0.009		2019-08-15	T. R. Wyant
    Test POD links to ensure they stay fixed.

0.008		2019-06-16	T. R. Wyant
    Fix broken POD links.

0.007		2018-02-26	T. R. Wyant
  Update metadata.

0.006		2016-01-07	T. R. Wyant
  Add GitHub repository to metadata.

0.005		2014-10-26	T. R. Wyant
  No changes since 0.004_01

0.004_01	2014-10-19	T. R. Wyant
  Housekeeping connected with conversion to Git. No code changes.

0.004		2013-10-20	T. R. Wyant
  Correct README file.
  Make the authortest build target set environment variable

0.003		2012-01-05	T. R. Wyant
  Bring Changes file into compliance with Test::CPAN::Changes. Add test
    xt/author/changes.t to be sure it stays that way.
  Build now requires Test::More 0.88.

0.002		2011-11-27	T. R. Wyant
  Update LICENSES/Copying (GNU GPL) to have current FSF address.

0.001_90	2011-11-16	T. R. Wyant
  Get serious about dependencies; mention everything, including core.
  Drop dependency on Params::Util. I was only using _INSTANCE(), and
    that can be managed usig Scalar::Util blessed(). Since I already use
    Scalar::Util, this means fewer dependencies.
  Various structural re-organizations of the kit.

0.001		2010-03-28	T. R. Wyant
  Initial CPAN release. No changes from 0.000_03 except version number.
    And this note.

0.000_03	2010-03-22	T. R. Wyant
  Require Perl 5.006.
  Correct the code in the SYNOPSIS.
  Add NOTICE to the pod, declaring this alpha code.
  Generate own UTDF data for testing purposes.
  Add accessor range().
  Make factor_K() and factor_M() public methods, and make them
    accessor/mutators so that the user can override the generated
    values if needed.
  Add accessor/mutators data_interval(),
    is_angle_corrected_for_refraction(), is_destruct_doppler(),
    is_range_corrected_for_refraction(), is_side_lobe(), mutators
    receive_antenna_diameter_code(), receive_antenna_geometry_code(),
    transmit_antenna_diameter_code(), transmit_antenna_geometry_code(),
    and transponder_latency().
  Make agc(), azimuth(), data_validity(), doppler_count(), elevation(),
    frequency_band_and_transmission_type(), front(), measurement_time(),
    microseconds_of_year(), mode(), range_delay(), rear(),
    receive_antenna_padid(), receive_antenna_type(), router(),
    seconds_of_year(), sic(), tdrss_only(),
    tracker_type_and_data_rate(), tracking_mode(),
    transmit_antenna_padid(), transmit_antenna_type(),
    transmit_frequency(), vid(), and year() mutators as well as
  Add various accessors to the decode() method.

0.000_02	2010-03-03	T. R. Wyant
  Corrected conversion of azimuth and elevation values to radians.
  Make the following accessors into accessor/mutators: frequency_band(),
    is_angle_valid(), is_doppler_valid(), is_range_valid(),
    tracker_type() and transmission_type().
  Add accessor/mutator is_last_frame().
  Add hex_record() as accessor/mutator wrapping raw_record().
  Recode slurp() in terms of new( raw_record => $buffer, ... ). You can
    pass slurp() attribute_name/value pairs to override those read from
    the file.
  Make raw_record() a mutator as well as an accessor. As mutator, it
    sets the values of all attributes contained in the UTDF record. As
    accessor it constructs the record out of the attribute values.
  Add methods new() and clone(). Both take attribute_name/value pairs as
  Have accessors that are not (yet) mutators croak when given an
  Added dependency on Params::Util (for prior_record() validation).
  Added method prior_record() to retrieve or set the prior record for
    the purpose of computing Doppler shift. Doppler shift is now
    computed on demand using prior_record().
  Removed caching of computed results.
  Added functionality test t/utdf.t.
  Angle, range delay and doppler methods now return data even if the
    relevant valid bit is not set, unless enforce_validity() is true.
  Add accessor/mutator enforce_validity().

0.000_01	2010-02-24	T. R. Wyant
  Initial source-controlled version.

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