Revision history for Bio-EUtilities

1.75      2016-09-25 23:06:59-05:00 America/Chicago

1.74      2016-09-25 20:09:15-05:00 America/Chicago
  * NCBI related change from HTTP to HTTPS
  * Add preliminary 'idtype' attribute for some eutils, which will be
    needed for upcoming NCBI changes with migration of GI to Accession.Version
  * Remove usage of 'given' and 'when' which have been downgraded to
    experimental on perl 5.18.
  * Fixed released tarball so it installs its programs `bp_einfo` and

1.73      2013-09-08 22:17:18 America/Chicago
  * LWP::UserAgent is required for Bio::DB::EUtilities, now added
  * New script for download of all sequences from Entrez Gene queries

1.72      2012-01-17 22:12:06 America/Chicago
  * Add explicit prereqs
  * Migrate all tests from Bio::Root::Test, add Test::More as
    a build requirement, add helper module for test loading
  * Remove Data::Dumper from modules

1.71      2012-01-12 16:20:26 America/Chicago
  * Full release (no changes from previous release)

1.70      2012-01-12 14:38:27 America/Chicago
  * Trial release
  * Initial split from bioperl-live; history carried over [cjfields]
  * No changes from last BioPerl release beyond splitting off.