Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-EscapeHTML

0.22    2012-06-18
        Documentation tweak only - mention Template::Stash::EscapeHTML (mst)

0.21    2011-11-04
        Er, adding new files to MANIFEST would give the test suite more chance
        of running.  Muppet!  (Thanks to ambs for reporting!)

0.20    2011-11-03
        Avoid messing around escaping the internals of blessed objects in the
        template tokens unless the new traverse_objects setting is set to a true
        value - thanks to Tom Rathborne again (@trathborne)

0.11    2011-10-03
        More changes kindly submitted by Tom Rathborne:
         - Avoid reference loops properly
         - Remove outdated documentation
         - Slight performance boost
        Thanks again, Tom!

0.10    2011-10-03
        Changes kindly submitted by Tom Rathborne (@trathborne):
         - Avoid unitialised value in interpolation warning
         - Reduce excessive debugging unless specifically enabled
         - Compile exclude_pattern only once, not once for every template token
         - fix bug passing config to recursing calls
        Thanks, Tom!

0.04    2011-08-15
        Declaring Dancer as a dependency would be useful!  No other changes.

0.03    2011-08-10
        Add exclude_pattern option, to exclude certain template param/token
        names from automatic escaping.

0.02    2011-08-09
        Add some tests; no functional changes.

0.01    2011-08-09
        Initial version - basic, but works.