Revision history for Perl module Bot::Net

0.1.0 Tue Oct 23 11:38:09 2007
    * Fixed some issues remaining in parse_bot_command() of Bot::Net::Util.
    * Added requirements for Data::Remember 0.07 to take advantage of new
    * Added a warning to parse_bot_command() to report when it is given an empty
    * Bot::Net->log() returns a logger using the application class name rather
      than "Bot::Net" when given no arguments.
    * IRC servers may now include peer configurations so that you can have
      multiple servers working together in an single IRC network without any 
      special customizations.
    * Fixed missing requirements in Makefile.PL for POE::Component::IRC and
    * The process reaper in Bot::Net::Test works better when children are reaped
      at the end of a test run.
    * Altered the reaper messages so they don't include the wheel ID anymore.
    * Added support for the BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH environment variable which
      allows the person running the botnet script to select alternate locations
      for the configuration files.
    * Servers and bots spawned during testing by Bot::Net::Test will try to load
      configuration files in t/etc first.
    * Bot::Net::Log will also use BOT_NET_CONFIG_PATH when looking for the
      log4perl.conf file for initializing Log::Log4perl.

0.0.4 Sun Oct 14 18:55:51 2007
    * Modified Bot::Net::Test so that it waits for a SERVER READY message from
      all servers before starting bots and waits for a BOT READY message from all
      bots before starting the test (rather than hoping a 2 second delay between
      each phase will be good enough).
    * Updated Bot::Net::Mixin::Server::IRC to report a SERVER READY message.
    * Updated Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRC to report a BOT READY message.
    * Updated Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRCD to report a BOT READY message (though
      it's not actually necessary).
    * Added a hack to Bot::Net::Log to autoflush STDOUT and STDERR to make
      logging work for testing.

0.0.3 Thu Oct 11 0:51:30 2007
    * Fixed a missing semi-colon during the generation of the scaffolding's
      Makefile.PL in Bot::Net::Script::Net.
    * Refactored Bot::Net::Script::Server into a server creation script.
    * Fixed several compile errors and bugs in the server and bot creation
    * Added the ability for mixins to generate a default configuration for a bot
      or server via the default_configuration() hook.
    * Added Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRCD for creating server-side IRC bots that
      run within the same process as server implementing
    * Improved Bot::Net::Test so that it passes the current value of @INC to
      fork-exec'd servers and bots by setting PERL5LIB in the environment.
    * Fixed a number of warnings about undefined values.
    * Added new tests for server-side bots via the ServerBotted bot in TestNet
      and the AtoZ server-side IRC bot.

0.0.2 Wed Oct 10 8:24:23 2007
    * Improved Bot::Net::Script::Net to create the log4perl.conf correctly.
    * Refactored Bot::Net::Script::Bot to create new bots rather than run them
      which is taken care of by Bot::Net::Script::Run.
    * Fixed Bot::Net::Script::Net so that it creates "t" directories in new bot
      net applications.
    * Improved Bot::Net::Bot to push Bot::Net::Object onto the caller's @ISA
      during import.
    * Split Bot::Net::Server into two modules: Bot::Net::Server and
      Bot::Net::Mixin::Server::IRC, so it now more closely resembles the
      relationship between Bot::Net::Bot and Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRC.
    * Added a new net.yml setting: ApplicationName
    * Added a new set of states for handling graceful quits for bots and
      servers via the "on bot quit" and "on bot server" states.
    * Added better handling of total shutdown for bots and servers via the new
      "on bot shutdown" and "on server shutdown" states.
    * Added a default_configuration() method to allow mixins to help build a
      generic base configuration for new bots and test bots.
    * Added the ability to store the configuration in a package variable named
      $CONFIG as an alternative to a YAML configuration file.
    * Added Bot::Net::Test for helping built bot net application tests.
    * Added a t/TestNet/t/count.t test to the framework.
    * Some other clean-up, documentation updates, and minor fixes as well.

0.0.1 Sun Oct 7 20:07:47 2007
    * Initial release of Bot::Net.
    * This is a refactoring of a tool I used internally to build a nice bot net
      for synchronization. It still has some left overs from the old country
      that need to be brought into the new system fully, but the new system
      works and is superior to the old one.
    * Bot::Net class as the central singleton.
    * Bot::Net::Bot class as the main mixin implementation for building bots.
    * Bot::Net::Config class to load and find configuration files.
    * Bot::Net::Log class to handle loging via Log::Log4perl
    * Bot::Net::Message class for encapsulating bot messages.
    * Bot::Net::Mixin::Bot::IRC class for making IRC bots.
    * Bot::Net::Mixin class for building mixins to add features to bots and
    * Bot::Net::Object class to provide basic methods all over the place.
    * Bot::Net::Script class for command-line interface.
    * Bot::Net::Script::Bot class is broken (not fully refactored).
    * Bot::Net::Script::Help class to provide CLI help.
    * Bot::Net::Script::Net class to build scaffolding for Bot::Net apps.
    * Bot::Net::Script::Run class to run bots and servers.
    * Bot::Net::Script::Server class is broken (not fully refactored).
    * Bot::Net::Server class to build IRC servers (not fully refactored).
    * Bot::Net::Util class for miscellaneous stuff, currently contains a utility
      for parsing bot commands.
    * Comes with tests for dependencies, POD errors, and POD coverage.
    * Comes with a test application that is not yet complete.