Revision history for Class-C3-Adopt-NEXT

0.14    2015-06-04 00:58:24Z
  * Switch from using List::MoreUtils to List::Util.

0.13    2010-05-07 20:49:46Z
  * Stop shipping some author tests, so users stupid enough to run them won't
    spam me with fail reports.

0.12    2009-06-08 12:16:34Z
  * Update copyright notice.
  * A couple of pod whitespace changes.

0.11    2009-05-19 17:34:17Z
  * Change wording of warning to be more clear.

0.10    2009-05-12 11:23:52Z
  * Depend on Test::Exception 0.27 to avoid breaking tests on older versions
    (Closes: RT#45986).

0.09    2009-04-28 22:14:58Z
  * Rewrite a chunk of the documentation to be more clear, and also to beter
    cater for our primary audience (people being linked from Catalyst).
    Based on feeback from kiffin.

0.08    2009-04-22 03:19:48Z
  * Add additional example for doc for converting from NEXT, to help out
    lazy people who only read the verbatim sections (abraxxa).

0.07    2009-02-19 00:44:43Z
  * Add ability to disable warnings for an entire set of modules using a
  * Change warnings to use the caller instead of the class name of the
    instance so that warnings are reported on the class which actually
    uses NEXT, not the class which inherits from it.

0.06    2008-12-24 23:15:14Z
  * Update documentation.

0.05    2008-12-20 15:04:48Z
  * Upgrade Module::Install::ExtraTests to 0.006. This makes things work on
    Win32 again (closes RT#41817).
  * Update warning to be more eloquent.
  * Document warnings.
  * Implement a -no_warn import switch to turn of warnings locally.

0.04    2008-12-07 00:11:59Z
  * Install our hacked version of NEXT::AUTOLOAD into NEXT::ACTUAL::AUTOLOAD
    too. This makes us work with NEXT 0.61, which doesn't do all of its magic
    in NEXT::AUTOLOAD anymore (closes RT#41467).

0.03    2008-12-05 21:53:48Z
  * Make the tests work with the error message produced by the pure-perl
    Class::C3 (RT#41460).
  * Use MRO::Compat instead of Class::C3 directly.

0.02    2008-12-02 14:41:39Z
  * Depend on Test::Exception.
  * Fix some test fails on perls with different c3 diagnostics.

0.01    2008-12-01 18:54:51Z
  * Initial release.