Revision history for CGI-Application-Plugin-Config-Context

0.18    2005-Nov-16
        - there are no code changes to the module itself in this
          release.  The only changes are to the test suite.
        - fixed a bug in 07-nested.t revealed by CGI version 3.11
          (thanks to Ron Savage for helping track this down)
        - added some diagnostics to 11-file-caching.t, which still
          seems problematic on some setups.

0.17    2005-Nov-06
        - there are no code changes to the module itself in this
          release.  The only changes are to the test suite and
        - fixed documentation typo in Multiple named Configurations (Ron Savage)
        - fixed warnings about test XML files not having explicit
          character encodings (in newer versions of SAX::Parser::PurePerl)
        - fixed test failures on some platforms where Cwd::abs_path
          fails on a non-existent file
        - changed misc/ to misc/
        - changed t/skip_lib to t/prereq_scenarios

0.16    2005-Oct-05
        - removed an undocumented feature: the current configuration
          info was destroyed at teardown time.  While clever, this
          wasn't actually very useful, and it made some things
          impossible (such as accessing the config after the app ends).

0.15    2005-Aug-15
        - changed old error messages from CAP::CG to CAP::CC
        - fixed a bug in the tests for testing module prerequisites
        - it is now possible to run the test suite while simulating the
          absense of specific config modules.  To run the test suite
          multiple times (each with a different selection of absent
          modules), run:

             $ perl misc/ t/*.t

          To customize this process, see the instructions at the top of

0.13    2005-May-15
        - fixed Pod coverage test

0.12    2005-May-6
        - documentation fixes

0.11    2005-May-6
        - documentation fixes

0.10    2005-May-6
        - fixing misleading skip messages in tests

0.09    2005-May-4
        - minor doc bug (wrong version listed in readme)

0.08    2005-May-4
        - added test to verify Exporter::Renaming support
        - added CGI::Application as a prerequisite

0.07    2005-May-4
        - First version, based on CGI::Application::Plugin::Config::General 0.06