Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Snapp.

2.01  2016-09-11T11:01:00
	- Add the directory of the new version of CGI::Snapp (i.e. ./lib) to the @INC used by
		"$^X $script" (in t/lib/CGI/Snapp/ by changing that string to
		"$^X -Ilib $script". This stops the tests defaulting to any version of CGI::Snapp
		already installed, and thus forces all tests run by t/test.t to use this new version.
		I found this issue by eventually noticing that in my conversion from Hash::FieldHash to
		Moo I had installed a faulty copy of CGI::Snapp whose default value of send_output was
		0 instead of 1. Only by deleting the installed version and manually running some tests
		both via 'prove -lv ...' and via 'perl -Ilib ...' did I find the typo.

2.00  2016-09-04T12:10:00
	- Hash::FieldHash has been replaced by Moo.
		By default Moo has no XS. And since Hash::FieldHash had an XS component, this switch to Moo
		may help some users there too.
		Also note, from the Moo docs: 'If a new enough version of Class::XSAccessor is available,
		it will be used ...'.
	- Adopt new repo structure. This includes changing the licence from Artistic to Perl. See
	- Adopt patch to t/lib/CGI/Snapp/RunScript from twata. See RT#81241. With thanx.

1.08  2013-08-29T17:17:00
	- Update pre-reqs in general, and in particular for Proc::Fork (0.71 to 0.802).
		The aim here is to attack the problem Alexandr is having with the tests hanging under MS Windows.
	- Use Data::Dumper::Concise and uncomment all the 'diag' calls in t/, in case I need the output
		to diagnose the random failures on recent Perls, which Andreas thinks are related to hash
		randomization issues. I would be a great relief to understand exactly what this problem really is.

1.07  2013-08-28T14:30:00
	- t/test.t: Clean up usage of arrayref 'v' array, to make test more reliable.
		Thanx to Alexandr Ciornii. See RT#81241.
	- t/ Sort all hashes (yes, keys and values) and arrays to make comparisons more reliable
		in the presence of hash key randomization, even with Test::Deep's cmp_deeply.
		This has been causing ocassional test failues for CPAN testers.
		Thanx to Andreas Koenig.

1.06  2013-08-20T12:30:00
	- Switch from Test::More.is_deeply() to Test::Deep.cmp_deeply().
		This is to avoid hash key randomization issues.

1.05  2013-06-13T12:44:00
	- Patch t/test.t so that when Test::Pod is not installed, we expect 0 test results from t/pod.t.

1.04  2013-06-12T16:38:00
	- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.
	- Add a test of add_header() to t/
	- Update corresponding test count in t/test.t.
	- Change sub log():
		From: $myself -> logger -> $level($s)        if ($myself && $myself -> logger)
		To:   $myself -> logger -> log($level => $s) if ($myself && $myself -> logger)
		The reason for this is that if your logger is derived from another class or role, that class
		or role had to provide not just the log() method, but all of debug(), info(), notice(), warning(),
		warn(), error(), err(), critical(), crit(), alert(), emergency() and emerg(), just in case any
		of them are needed.
		I should not have used that design, because it forces other code to provide too much complexity.
	- Update licence to perl_5. See
	- Add a note to the POD for header_type(), about the HTTP status being set to 200 when the header type
		has been set to 'none'.
	- Add a note to the FAQ about explicitly outputting a header when using Ajax (at least with jQuery).

1.03  2012-11-17T10:31:00
	- Use File::Spec -> catfile('t', '') instead of 't/' in tests.
		This should solve RT#81241 reported by CHORNY under MS Windows.

1.02  2012-09-17T11:38:00
	- Add CGI::PSGI to the pre-reqs (Andreas Koenig).
	- Change (in Build.PL) configure_requires{Module::Build} from 0.3800 to 0, after adapting advice from
		 Andreas Koenig.
	- Roll the source of CGI::Snapp::Plugin::Forward into CGI::Snapp.
		See also t/forward.t and t/lib/CGI/Snapp/
		Update docs.
	- Roll the source of CGI::Snapp::Plugin::Redirect into CGI::Snapp.
		See also t/redirect.t and t/lib/CGI/Snapp/
		Update docs.

1.01  2012-04-08T10:40:00
	- Shift some code from run() into _determine_(cgi|psgi)_output().
	- Add PSGI-specific code, sub as_psgi(), and make some changes to run() using $self -> _psgi().
	- Add t/
	- Also test via CGI::Snapp::Dispatch's t/psgi.args.t.

1.00  2012-02-27T10:09:44
	- Original version