Revision history for App-OTRS-CreateTicket

1.16  2015-05-21
 - Add option to add attachments to the created tickets.
 - Specified Encode::Locale as a dependency.

1.15  2015-04-22
 - Bundle example webservice configuration file in dist. Previously I used
   an URL to the OTRS repo but they changed file names causing breakage.
 - Force ticket and article parameters to string in generated SOAP
   to prevent binary serialization in some circumstances. Thanks to
   TitovLab for reporting. Fixes Github issue #2.

1.14  2014-05-28
 - Add --PendingTime option for pending states.
   This option takes a date in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM format, or a number,
   which is handled as the number of minutes from current time.

1.13  2013-11-13
 - Add --TimeUnit option, which is required on some servers.
     Thanks to @jensoliver for reporting!
   Note that because of
   on OTRS systems, you might not be able to set it to '0'.

1.12  2013-10-09
 - Improve @ARGV decoding, assume utf8.
 - Cosmetic dist impovements.

1.11  2013-02-28
 - Decode @ARGV properly, arguments now can include non-ascii chars.

1.10  2013-02-27
 - Switched to x.xx style version numbering as this is easier 
   on CPAN.
 - Fixed source links.
 - Switched link to GenericTicketConnector.yml file to point to Github.

1.0.7 2012-12-24
 - Specified minimum perl version to 5.8.7 to fix test failures.

1.0.6 2012-12-19
 - Corrected POD UserLogin command line option.
 - Improved STDIN handling.
 - Closes file handle after reading body contents.

1.0.5 2012-08-29
 - Added option to load ticket body from a file or from STDIN.

1.0.4 2012-08-28
 - Make it work on perls < 5.16.

1.0.3 2012-08-28
 - Fixed dependencies in dist.ini.

1.0.2 2012-08-28
 - POD fix. Specified OTRS 3.1 as minimum version.

1.0.1 2012-08-28
 - Initial version packaged for CPAN.