Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-Database

2.13    2016-08-13
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Require 0.16 of core library, as 0.15 had a bug in :(

2.12    2016-01-24

        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - skip author tests (thanks to Stefan Hornburg)

2.11    2015-10-02

        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Require Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core v0.12, that
          fixes logging problems

2.10    2014-10-13

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Support dsn_extra option (Thanks to Michael J South)

2.09    2013-12-22

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Tests for cached handle after reconnection

2.08    Sun Sep  1 13:52:52 WEST 2013

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Add quick_count method (Thanks to Colin Ewen)

2.07    Tue Jul 30 18:59:30 WEST 2013
        - Fix test with wrong base class (part 2)

2.06    Tue Jul 30 18:49:37 WEST 2013
        - Fix test with wrong base class.

2.05    2013-07-29
       	- Remove code from module to share with Dancer2 plugin.
        - Added dependency on Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core

2.04    2013-03-04

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Allow 'sid' to be passed into DSN, for Oracle support.

2.03    2012-12-14

        [ BUGFIX ]
        - Remove left-over debugging warning (thanks to ofosos for reporting)

2.02    2012-12-07

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - If asked for default connection (no connection name given) but
          there is no default connection configured, throw a more helpful 
          error message.

2.01    2012-09-18

        [ BUGFIX ]
        - Fix crashing bug when charset: UTF-8 is present - thanks to Hugh
          Gallagher for reporting & providing fix in RT #79719.
          Presumably the test suite doesn't set UTF-8, so this failure 
          never showed up in testing :(

2.00    2012-09-17

        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Support for Dancer 2
        - Automatic quoting handles e.g. schema.table properly - GH #33,
          thanks to mscolly for reporting
        - Accept limit offset,count syntax too - GH #31, thanks to 
          nicolasfranck for reporting
        - a value of 0 for connectivity_check_threshold now disables 
          checking entirely - thanks to knutov in GH #22

1.82    2012-06-28

        [ BUGFIXES ]
        - Fix for Debian RT #665221 : - avoid issues
        if we get a hashref of settings occupying the same region of memory as a
        previous hashref of settings which since went out of scope but which we
        still have a handle laying around for.

1.81    2012-03-07

        [ BUGFIXES ]
        - Don't generate invalid SQL with certain uses of where and 
          order_by clauses together (PR-27, thanks to Michael Stapelberg

1.80    2012-02-06
        - New hooks 'database_error', 'database_connect_failed',
        - New option 'handle_class' to allow the database handles to be
          reblessed into an alternative class, allowing you to subclass
          D::P::D::Handle if you want to extend it
        All requested by Nick S. Knutov - thanks Nick!

1.70    2012-01-31
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - New `order_by`, `limit` and `columns` options for quick_select()
          (Requested by bor in GH-20)

1.60    2011-12-29
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Hook support, requested by mdom.  Currently supports a
          database_connected hook position; others may be added in future.

        Happy New Year!

1.51    2011-11-17
        [ BUGFIXES ]
        - Handle "is" operator properly (particularly if negated) - Issue 15.
        - Add =encoding utf8 to POD so contributor names render correctly on

1.50    2011-10-18
        All new features kindly contributed by Mark Allen (@mrallen1) - thanks!
        - Much more flexible WHERE clauses - e.g.  { foo => { like => 'bar'} }
        - Ability to select only specific columns in quick_select()
        - New quick_lookup() syntactic sugar method

1.42    2011-08-19
        - Don't produce spurious messages about enabling UTF-8 support when
          we have already done it (PR 9 from James Aitken (LoonyPandora))

1.41    2011-07-24
        - support where clauses with undef values. (Alberto Simões)

1.40    2011-05-29
        - Be fork/thread-safe - don't allow processes/threads to share handles.
          Thanks to Matt S Trout for pointing this out on IRC - cheers mst.
        - If we're given a pre-assembled DSN, extract the driver from it to
          avoid a warning, and to allow auto UTF-8 to work.
          Thanks to Matthew Vickers (mvickers) for bringing this up.

1.30    2011-05-23
        - Allow passing an empty hashref for where clause to signify that no
          where clause is desired (i.e. return all rows).
          Requested by Carlos Sosa (gnusosa) - thanks!

1.24    2011-05-09
        - Bugfixes in logging - avoid DBI swallowing up the param I'd wrongly
          named, and avoid warnings if any params are undef.
          Thanks to Martin J Evans (mje) for bringing this up on IRC - thanks
          for your help Martin.

