0.142230  2014-08-11 10:05:24-05:00 America/Chicago

    * Initial release.
    * OFun::CodeName service adds the ability to give terms fun and exciting
      code names.
    * OFun::Dice provides a DND style dice role tool, coin flipping, a
      utility to choose N items from a list of items, and shuffle command..
    * OFun::Hailo provides your bot with the ability to spew back inane chatter.
    * OFun::Insult allows you to insult people, places, and things (or praise
      them if you prefer).
    * OFun::Karma tracks up-votes and down-votes in the channel so you can see
      how hated your most-hated-RDBMS is and how loved the funny people in your
      chat are.
    * Oh, and there are no tests. I'm evil. I know.