Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Snapp::Dispatch.

2.00  2016-09-04T12:10:00
	- Hash::FieldHash has been replaced by Moo.
		By default Moo has no XS. And since Hash::FieldHash had an XS component, this switch to Moo
		may help some users there too.
		Also note, from the Moo docs: 'If a new enough version of Class::XSAccessor is available,
		it will be used ...'.
	- Add github repo.
	- Adopt new repo structure. This includes changing the licence from Artistic to Perl. See
	- Adopt patch to t/lib/CGI/Snapp/Dispatch/RunScript from twata. See RT#81241. With thanx.
		V 2.00 is being released because this new version of was inserted into
		CGI::Snapp but not into CGI::Snapp::Dispatch at the same time. See RT#118198 and RT#118198.

1.05  Wed Feb 18 16:32:00 2015
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes.

1.04  Tue Aug 20 12:49:00 2013
	- Switch from Test::More.is_deeply() to Test::Deep.cmp_deeply().
		This is to avoid hash key randomization issues.

1.03  Wed Jun 12 09:16:00 2013
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.
	- Fix use statement in t/logs.t which referred to CGI::Snapp::RunScript when it should have been
		CGI::Snapp::Dispatch::RunScript. It's under the t/ directory, and so is not installed.
	- Update pre-req to CGI::Snapp V 1.04.

1.02  Sat Nov 17 10:31:00 2012
	- Use File::Spec -> catfile('t', '') instead of 't/' in tests.
	- Update pre-req to CGI::Snapp V 1.03.

1.01  Tue Sep 18 11:23:00 2012
	- Make CGI::Snapp V 1.02 the pre-req, up from V 1.01.
	- Remove CGI::PSGI from the pre-reqs, now that it's properly a pre-req for CGI::Snapp, as it
		should have been all along.

1.00  Sun Apr  8 10:40:00 2012
	  - Original version