can accept all
          arguments that a DateTime::Set->from_recurrence can take.
          Based on idea and patch from Flavio S. Glock
        - as_span and as_point now work to return spans rather than the old
          points. This means you can get a 24 hour span for a day rather than
          just midnight on that day.
        - Similarly, the constructor has an 'as' attribute to set the preference
          at construction.
        - Fixed (again) comparison of durations for determining 'closest'. We now
          get one duration and add it to the other datetime, comparing it to now:
                 Duration = NextEaster - Now;
                 Return NextEaster if PreviousEaster+Duration < Now
                 otherwise Return PreviousEaster
          Error first noticed by automated CPAN tester.

1.04 Sun Apr 04, 2004 +1000
        - fixed incompatibility with newest versions of DateTime::Set (which
          changed the way DateTime::Set->from_recurrence worked with infinite
          Patch provided by Ronald Hill.

1.05 Wed 2015-01-21
        - New co-maintainer: Jean Forget
        - Fixed POD issues declared in tickets 7598, 51892, 79041 and 101238.
          Patches provided by Slaven Rezic and Frank Wiegand.
        - Fixed kwalitee issues: buildtool not executable, META.yml
        - Add a few other Easter-related events.
        - Improve code coverage.
        - Add a directory "eg" with an example script.

1.06 Mon 2019-09-02
        - Conversion to UTF-8 (especially for the end-of-module value)
        - Allow building a list of spans or a set of spans
        - Documentation fixes
        - Kwalitee issues: META.yml should include a "provide" entry and a "resource" entry

1.07 Thu 2019-10-10
        - Fixed POD issues and improve code formatting.
        - Improve code coverage.
        - Allow building an infinite (i.e. unbounded) set of spans.
        - Define separate functions to obtain the computus elements: golden number, epact, sunday letter.
        - Improve (a little bit) code speed.

1.08 Tue 2019-10-15
        - Fixed POD issues and improve code formatting.
        - Improve code coverage.
        - Fix a few bugs, such as the parameter check which was incompatible with perl-5.16 and earlier.

1.09 Tue 2019-11-12
        - Fix minor compatibility issue about DT::C::Julian stringification with older versions of
	- Some documentation improvements.