Revision history for App-Dochazka-REST distribution

0.001  2014-06-07 22:35 CEST
- start distro using 'module-starter'
- bring in useful scripts from perl-CELL project (release.sh, dev.sh,
- set license to BSD-3-Clause
- Spec.pm: add technical specification (current state)
- add empty shells: bin/dochazka-rest, REST.pm, Activity.pm, Employee.pm,
  History.pm, Interval.pm, Lock.pm, Policy.pm, Status.pm
- generate a proper README

0.002  2014-06-07 23:07 CEST
- tweak release script
- update MANIFEST (put files in alphabetical order)

0.003  2014-06-09 10:53 CEST
- move outdated top-level README to doc/
- add a new top-level README stub
- git repo cleanup
- t/001-init.t: test for server initialization routine
- REST.pm: start implementing init routine

0.004  2014-06-09 18:23 CEST
- REST.pm: produce a more convincing 'init' method
- t/000-depends.t: check dependencies
- t/001-init.t: unit tests for the 'init' method
- t/pod-coverage.t: check pod only in taxative list of modules (i.e.,
  ignore config/*.pm)

0.005  2014-06-11 10:01 CEST
- REST.pm: add $REST singleton, flesh out init routine

0.006  2014-06-13 15:38 CEST
- add project-web.sh script to update http://dochazka.sourceforge.net
  with contents of Spec.pm
- Spec.pm: work on "intervals" table -- use tsrange and EXCLUDE constraint
  with gist index to exclude overlapping intervals for a given employee
- config/dbinit_Config.pm: fix data_source in DBINIT_CONNECT
- REST.pm: flesh out initialization routine
- t/001-init.t: improve initialization routine unit test
- add missing distro files to MANIFEST
- add auto-generated README file to top-level git repo
- get rid of old OBS CI stuff (moved to archive)

0.007  2014-06-13 21:59 CEST
- config/dbinit_Config.pm: revamp
- REST.pm: add reset_db routine, make separate connect_db routine that can
  connect to any database, add create_tables routine
- t/001-init.t: unit test now drops and re-creates the testing database

0.008  2014-06-19 09:34 CEST
- REST.pm: minor cleanup in connect_db(), init now optionally takes verbose
  parameter (and passes it to $CELL->load)

0.009  2014-06-19 15:51 CEST
- status-strings.pod: Status string verbiage removed from Spec.pm because
  we will not implement status strings in version 1.0
- dbinit_Config.pm: add lots more SQL
- Spec.pm: try to keep documentation in stride with dbinit_Config.pm

0.010  2014-06-19 22:38 CEST
- add more SQL to dbinit_Config.pm
- Spec.pm: keep documenting the table definitions

0.011  2014-06-21 16:51 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: AutoCommit default to 1, add nicks table, add
  current_priv SQL function
- employee_Config.pm: add configuration file just for employee 
- t/001-init.t: cleanup
- t/002-insert-employee.t: new tests
- REST.pm: improve create_tables
- Spec.pm: blearily try to write employee-related verbiage

0.012  2014-07-04 02:08 CEST
- t/: add license boilerplate
- t/: rename 002-insert-employee.t to 002-nick.t
- start writing App::Dochazka::REST::Model::Nick
- release.sh: run bash-ism with bash instead of sh

0.013  2014-07-04 10:17 CEST
- Nick.pm: make it a little less naive
- t/002-nick.t: add tests

0.014  2014-07-04 13:37 CEST
- t/002-nick.t: test for non-existent IDs and nicks

0.015  2014-07-04 16:19 CEST
- got rid of Nick as a separate entity after figuring out that a simple
  UNIQUE constraint in the employees table does what I needed
- create_tables now adds superuser employee with admin privs

