0.601  2012-09-19  brian m. carlson <brian.carlson@cpanel.net>
    - Fix CVE-2012-2143.

0.600  2011-07-20  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Add support for Apache's apr1 crypt scheme.
    - Fix warnings about conversion from char* to unsigned char*
      in md5_append() calls.

0.507  2011-03-09  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Prefixed all implemetations of underlying crypt C functions with cpx_
      to avoid conflicts with libc builtin versions.

0.506  2011-03-08  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Fix handling of undef values passed in for plaintext or salt
    - Improve test output
    - Update DES crypt to convert single character salts to two character salts

0.505  2010-11-23  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Remove usage of stdbool.h to fix compile on Solaris

0.504  2010-11-19  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Fix compile of sha512crypt.c on systems with no uintptr_t type

0.503  2010-11-17  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Fix Win32 build, thanks toddr (rt 63098)

0.502  2010-11-17  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Remove usage of strpncpy() from sha256crypt.c and sha512crypt.c
    - Remove usage of stdint.h from sha256crypt.c and sha512crypt.c

0.501  2010-11-16  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Remove useless include of crypt.h in des.c
    - Remove usage of mempcpy() from sha256crypt.c and sha512crypt.c
    - Remove usage of __stpncpy from sha512crypt.c
    - Update Makefile.PL
    - Fix byte order detection
    - Fix typo in POD example
    - Fix test messages is 05_combined.t

0.4  2010-11-09  John Lightsey <jd@cpanel.net>
    - Initial public release