Revision history for Dancer-Session-CHI

v0.1.6    2013-02-26 18:46:21 America/Chicago
    - Fixed Dancer import.
    - Switched to using &Dancer::Exception::raise instead of &Carp::croak.
    - Promoted to full release.

v0.1.5    2013-02-26 14:38:13 America/Chicago
    - Added C<purge> method to give access to CHI's method of the same name.
    - Undefined session cookie on session destruction.
    - Changed license to MIT.

v0.1.4    2012-04-11 15:02:20 America/Chicago
    - Reverted previous fix attempt, implemented actual fix by correcting
      session key mismatch.

v0.1.3    2012-04-11 12:51:19 America/Chicago
    - Unblessed session object before passing to CHI to prevent hilarity during
      serialization by Storable.

v0.1.2    2012-04-11 09:26:18 America/Chicago
    - Module fully reimplemented without Moose.
    - Fixed issue where CHI, when using file-based cache systems, would place
      the session directory in $app_dir/public if given a relative path.

v0.1.1    2011-11-08 13:03:37 CST6CDT
    - Remove unused Scalar::Util prereq
    - Avoid Dancer's pernicious global actions by removing `use Dancer qw(...);`
    - Refactor tests

v0.1.0    2011-11-06 13:11:29 America/Chicago
    - Change license to LGPL, v3
    - First non-point release

v0.0.5    2011-11-06 12:33:21 America/Chicago
    - Build with Module::Build

v0.0.4    2011-11-06 12:15:20 America/Chicago
    - Removed a couple MooseX:: dependencies and Perl v5.10-related pragmas

v0.0.3    2011-10-24 05:03:13 America/Chicago
    - Removed calls to Dancer v1 deep guts in anticipation of changes in Dancer v2.

v0.0.2    2011-10-24 01:23:18 America/Chicago
    - Avoided smart-match bug in Perl <= v5.12 by not using "given".
    - Set version requirements for most dependencies

v0.0.1    2011-10-23 03:43:17 America/Chicago
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.