0.016  2014-07-06 02:37 CEST
- Dochazka_Message_en.conf: add "db not reachable" error message
- break employeehistory table into schedhistory and privhistory
- add a second round of dbinit SQL statements to ensure that the root
  employee is immutable
- Employee.pm: refactoring (WIP)
- Spec.pm: update verbiage
- stored procedure 'current_priv' now returns 'passerby' if current priv
  level cannot be determined
- t/002-root.t: new tests for immutable root employee
- t/003-current-priv.t: new tests for current_priv stored procedure
- t/004-employee.t: skip tests for Employee.pm (WIP)

0.016  2014-07-06 02:41 CEST

0.017  2014-07-06 22:17 CEST
- refactored Employee.pm
- t/004-employee.pm: new unit tests for Employee.pm
- dbinit_Config.pm: add remark field to employees table

0.018  2014-07-07 12:30 CEST
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm: add comments
- config/employee_Config.pm: add SQL_EMPLOYEE_CURRENT_PRIV
- Employee.pm: _load now resets employee object, start working on ACL
- t/004-employee.t: finished refactoring old tests

0.019  2014-07-07 14:44 CEST
- REST.pm: implement connect_db_pristine and set DOCHAZKA_EID_OF_ROOT
  site param
- t/: adjust tests for same

0.020  2014-07-07 16:08 CEST
- Employee.pm: implement UPDATE functionality

0.021  2014-07-07 16:48 CEST
- Employee.pm: add accessor functions
- t/004-employee.pm: add tests for accessors

0.022  2014-07-07 19:23 CEST
- remove Policy.pm as it is only a stub and might not be needed
- config/dbinit_Config.pm: make a generalized priv_at_timestamp function
  and change current_priv into a wrapper around that function
- Priv.pm: move priv_by_eid to the new Priv.pm module
- Employee.pm: add 'priv' accessor method, edit POD a little

0.023  2014-07-07 20:35 CEST
- rename Priv.pm to Privhistory.pm
- Privhistory.pm: start working on insert_priv
- t/005-privhistory.t: start implementing privhistory tests

0.024  2014-07-07 21:27 CEST
- fix some nitpicks

0.025  2014-07-08 01:30 CEST
- employee_Config.pm, Employee.pm: eliminate double DBI call by
  including call to current_priv() in SELECT statement
- add stub Timestamp.pm for timestamp-related utilities
- dbinit_Config.pm: make priv_at_timestamp use '<=' instead of '<'
- Privhistory.pm, t/005-privhistory.t: add privhistory_by_eid

0.026  2014-07-08 10:46 CEST
- Employee.pm: make _load return DOCHAZKA_RECORDS_FETCHED when SELECT

0.027  2014-07-08 12:35 CEST
- Employee.pm, t/004-employee.pm: fix buggy eid_by_nick function, export
  it, add test for it
- Spec.pm: write verbiage for employee Perl API current state

0.028  2014-07-08 22:51 CEST
- Privhistory.pm: implementing OO interface to privhistory table
- Factory.pm: add new module under Util/ with 'makereset' function
- Employee.pm: use new makereset function

0.029  2014-07-08 23:46 CEST
- Privhistory.pm: use the new function 'makereset', move priv_by_eid to
  Factory.pm (not sure if it really belongs here, though)
- Factory.pm: refactor makereset

0.030  2014-07-09 00:29 CEST
- Factory.pm, Employee.pm, Privhistory.pm: add and use 'make_spawn'
- t/006-reset.t: add test demonstrating how spawn "validates" the
  attributes provided in PARAMHASH
- Privhistory.pm no longer exports any functions

0.031  2014-07-09 01:32 CEST
- t/005-privhistory.t: add unit tests
- Privhistory.pm: make 'load' trigger warning if nothing found

0.032  2014-07-09 12:09 CEST
- make privhistory SQL statements return int_id where appropriate
- t/005-privhistory.t: add some int_id tests
- start working on a delete method for privhistory objects

0.033  2014-07-09 14:41 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix valid_sched_intvl trigger, add translate_interval
- Spec.pm: fix date in sample schedule tsrange (year was wrong)
- rename privhistory_Config.pm to priv_Config.pm

