Revision history for DBIx-Class-Fixtures

1.001039  2017-09-25 14:15:55+00:00 UTC

- remove trailing comma in tests that was breaking on most JSON parsers.

1.001038  2017-09-20 21:13:13+00:00 UTC

- stop sorting source names before dumping, this allows for some hackery when you need certain sources to dump first (see for details) (cngarrison++)
- doc patch for exclude attr (simbabque++)

1.001037  2017-09-20 20:42:03+00:00 UTC

- ignore virtual columns in dump_object (mmims++)

1.001036  2016-03-21 14:59:55+00:00 UTC

- releasing as stable

1.00103_5 2016-03-11 20:39:49+00:00 UTC (TRIAL RELEASE)

- Will completely ignore sequences in Oracle due to having to drop and recreate them

1.001034  2016-01-05 15:05:26+00:00 UTC

1.00103_3 2015-12-08 16:33:56+00:00 UTC (TRIAL RELEASE)

- RT#108017 bugfix ( hatorikibble++ )
- added File::Temp to deps ( hatorikibble++ )

1.001032  2015-06-04 15:03:38+00:00 UTC

- releasing as stable

1.001_031 2015-05-27 14:54:24+00:00 UTC (TRIAL RELEASE)

- Fix for an issue where when inserting data into a database,
    the tables were being sorted alphabetically, rather than in dependency order. ( TBSliver++ )

1.001_030 2015-05-27 14:43:34+00:00 UTC (TRIAL RELEASE)

- use Test::TempDir::Tiny for better test parallelization and cleanup ( RsrchBoy++ )

1.001_029 2015-01-14 15:17:28+00:00 Europe/London

- fix for bugtracker pointing to gh, should be rt, added test to identify windows issues

1.001028  2015-01-05 00:40:41+00:00 Europe/London

- releasing as stable

1.001027_02 2014-12-30 19:50:50+00:00 Europe/London

- changed tests to use portable directory management

1.001027_01 2014-12-26 17:06:08+00:00 Europe/London

- Fix fixture filenames to be compatible with ntfs systems - mrf++

1.001026  2014-12-01 16:43:10+00:00 Europe/London

- bugfix: not relying on $src->from to be a string anymore, use $src->name or $src->source_name. mrf++

1.001025  2014-11-30 00:58:13+00:00 Europe/London

- optimization: add empty string as second arg to encode_base64 - rammo++

1.001024  2014-08-15 13:55:57+01:00 Europe/London

-  Missing test dependency added

1.001023  2014-08-13 22:20:17+01:00 Europe/London
- No change from last version

- add in option use_find_or_create

- Applied patch to solve issue when trying to copy fixtures across volumes

- Bumped some dependencies to stop cpan tester fails.

- Fixed issue when using fixtures and parallel testing (such as prove -j9 ...)

- Reduced the size of a PK in the fixtures to stop (hopefully) some occasional
  error reports

- POD fixes (justin hunter++)
- Changed the test suite so it doesn't mindlessly break with the changes
  introduced by DBIC 0.08200 (nerox++ for bug report).

- Support more Postgresql types for datetime_relative (added TIME, DATE,
- If $result_source->column_info defines a sequence, make sure we properly
  set that sequence to whatever the max value currently is.

- ::External::File makes the path if its missing

- Allow you to perform value substitutions inside config-sets
- Added a framework to allow you to backup / restore data external to the
  database as part of your fixtures.  Added an external handler for File
  based data, and docs and tests for this.

- fixed functionality in last release by more deeply cloning parameters, which
  prevents bad things when parameters get deleted in the wrong places.  Also
  be sure we clear state properly after a dump.

- Added new method 'available_config_sets' which returns and caches a list of
  all the json set configs found in the 'config_dir' directory.  This was added
  to make it easier when you need to dump all the fixtures programatically.
- Added method 'dump_config_sets' to let you dump more than one set at a time
  more easily
- Added method 'dump_all_config_sets' which helps automate dumping all your
  current config sets to a directory.

- Added an excludes resultsource option to the ->dump({all=>1,...}) feature
- Allow you to directly set a configuration via a Perl HashRef instead of a
  JSON file.  Useful for testing and when you have simple or generated configs.
- New option to force use of ->create rather than ->populate.
- Fixed a bug in the test suite that would fail on certain JSON parsers

- Fixed docs to use double quotes which is valid JSON

- Force operations to work inside a transaction so with_deferred_fks actually works.

- Man, I should test better.

- Should use Schema->source(), not ->resultset().

- Schema->resultset() throws an exception, not return undef, when it can't find
  a moniker.

- Fixed problem where rules containing an override of has_many weren't applied

- Fixed problem where descending a has_many to something with two belongs_to
  relationships wouldn't get the second belongs_to.

- Fix t/var/configs/*.json to use valid JSON syntax
- Fixed DateTime::Format dependencies

- Allow passing schema object to ->populate
- Check that fixture population dir was created

- debug defaults to 0 rather than undef
- cleanup only deletes what's necessary
- added db specific dbi files so that postgres can use deferrable

- Added includes functionality
- Added post_ddl and cascade attributes to populate (Drew Taylor)
- Scalar refs in cond clauses handled in sets as well as fetches (Sebastian Willert)
- Directory separators in primary keys do not cause a crash (Sebastian Willert)
- Optimised populate to take advantage of insert_bulk (Drew Taylor)

- Added missing deps

- Released