1.23    2011-04-15
        - Only log queries generated by quick_*() helpers in D::P::D::Handle if
          the log_queries setting was enabled in the configuration.  This avoids
          the potential for the user to be unwittingly logging sensitive
          information, and would provide a (tiny) performance boost too.

1.22    2011-04-11
        - Bugfix: don't needlessly use to_json() in tests, as Dancer doesn't
          depend on, so tests will fail if it's not available.
          Reported in RT #66204 by Johnathan (JAWNSY) - thanks!

1.21    2011-03-06
        - Bugfix: return undef if connection fails, rather than attempting to
          re-bless and blowing up. Fixes GH-7, thanks to Nick Hibma

1.20    2011-02-23
        - New feature - automatically enable UTF-8 support if the app's charset
          setting is set to 'UTF-8' and we know how to enable UTF-8 support for
          the database driver in use.  This can be disabled with the new
          auto_utf8 setting in the plugin's config.
        - Bugfix - create test DB in memory, not a file named ":memory" by
          accident.  This should fix test failures on Windows, e.g.:

1.11    2011-02-18
        - Fix bug RT #65825 - quick_select didn't actually use the where clause
        - Extended test suite.
1.10    2011-02-11
        - New feature quick_select
        - Fix bug RT #65651, quick_insert generating SQL which MySQL/Postgres
          didn't accept due to use of quote() rather than quote_identifier(),
          thanks to Christian Sánchez and Michael Stiller
        - Fix GH #5 - named connections not working properly - thanks to

1.00    2011-01-10
        - Bumping to 1.00 to signify being ready for production use, for users
          who have a mistrust of 0.x version numbers.
        - Applied Alan Haggai's changes to allow a hashref of settings to be
          passed to the database() keyword at runtime.  Thanks Alan!
          (This was released as 0.91_01 for testing first.)

0.91    2010-12-21
        - Whoah - didn't "use strict" in Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle!
          Last tweak release, then I'll push 1.00 out soon.

0.90    2010-12-10
        - New features quick_insert, quick_update, quick_delete.  The database
          keyword now returns a Dancer::Plugin::Database::Handle object, which
          is a subclass of DBI::db so does everything you'd expect a DBI
          connection handle to do, but adds extra convenience methods.
        - Fixed test failures on Windows systems.

       (Large version bump due to new features; assuming there are no reports of
       issues with this version (there shouldn't be!), I'll release 1.0 soon,
       for those who look for a >= 1.0 version number as an indication of being

0.12    2010-12-03
        - Documentation mentioned connectivity-check-threshold instead of the
          correct connection_check_threshold.  Thanks to bessarabov for catching
          this and submitting corrections via GitHub!

0.11    2010-11-09 (CoD Black Ops day!)
        - Bugfix: pass connection settings when reconnecting, too.

0.10    2010-10-30
        - Add some proper tests [Franck Cuny]

0.09    2010-09-28
        - Allow definition of multiple connections, and accept a param to the
          database() keyword to specify which connection you need a handle for.
          This was released as 0.08_01 for testing.

0.08    2010-09-14
        - Bugfix - make SQLite DWIMmery from previous version actually work.

0.07    2010-09-06
        - Extra params in DSN (database, host, port) should be separated with
          semi-colons, not colons.  Thanks to Steve Atkins for reporting this.
        - Documentation update to reflect use of $dbh->ping
        - If connecting to SQLite, which requires 'dbname' rather than
          'database', provide 'dbname' instead, so it will Just Work

0.06    2010-06-15
        - Stupid typo fix in documentation for features added in 0.05.  I wish
          I'd spotted this mistake before releasing 0.05, rather than just

0.05    2010-06-15
        - Allow parameters to be passed to DBI->connect call (e.g. RaiseError),
          and support providing a set of statements to execute upon connection.
          Thanks to Igor Bujna for providing this feature!

0.04    2010-05-20
        - If DBD driver does not implement ping(), perform our own connection
          check by performing a simple query.  This will check that the DB
          connection is still alive, and avoid needless re-connects, which are
          expensive.  Also seems to fix a problem Tadzik saw with a warning from
          DBD::SQLite when the old handle was thrown away.

0.03    2010-05-17
        - Fix warning where $last_connection_check was initially undefined but
          used in numeric comparison.  Thanks to Tadzik for reporting.

0.02    2010-04-18
        Documentation fixes, thanks to "mrpants" on Github:
        - Plugin names in config.yml are case-sensitive for current CPAN
          releases of Dancer; my commit fdc3f3 makes it case-insenitive, but
          that hasn't hit CPAN yet, so people using CPAN releases could be
        - stray trailing single-quote in example config

0.01    2010-04-14
        Initial version developed.