Revision history for Authen-U2F-Tester

0.03  2018-04-09
    - Turn on sign() response's "User Presence" byte to "1".  Previously this
      was "0", meaning the user presence was not confirmed.  But Yubico's
      libu2f-server lib requires that this is "1".  In order to be compatible
      with libu2f-server we need to send the presence byte as 0x01. [github #2]

0.02  2018-01-06
    - Rename tester keypair() accessor to key(). This is a bit less confusing as
      its not a ::Tester::Keypair object, but a Crypt::PK::ECC object.
    - Move key store management into its own class
      (Authen::U2F::Keystore::Wrapped) and allow for possibility to implement
      different keystore schemes by passing in an object that does the
      Authen::U2F::Tester::Role::Keystore role to the tester constructor.
    - Fix documentation typo

0.01  2017-12-27
    - Initial release