Revision history for Perl extension DBIx::Admin::TableInfo.

3.03  2016-09-04T11:17:00
	- Add scripts/
	- Adopt new repo structure. This includes changing the licence from Artistic to Perl. See

3.02  2015-02-18T16:32:00
	- Switch from Text::TabularDisplay to Text::Table::Manifold.
	- Add scripts/, to demonstrate outputting in a github-compatible format.
	- Remove all references to mysql_* hash keys in scripts/*.pl.

3.01  2015-01-27T11:10:00
	- Add scripts/, which uses Text::TabularDisplay for nice boxed-with-ASCII rendering.
	- Reformat the docs and this file to be <= 100 chars per line. My new standard.
	- Add link to github repo in docs, Build.PL and Makefile.PL.
	- Add LICENSE from github to MANIFEST.

3.00  2014-08-06T09:45:00
	- Change the internal data structure returned by method info(), where it pertains to foreign
		keys. The old code returned a hashref $$info{$table_name}{foreign_keys}{$foreign_table}.
		This is a bug, since it limits the code to one relationship between $table_name and
		$foreign_table. Consider this SQL: create table people(id $primary_key, ...);
		And: create table spouses(id $primary_key, person_id integer not null references people(id),
			spouse_id integer not null references people(id) ).
		Here we have 2 foreign keys in the same ('spouses') table, both pointing to the 'people'
		table. So the hashref has become an arrayref. This affects GraphViz2::DBI, and of course any
		other module using DBIx::Admin::TableInfo. Hence the version # change from 2.* to 3.*.
	- Add xt/author/person.spouse.t to test the new code.
	- Expand the FAQ.
	- Update docs for method info(), and in reference to versions of MySQL, Pg and SQLite tested.
	- Remove docs for DBD::mysql V 3.

2.12  2014-07-22T18:34:00
	- Change the licence (sic) statement in DBIx::Admin::TableInfo to say 'The Artistic License 2.0'
		rather than just 'The Artistic License'. See RT#97392. Thanx to Petr Pisar for the report.

2.11  2014-03-10T13:30:55
	- Add Test::Version to the pre-reqs.

2.10  2014-03-06T09:45:07
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Spec::Changes.
	- Move t/pod.t to xt/author/.
	- Add t/version.t.
	- Rename t/test.t to t/load.t.
	- Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo. But not Moops - I don't need that level of complexity.
	- Fix retrieval of foreign keys under MySQL. In this case, the 'foreign_keys' key in the hashref
		returned by info() now points to a hashref whose keys are tables pointing to the given
		table. This is the same as for Postgres, etc. See the docs for details.
	- Add xt/author/create.analyze.t to explicitly add a table to the 'testdb' and report on it.
		It uses xt/author/dsn.ini to test MySQL, Pg and SQLite.

2.09  2013-03-21T13:16:00
	- Add $ENV{DBI_SCHEMA} to examples/
	- For the MusicBrainz database, use DBI_SCHEMA=musicbrainz,cover_art_archive,report,statistics.
		See for details.
		Users of cpanm will want 'cpanm Carton' instead of 'sudo cpan Carton' in Perl dependencies.
		See for details.

2.08  2013-03-14T15:02:00
	- Add Postgres to list of databases which have special tables skipped.
	- Extend to handle foreign keys in SQLite, using "pragma foreign_key_list($table_name)".
	- Add an FAQ to explain more about foreign keys and tables with special (i.e. ignored) names.
	- Rewrite to use Hash::FieldHash for class-building.
	- Use App::Office::Contacts to create 2 databases, one under Postgres and one under SQLite.
		Then run examples/ on these and save the output as
		docs/ and docs/contacts.sqlite.log.

2.07  Thu Jun  7  8:40:00 2012
	- 'Use Carp' in because with call croak().
		At least I had already put Carp in Build.PL and Makefile.PL.

2.06  2011-02-16T11:46:00
	- Replace /usr/bin/perl with /usr/bin/env perl.
	- Replace common::sense with use strict and use warnings, to get uninit var warnings.

2.05  2010-06-25T11:27:00
	- The META.yml file shipped with V 2.04 was faulty. My apologies.

2.04  2010-06-18T13:38:00
	- Test with Postgres V 08.03.1100 and DBD::Pg V 2.17.1.
	- With Postgres, note the fact that the 'table' parameter to table_info()
	  	   must now take the value '%' and not the value 'table'.
	- Test with MySql V 5.0.51a and DBD::mysql V 4.014.
	- With MySQL, create tables using these clauses: index, foreign key, engine.
	- Test with SQLite V 3.6.22 and DBD::SQLite V 1.29.
	- With SQLite, ignore table 'sqlite_sequence'.
	- Update docs in various ways.
	- Rename to

2.03  2010-02-21T12:54:56
	- Remove text 'All rights reserved' (for Debian licensing).
	- Remove POD heads 'Required Modules' and 'Changes'.
	- Replace personal doc root with /var/www.
	- Use namespace::autoclean with Moose.

2.02  2010-02-10T14:01:44
	- MANIFEST.SKIP updated to exclude MYMETA.yml. Add MYMETA.yml.

2.01  2009-11-13T13:20:00
	- Run dos2unix
	- Rename Changes.txt to CHANGES

2.00  2006-04-20T11:19:00
	- Add primary key info
	- Add foreign key info
	- Rename parameters to new():
		o table_catalog is now catalog
		o table_schema is now schema
		o column_catalog is now catalog
		o column_schema is now schema
	- Add parameters to new() to support Oracle:
		o table
		o type
	- Document parameter values for:
		o MS Access
		o MySQL
		o Oracle
		o PostgreSQL
	- Update docs
	- Rewrite examples/ to use Data::Dumper
	- Chop examples/test-table-info.cgi because it added nothing useful to the distro

1.03  2005-10-27T19:40:00
	- Simplify code in new() to no longer check if caller is an object
		as per the new standard on such matters
	- Regenerate META.yml with Module::Build V 0.2611 to correct a faulty
		META.yml output by V 0.24 which falsely said 'provides: {}',
		which in turn stopped the PAUSE indexer from finding the module file,
		which in turn meant this module might be omitted from the master index:

1.02  2004-07-19T14:43:00
	- Change Makefile.PL to coexist with Module::Build
	- Add comments to the POD about having tested against MySQL V 4, MS Access V 2 (sic) and MS
		Access 2002
	- Add t/pod.t to test all PODs

1.01  2004-03-03T10:08:41
	- Add method refresh() to re-create internal data by re-calling DBI's table_info().
		This has to be called after you change the database structure, eg by doing
		'drop table <some table>' or something similar

1.00  2004-01-21T12:37:29
	- Original version