Revision history for Perl extension CGI::Session::MembersArea.

2.06  Sun Feb 21 12:54:44 2010
	- Remove text 'All rights reserved' (for Debian licensing).
	- Remove POD heads 'Required Modules' and 'Changes'.

2.05  Wed Feb 10 14:01:30 2010
	- MANIFEST.SKIP updated to exclude MYMETA.yml. Add MYMETA.yml.

2.04  Fri Nov 13 13:20:00 2009
	- Run dos2unix
	- Rename Changes.txt to CHANGES

2.03  Tue Mar 25 14:21:00 2008
    - Add DBI to Build.PL and Makefile.PL

2.02  Thu Oct 27 19:40:00 2005
	- Simplify code in new() to no longer check if caller is an object
		as per the new standard on such matters
	- Regenerate META.yml with Module::Build V 0.2611 to correct a faulty
		META.yml output by V 0.24 which falsely said 'provides: {}',
		which in turn stopped the PAUSE indexer from finding the module file,
		which in turn meant this module might be omitted from the master index:

2.01  Mon Jul 19 14:43:00 2004
	- Change Makefile.PL to coexist with Module::Build
	- Add t/pod.t to test all PODs

2.00  Fri Apr 16 13:43:00 2004
	- Chop all references to CGI::Session. Putting this module into production exposed the
		reality that it was way too complex, so I've refactored it on the assumption that
		the code using this module will also use CGI::Session. Hence, the code to save the
		user's profile into a database via CGI::Session is assumed to be elsewhere in your
		program and not in this module
	- Chop object attributes with these names:
		o session_attributes
		o session_driver
		o session_id_name
		o session_timeout
	- Chop parameter to sub new() with this name:
		o session_driver
	- Chop sub id()
	- Chop sub param()
	- Change the return values for sub init() to now be one of:
		o $profile, a hash ref
		o undef
	- Add to docs a note on how to handle the case where you do not wish to have an
		input field for 'resource'
	- Various clean up within the docs

1.11  Tue Apr 13 15:10:00 2004
	- Fix a typo in method load_profile. A hash key had a double underscore prefix instead of a single underscore

1.10  Tue Apr 13 13:29:29 2004
	- Bump the version number all the way from 1.00 to 1.10 to help warn users of the changes, particularly the
		changes in the names of 2 database columns in the 'user' table
	- Add 'use DBI;' to the list of used modules
	- Rename the 'user_name' column in the 'user' table to 'user_full_name'
	- Rename the 'user_name_key' column in the 'user' table to 'user_full_name_key'. These 2 column name changes,
		together, should make things clearer
	- Add a parameter called 'session_full_name_column' to the constructor so you can use a table with a column
		called something other than the (new) name 'user_full_name'
	- Rename the constructor parameter called 'session_username_column' to be 'session_key_name_column'. The default
		value of this parameter is 'user_full_name_key'
	- Change the 3 calls to the CGI object's method 'param'. Sometimes, when the value of a CGI form field is undef,
		and the CGI object's method 'param' is being called as part of the parameter list of some method, does
		not return undef, it actually deletes one (1) parameter from the parameter list, so all remaining parameters
		get shifted down one place
	- Add a key called 'full_name' to the profile returned by the 'load_profile' method
	- Flag Javascript::MD5 as a related module, not a required module
	- Properly document - in the POD and here - the keys to the profile returned by the 'load_profile' method
	- Clean up and clarify various other parts of the docs
	- Patch the demo in examples/ to match these changes
	- Summary of changes
		Old                      New                       Role
		-                        session_full_name_column  Parameter to new()
		session_username_column  session_key_name_column   Parameter to new()
		user_name                user_full_name            Column in table user
		user_name_key            user_full_name_key        Column in table user
		-                        full_name                 Key in profile
		resource                 resource                  Key in profile (no change)
		username                 username                  Key in profile (no change)
		password                 password                  Key in profile (no change)

1.00  Fri Mar  5 12:37:29 2004
	- Original version