Changelog for Config-INI

0.025     2014-11-16 14:29:37-05:00 America/New_York
        - run preprocess_line before can_ignore
        - bump up required Mixin::Linewise to help out Win32 users

0.024     2014-04-05 21:31:54-04:00 America/New_York
        - MIGHT BREAK YOUR CODE (but probably won't):
          handle_unparsed_line now receives its arguments in reversed order
        - new methods exist and more methods now receive the filehandle to make
          subclassing more flexible

0.023     2014-03-13 10:21:15+01:00 Europe/Paris
        - specify minimum Mixin::Linewise requirement (thanks, Andreas Koenig
          and Smylers)

0.022     2014-01-30 16:57:43-05:00 America/New_York
        - remove the last few places IO::String was used (thanks, Graham Knop)

0.021     2013-10-20 11:33:59 America/New_York
        - throw an exception if line 1 appears to start with a UTF-8 BOM
        - typo fixes in docs (thanks, David Steinbrunner!)

0.020     2013-07-01 21:30:50 America/New_York
          update bugtracker

0.019     2011-12-15 17:03:14 America/New_York
          provide handle_unparsed_line

0.018     2011-06-02 21:51:50 America/New_York
          bump up version of IO::File required (thanks, ABH!)

0.017     2010-12-11 10:20:34 America/New_York
          avoid test failures on Win32 by using . instead of TMPDIR
          for writing test files (thanks, Ahmad M. Zawawi)

0.016     2010-09-04
          add Mixin::Linewise to CARP_NOT -- better reporting of error location

0.015     2010-08-22
          documentation improvements (thanks, castaway)

0.014     2009-01-16
          add repo to metadata

0.013     2008-06-05
          refactored some of the read_* write_* stuff to Mixin::Linewise

0.012     2008-04-12
          BUG FIX: allow for different error message on cygwin

          fixed typo in docs (thanks HDP)

0.011     2007-11-19
          BUG FIX: "0" was not a valid section name

0.010     2007-11-04
          BUG FIX: detect when we're dumping something we won't be able to read
          BUG FIX: fix tests when is not available (pre-5.6)
            (thanks to CPAN tester srezic)
          DOCS: documentation of core file format in Config::INI

0.009     2007-11-01
          add placeholding Config::INI (content soon!)

0.008     2007-10-31
          update Module::Install

0.007     2007-08-21
          use in tests to avoid -r-related failures on Cygwin

0.006     2007-08-15
          use -T instead of -t in tests; -t is a perl 5.008 feature

0.005     2007-08-13
          add finalize method, lazy-load starting section method (this means
          that you can have starting_section die to prevent properties outside
          of explicity setting)

          added Config::INI::Writer (largely done by Florian Ragwitz)

          further improved subclassability of Reader (thanks again, Florian!)

0.004     2007-05-12
          fix asinine error in test, poorly adapted from Config::Tiny

0.003     2007-05-10
          first release