-*- change-log -*-

0.09	2014-08-08 rurban
	* fix Stats.xs for 5.6. no -Dv on 5.6, combine with -Dt instead
	* fix c_minus for 5.6. Needed to seperate $t Dump.
	* add missing Changes to MANIFEST

0.08	2014-06-06 rurban
	* fix overhead subtraction, and count OPCLASS at the end
	  just -E0 is still wrong, i.e. still gives the -E overhead
	* initialize empty B::Stats::Minus before overhead calc
	* change -fOP to -fBASEOP, -fPVOP to -fPVOP_OR_SVOP for consistency
	* add 3 missing op classes BASEOP_OR_UNOP FILESTATOP LOOPEXOP
	  (thanks bulk88 for issue #5)
	* print error on -t,-r, i.e. without -c and -e stats

0.07	2014-05-19 rurban
	* fix runtime stats (-r) to be meaningful/accurate, fixed various bugs (bulk88)
        * fixed initially computed B::Stats::Minus (windows quoting issue)
        * document new functions rcount_all() and reset_rcount()

0.06	2014-05-13 rurban
	* Win32 fixes by bulk88
	* stabilize B::Stats::Minus creation
	* replace each in walksymtable by foreach

0.05	2012-05-02 rurban
	* protect against empty B::Stats::Minus::overhead key warnings,
	when more op types are loaded at END than at COMPILE time.

0.04	2011-12-12 rurban
	* use run-time not begin-time %INC on -r or -e for files and lines.
	* fixed empty END runops loops caused by format
	* implemented -l<logfile> and -f<filter>
	* check for 2x import()'ed

0.03	2011-12-12 rurban
	* forgot to add c_minus and lib/B/Stats/Minus.pm to MANIFEST

0.02	2011-12-09 rurban
	* added generated B::Stats::Minus to substract our own overhead
	* implemented switch bundling
	* added t/exact.t to test B::Stats::Minus

0.01	2011-12-06 rurban
	* First release as B-Stats-0.01