Revision history for Perl module CPAN-Mini-Webserver

0.58      2012-07-09 14:34:58 Europe/Berlin
     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - specified File::Path version dependency because some versions don't
       have remove_tree

0.57      2011-09-21 19:21:22 Europe/Berlin
     - rerelease to hopefully fix the worldwritables problem

0.56      2011-09-21 16:40:36 Europe/Berlin
     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - added Lingua::StopWords to dependencies (thanks to DOY)

     [ CHANGES ]
     - dzilified distribution

0.55      2011-09-16 13:48:56 Europe/Berlin
     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - added Search::Tokenizer to dependencies (thanks to Brian Cassidy)

0.54      2011-09-12 22:20:39 Europe/Berlin
     - added cache dir option, configurable via cpan mini config file
     - added global base url option, configurable via cpan mini config file
     - added optional fulltext indexing of the cpan mirror
     - added an option to switch off display of non-POD data
     - added a list of module links to the distribution page
     - enabled generation of TOC for the module pages
     - added autocomplete to the search field when full text search is active
     - added optional indexing of subroutines and restriction of search to subs

     [ CHANGES ]
     - moved some dist tarball interrogation functions out to

     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - indexer now does unique filtering only after lowercasing
     - only try to show an author url if there is one
     - link to the test matrix domain proper instead of slaven's script on bbbike
     - fixed some templates so the body actually wraps around the content
     - trying to load the page of a package that cannot be found now results in
       a proper not found page, instead of a crash

0.53 Wed Aug 24 14:20:00 GMT 2011
     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - updated PreReqs so installation goes fine

0.52 Sat Aug 15 14:07:00 GMT 2011
     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - utf8 in file downloads is now transferred in binary mode
     - CPAN::Mini mirrors with 00whois.xml do not cause a crash anymore

     [ CHANGES ]
     - requests to unknown dists in file downloads now generated better
       error messages
     - Rewrote parts of the documentation to be easier readable.

0.51 Sat Jan 12 16:42:55 GMT 2011
     - the display of recently added dists on the frontpage is now limited
       to 20 entries
     - changed the formatting of the depencency list on dist pages to be
       more readable
     - updated the stylesheet to the latest version

     [ BUGFIXES ]
     - the server does not crash anymore while loading a dist that has
       dependencies that are unknown to the server
     - selecting the target for a package page is now a bit less naive so
       duplicate files don't cause wrong pages to be loaded. RT 44196

     [ CHANGES ]
     - using Capture::Tiny now instead of IO::Capture

     - Perl::Tidy and various git preparations applied
     - some refactorings to a more MVC-like structure and to remove some
       performance-problematic algorithms

0.50 Sat Jan 12 16:37:15 GMT 2011
     - enabled use of the checksum files to get file dates
     - switched out the self-built mini cpan with ANDK's
     - handling of link generation for cpan ids with missing mail entries
       degrades gracefully now

0.49 Sat Jan 12 14:59:24 GMT 2011
     - updated manifest to include test files in dist

0.48 Sat Jan 12 12:52:57 GMT 2011
     - tests now come with their own CPAN::Mini and stay in the test dir

0.47 Sat Jan 11 23:00:00 GMT 2011
     - fixed redirect urls on windows

0.46 Sat Jan 11 22:15:48 GMT 2011
     - removed dependency on Perl6::Say
     - generated internal links now have an implicit path

0.45 Wed Apr  8 14:54:22 BST 2009
     - show recent changes with modern CPAN::Mini
     - auto focus search box on homepage (patch by mintywalker)
     - display 'repository' metadata (patch by tokuhirom)

0.44 Sat Mar 28 11:19:48 GMT 2009
     - autogenerate the CSS and Images template files
     - use Text::Unidecode so that searching for Leon Brocard works
     - fix bug to do with "buffy -test" not showing modules

0.43 Thu Sep 18 17:14:50 BST 2008
     - add an abstract to the Makefile.PL
     - add a human-readable license
     - make the Makefile.PL non-executable

0.42 Sun Sep  7 09:31:44 BST 2008
     - add a documentation section to the distribution page
       (patch by tokuhirom)
     - hide sections on the distribution page without any content

