Revision history for Dancer2-Plugin-Cart

0.0001  2016-07-06
        First release.

0.0002 2016-07-12
        Add script to generate views.

0.0004 2016-07-13
        Fix test names
        Fix Dancer2::Plugin::Cart::Plugin::Email;

0.0005 2016-07-14
        Improve UX InlineViews and predefined templates.

0.0006 2016-07-16
        Remove extentions from Core Plugin.

0.0007 2016-07-18
        Update pod on lib/Dancer2/Plugin/

0.0008 2016-07-19
        Fix pod on lib/Dancer2/Plugin/

0.0009 2016-07-19
        Add hooks info to pod on lib/Dancer2/Plugin/

0.0010 2016-08-27
        Fix products hooks. Products can be loaded by the hook plugin.cart.products.
        Fix template views generated by bin/create_cart_views,  clear_cart is onli available from cart view.

0.0011 2016-09-02
        Add documentation. (routes provided by the plugin).

0.0012 2016-09-06
        Fix Inline receipt views.  Update docs.

0.0013 2016-10-20
        Fix typos, Fix review route parametter.
        Fix ec_subtotal per product.
        Add product info into the cart after add a product.
        Fix receipt view template.

1.0000 2017-05-20
        Update documentation.
        Add quanitity keywork to the dsl.
        Update inlineviews removing link to checkout without items on cart.

1.0001 2017-06-21
        Add checkout post hook