0.05 - 2008-02-24 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp
 * Derived classes can include custom arguments that will be included in the
   $self hash if they wrap new(). This allows custom parameters to be passed
   from the subclass into a declare { ... } block.
 * Added the conclude_with() declaration that is basically the same as
   generate_from(), but is executed by Perl's internal require handler from the
   stub file returned from _sub_file_handle(). This can be used to avoid certain
   kinds of loops that can occur if the class being required is required again
   by a piece of code that needs to execute to build the class. (See
   documentation for an example).
 * Added documentation and tests for the conclude_with() declaration.

0.04 - 2008-02-24 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

 * Added the next_rule and last_rule statements to skip out from the middle of a
   generates { ... } block.
 * Added tests, documentation, etc. for these statements.

0.03 - 2008-02-23 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

 * Added the declare { ... } statement for mapping rules into class loader
 * Added and updated tests and internals to support this change in the API.

0.02 - 2008-02-23 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

 * Added the "match_only" option to the constructor.
 * Added the autogenerated() method for checking whether a given module name was
   automatically generated by a Class::AutoGenerate class loader.
 * Added the autogenerator_of() method for finding the class loader that was
   used to generate a given module.
 * Added tests for the "match_only" option and new autogenerated() and
   autogenerator_of() methods.

0.01 - 2007-12-09 Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

 * Initial release of Class::AutoGenerate