Revision history for Perl extension Data::FixedFormat.

0.04  Sat Nov 22 21:45:07 2008
        - Removed requirement for Perl 5.8.8 from Makefile.PL.  That
	  was inserted by h2ph and I hadn't noticed it.

0.03  Mon Feb 12 16:03:46 2007
	- Wrote extensive tests which exposed some bugs which have
	  been fixed.

	- Added the tied interface.

	- Created a new shell using h2xs 1.23 with options
		--f -n Data::FixedFormat --use-new-tests
		--skip-exporter --skip-autoloader -X

0.02 Sat Aug 17 13:13:00 2002
       - Restructured the class.  The initial implementation used a
         single package for variant and non-variant records.  All
         attempts to format or unformat buffers resulted in checking
         for variants.  Non-variant records can now skip this step and
         should be faster.

       - B<Data::FixedFormat> was rewritten to handle a single
         variant.  The C<new> method now returns a
         B<Data::FixedFormat::Variants> if a variant record layout is
         requested.  This class maintains a list of
         B<Data::FixedFormat> objects to perform conversions.

       - Added the C<blank> method.

       - Updated the documentation and corrected some errors in the

0.01  Thu Aug 17 23:06:21 2000
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19