Revision history for Perl module Date::WeekNumber

0.06 2019-05-09 NEILB
    - Updated entry in SEE ALSO for Date::WeekOfYear, to mention changes
      that were added in 1.06, to make it compatible with this module.

0.05 2015-10-25
    - Updated github repo URL (metadata, doc) after changing my github username
    - Include META.json in release tarball ([MetaJSON] in dist.ini)
    - Tag and push to github on release

0.04 2014-04-11
    - Added t/03-bad-inputs.t testing various cases of bad inputs
    - Added more error checking as a result of coverage testing the above
    - Tweaked documentation to get 100% pod coverage.

0.03 2014-03-28
    - Updated SEE ALSO: Date::WeekOfYear now returns ISO 8601 week number
      by default, and supports the old week number scheme as an option.
    - Updated SEE ALSO: the doc Date::ISO now mentions the iso_year() method.

0.02 2014-03-06
    - POSIX::strftime() doesn't handle %G or %V on Windows. Sigh.
      We now use strftime() for cpan_week_number() and Date::Calc()
      for iso_week_number().
    - Added Date::ISO8601 and Date::ISO to SEE ALSO

0.01 2014-03-03
    - First release to CPAN