Revision history for DBIx-TableLoader-CSV

1.102     2013-01-04T05:35:16Z

  - Add 'file_encoding' and 'file_open_layers' options
    for customizing the way the csv file is opened.

1.101     2012-12-07T00:51:02Z

  - Bump DBIx::TableLoader prereq to 1.100 to ensure rollback after error.

1.100     2012-11-23T22:23:04Z

  [Backward Incompatible Bug Fix]
  - Text::CSV errors are now explicitly checked when creating the object
    and after the last row is returned to ensure the whole file was read.
    This was an unfortunate oversight and deemed a dangerous bug since
    a CSV parse failure simply stops returning rows early.
    Now instead this will die with the message from Text::CSV->error_diag.
    This was deemed an acceptable backward incompatibility since only
    parsing half of the CSV would not usually be desired
    and there are other ways the module could die()
    (and so you should be ready to handle exceptions appropriately).
    Example errors include failure to open the file
    and if the parser is misconfigured or the CSV malformed
    and the wrong number of columns was returned.
    If you don't want this behavior (die on parser error)
    and are willing to accept only a portion of the CSV
    you can set (ignore_csv_errors => 1) in the constructor.

1.003     2011-07-14T23:35:33Z

  - Make SQLite test a regular test rather than an author test
  - Superficial dist/release changes

1.002     2011-03-02T14:11:30Z

  - No module changes
  - Bug fix in test scripts: skip subtest if csv_class does not load

1.001     2011-03-01T14:14:08Z

  - No module changes
  - Bug fix in test scripts: Use globref instead of arrayref in mocked object
    and confirm that we are testing with Text::CSV_XS and Text::CSV_PP

1.000     2011-02-28T04:16:28Z

  - Initial release