Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-General

0.08    2009-10-25
        - fixed test that broke due to change introduced into 
          version 3.11.  (RT #19758).

        - Changes of interest to module maintainers only:
          - switched to using MANIFEST.SKIP
          - fixed the makedocs script to work with more recent pod2html
          - source repo now on github:

0.07    2005-07-30
        - added pointer to CGI::Application::Plugin::Config::Context,
          which supercedes this module
        - minor documentation fixes

0.06    2005-03-15 (unreleased)
        - added some docs regarding the file caching system
        - improved performance of the caching system by switching
          from File::Spec->rel2abs() to Cwd::abs_path()
          (seems the former uses Cwd::cwd which spawns /bin/pwd)

0.05    2005-03-08
        - fixed the strategy used to determine the module name - now you
          can initialize the config object method in a superclass of the
          web application, but App and AppMatch will still correctly
          match on the package name of the actual web application.

0.04    2005-01-30
        - fixed some documentation errors

0.03    2005-01-29
        - added missing prerequisites

0.02    2005-01-29
        - added some more tests to increase coverage
        - Changed to Module::Build
        - first CPAN release

0.01    2005-01-27
        - First version