Revision history for CGI::Inspect. See Changes-darcs or the main repository for
a detailed list of internal changes.

Version 0.05 (released 2009.06.26)
  * Turn on persistent tree state for the callstack
  * Update hello demo
  * Improve error checking
  * Make lexical editing work for regular hashes and arrays
  * Remove some cruft

Version 0.04 (released 2009.06.06)
  * Update documentation
  * Update CallStack plugin, now includes editability
  * Add experimental CGI::Inspect::Here
  * Teach the REPL to deal without lexicals
  * Print plugin load errors to STDERR

Version 0.03 (released 2009.06.04)
  * Add missing files

Version 0.02 (released 2009.05.30)
  * Renamed to CGI::Inspect
  * Significantly refactored to be lighter
  * Only simple REPL and simple StackTrace plugins for now
  * Added DIE handler to auto-start

Version 0.01 (released 2008.10.14)
  * Initial release, just to get it out there
  * Includes JS and image dependencies