0.41 Thu Aug 28 15:39:02 BST 2008
     - drop the header font size a little
     - refactored out a bunch of methods, turned into calls to
       direct_to_template (patch by markf)
     - remove useless commented out code (patch by markf)
     - correct out of date comment (patch by markf)
     - refactored the skipping into the WebserverTester, avoided
       starting the webserver twice in simple.t, made simple.t
       ascii not utf8 (patch by markf)
     - view anything.PL as raw. This is because we want Makefile.PL
       and Build.PL marked up as perl, not viewed as pod (patch
       by markf)
     - unbreak bonjour publishing (patch by miyagawa)
     - move the archive code into Archive::Peek and require it, with
       the bonus of being able to explore distributions which are
       packaged as .zip files

0.40 Fri Aug 22 09:24:54 BST 2008
     - improve the test suite (patch by markf)
     - detect installed modules properly (patch by rjbs)
     - index CamelCase distributions and modules so that you can
       search for both "camel", "case" and "camelcase"
     - use PAUSE names if 00whois.xml is mirrored (patch by martijn)
     - add info like email/homepage and some links to other
       cpan-related pages for the author (patch by martijn)
     - make an empty search give "No results found", rather than
       an error (noticed by corion)
     - make the webserver work as a local CPAN mirror so that you can
       point CPAN or CPANPLUS at it (idea by markf)
     - refactor downloading distributions to use the CPAN codepath

0.39 Tue Aug 19 08:27:37 BST 2008
     - make a single key from the license text and the license url
       from resources instead of displaying both seperately (patch
       by martijn)
     - sort dependencies
     - narrow down the search results based on educated guesses based
       on the search query (patch by martijn)
     - use Archive::Tar if installed, otherwise external tar
       (patch by corion)
     - display the installed version of a distribution (patch by
     - add an "Install" button, very alpha (patch by corion)
     - make /dist/Some-Distname work and extract redirect and 404
       support into their own methods (patch by jesse)
     - a more CPAN::Mini::Webserver specific banner at startup
       (patch by jesse)
     - extract the code used to render an item in the distro list
       and remove redundant filename prefix (patch by jesse)
     - require Parse::CPAN::Packages 2.28 to reduce warnings (patch
       by tokuhirom)
     - take 'use CPAN::Mini::Webserver' out of eval() so the
       compliation failure is more obvious and doesn't cause issues
       (patch by miyagawa)
     - add links to cpantesters, cpanforum, cpanratings and RT
       (patch by martijn)
     - while showing distribution, split up files into categories
       (patch by martijn)
     - encode images with Base64 and ship the pod test

0.38 Mon Aug 18 09:15:25 BST 2008
     - fix bug which repeated metadata (spotted by claes)
     - remove unnecessary "use Term::ProgressBar::Quiet;"

0.37 Fri Aug 15 09:37:46 CEST 2008
     - show metadata on distribution pages (patch by martijn)
     - port can now be configured with --port command line option
       (thanks to tokuhirom, miyagawa, martijn)
     - does Bonjour publishing if HTTP::Server::Simple::Bonjour is
       installed (miyagawa)
     - added /download links to individual files and tarballs
       (thanks to miyagawa)
     - highlight perl files in lib, t and hide files in inc
       (thanks to tokuhirom)

0.36 Thu Aug 14 16:20:53 CEST 2008
     - improve searching, you can now search for "buffy -test"
     - make links to modules in the pod and source point back
       to minicpan_webserver instead of to
       (patch by martijn)
     - make code highlighting darker
     - change the port to 2963 (thanks to clkao)
     - syntax highlight *.t files (thanks to mfowler)

0.35 Tue Aug 12 07:30:28 BST 2008
     - remove failing pod.t test due to bugs in Pod::Simple
       (spotted by rsavage)
     - handle *.tgz as well as *.tar.gz (patch by rsavage)

0.34 Fri Aug  8 18:00:32 BST 2008
     - mention the subversion repository and the mailing list
     - require Template::Declare 0.29 (spotted by evdb)
     - require HTTP::Server::Simple 0.34 (spotted by ranguard)
     - added favicon
     - hide POD errors
     - add an opensearch plugin (such as Firefox's search bar)
     - skip tests unless there is an existing mirror
     - fix package links to go to a best-guess filename (and tests)

0.33 Fri Aug  8 08:00:12 BST 2008
     - require at least CPAN::Mini 0.565 as we need CPAN::Mini::App
       (noticed by bricas)
     - glob the local directory name (like CPAN::Mini does) to make
       ~/my-little-cpan work (patch by Andy Armstrong)

0.32 Sat Aug  2 19:27:12 BST 2008
     - initial release