Changelog for App-rainbarf

1.4 2016-09-06T09:00:00
 [Lars Engels <>]
 - Add battery support for FreeBSD.
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Fixed crash on Mac desktop.

1.3 2015-06-22T11:00:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Improved battery() subroutine as suggested by Tux;
 - Properly checking UTF-8 environment in tests;
 - Cosmetic changes due to boilerplate updates.

1.2 2014-07-10T08:00:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Added the --skip option;
 - Updated CPAN release tests;
 - Minor code/documentation cleanups;
 - Now using Travis CI.

1.1 2013-10-30T09:54:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Fixed for OS X Mavericks;
 - Added the --datfile option;
 - Minor documentation tweaks.

 [Josh Matthews <>]
 - Added support for Linux systems without energy_now and energy_full.

1.0 2013-10-21T12:06:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Show swap usage (enabled by --swap parameter);
 - Simple output testing.

 [Henrik Hodne <>]
 - Add support for /sys/class ACPI.

0.9 2013-07-31T17:28:00
 [Chris Knadler <>]
 - Wrap the flags in the readme in code blocks to make them stand out more.

 [Sergey Romanov <>]
 - Fix Changes to comply w/ CPAN::Changes Kwalitee.

 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Compute "unaccounted" memory on Linux (difference between MemTotal value
   and the sum of all the rest);
 - Fallback to the plain 16 colors if the installed version of
   Term::ANSIColor is outdated (also, complain to STDERR).

0.8 2013-04-06T10:55:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Config file can be specified via RAINBARF environment variable;
 - Use select() instead of sleep() for faster execution under Linux;
 - Documentation enhancements;
 - Better CPAN compliance.

0.7 2013-03-04T13:15:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - FreeBSD compatibility;
 - Code cleanup.

 [Tom Cammann <>]
 - Allow --nobattery --remaining (show remaining time with no battery

0.6 2013-02-26T08:15:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Added support for the 256-color palette;
 - Added support for ~/.rainbarf.conf;
 - Code cleanup.

0.5 2013-02-17T17:36:00
 [Joe Hassick <>]
 - Add option that will display the time remaining until the battery is
   fully charged/empty;
 - Remove one second delay after executing top;
 - Add new screenshot to readme.

 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Bookkeeping.

0.4 2013-02-13T10:43:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Bundled with the Module::Build installer;
 - Updated docs (Installation & Configuration sections);
 - Released to CPAN!

0.3 2013-02-11T23:39:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - This release uses the "CPU utilization %" metric instead of the "load
   average" by default;
 - CPU/RAM stats are pulled from a single call to top(1) on Mac OS X (Linux
   still accesses /proc for everything);
 - Shebang has been changed to use Perl from PATH instead of the hardcoded

0.2 2013-02-04T23:33:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - Bugfixes;
 - Screen(1) compatibility;
 - Fewer dependencies;
 - A smaller runtime footprint;
 - Memory allocation bar reordering.

0.1 2013-02-02T11:16:00
 [Stanislaw Pusep <>]
 - First public release.