0.08 2017-03-20
- Fixed bug in placement of =back in POD for Auto::Mata
- Clearer error messages on invalid transitions
- Specified min version of Type::Tiny (latest)

0.07 2017-03-08
- API change: instance builder now accepts an input to specify whether to
  return an interactive method (non-interactive by default)
- Duplicate transitions with different matching constraints are now permitted
- New alias 'using' for 'with' to avoid clashing with other 'with' Exporters
- Fixed bug preventing scalar values from being used as state accumulators
- Added examples/fib.pl

0.06 2017-03-06
- No longer creates empty pass-through function when no 'with' is supplied

0.05 2017-03-03
- Fixed uncheck dereference
- Greatly improved validation of post-transition state

0.04 2017-03-03
- Forgot to export term :/

0.03 2017-03-03
- Debugging no longer emits a serialized version of the state, which was
  incredibly annoying for debugging with complex state data
- Made a few minor changes to support the poor folks still using perl 5.8
- Added alias term for terminal

0.02 2017-03-02
- Fixed: final state not correctly validated if next state may be terminal
- More thorough unit tests

0.01 2017-03-01
- Initial release