Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-REST

0.3     Fri Mar  6 16:49:50 EST 2015

        Many changes suggested by

        * Change error status 400 No Dispatch Table to 500
        * Include function name in error status 501 message.
        * Do not set up a default route that calls dump_html()
        * Add support for the OPTIONS HTTP method.
        * Add function rest_route_info() which gives some information
          about the current route.
        * Change route info given in C::A::P::DevPopup support to show the
          route as originally specified not its' regexp transformation.
        * Document using '' as a base route with no trailing /
        * rest_error_mode() handlers receive the value of $@ as a parameter.
        * When the client does not provide an HTTP Accept header, try and
          see if there is a handler for */* before giving 415 error status.

0.2     Fri Oct 15 07:14:00 EDT 2010
        Added a rest_resource() function to create an entire set of routes
        in one go.

0.11    Mon Oct 11 21:33:30 EDT 2010
        Added C::A::P::DevPopup to the build requirements as it is
        needed for t/devpopup.t.

0.1     Sun Oct 10 04:57:56 EDT 2010
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.