0.034  2014-07-09 15:07 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm: add SQL_SCHEDULE_INSERT param
- add stubby Schedule.pm and Schedintvl.pm in lib/Dochazka/REST/Model

0.035  2014-07-09 23:12 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: rename translate_interval to translate_schedintvl,
  merge 'schedhistory' table into 'schedules'
- schedule_Config.pm: add definitions for SQL_SCHEDINTVL_INSERT and
- add Schedintvl.pm, remove Schedhistory.pm
- Spec.pm: update schedule verbiage to reflect table structure change
- Interval.pm: make a stub class for activity intervals
- t/007-interval.t: add stub unit-test file for interval objects

0.036  2014-07-10 00:48 CEST
- Model/Schedule.pm: fix up boilerplate, flesh out insert method
- Util/Timestamp.pm: add qw( $today $yesterday $tomorrow ) exports
- t/005-privhistory.t: import $today, $yesterday from Timestamp.pm
- rename t/007-interval.t to t/007-schedule.t 
- t/007-schedule.t: import $today, $yesterday from Timestamp.pm, add tests for
  insert method

0.037  2014-07-10 15:57 CEST
- begin implementing new schedules concept (table structure and other
  database artifacts, objects, object methods, unit tests)
- rename Schedintvl.pm to Schedintvls.pm because the object will contain
  all the intervals that make up a single schedule
- for now, the new schedules concept is described in tickets/tickets
  pending re-write of schedule-related verbiage in Spec.pm
- Factory.pm: make_reset function now calls 'populate' method _iff_ there
  is one
- Schedintvls.pm now uses populate method to automatically load a new
  "scratch SID" every time an object is spawned/reset

0.038  2014-07-10 16:32 CEST
- Spec.pm: adjust verbiage to accommodate revamped schedule logic

0.039  2014-07-10 17:31 CEST
- Spec.pm: re-organize sections, add note concerning 'jsonb' type in
  PostgreSQL 9.4
- re-generate project web page http://dochazka.sourceforget.net

0.040  2014-07-11 10:03 CEST
- Schedintvls, t/007-schedule.t: implement basic insert method, start working
  on a translate method
- dbinit_Config.pm, schedule_Config.pm: fix translate_schedintvl

0.041  2014-07-11 15:38 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm: develop SQL_SCHEDINTVLS_SELECT statement
- Schedintvls.pm: rename translate to load, load now succesfully converts
  tsranges array to our more-readable schedule format (but doesn't yet sort
  the array), added json method, started work on sort method
- t/007-schedule.t: add tests for $schedintvls->load

0.042  2014-07-11 20:27 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm: add ORDER BY to SQL_SCHEDINTVLS_SELECT, so the intervals
  come out of the database pre-sorted
- Schedintvls.pm: get rid of sort method
- t/007-schedule.t: insert schedule intervals in reverse chronological order 
  to test sorting functionality

0.043  2014-07-11 22:40 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: add remark field to schedules table, fix a small bug
  (round_effective trigger applies to schedhistory table, not schedules)
- schedule_Config.pm: tweak param names, fix SQL_SCHEDULE_INSERT, add
- Schedule.pm: fix attributes, revamp insert method
- t/007-schedule.t: add seven more unit tests

0.044  2014-07-12 22:08 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm: add SQL_SCHEDHISTORY_INSERT,
- Schedintvls.pm: add debugging code to populate method
- t/007-schedule.pm: add unit tests for $schedhistory->insert,

0.045  2014-07-13 09:26 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm: make two schedule SELECT statements: "select sid
  given schedule" and "select schedule given sid"
- Schedule.pm: get rid of load method, add get_json exported function
- t/007-schedule.pm: add tests for get_json

0.046  2014-07-13 10:20 CEST
- Schedintvls.pm: cleanup; put translated intervals into a separate attribute,
  $self->{schedule}, instead of overwriting $self->{intvls}

0.047  2014-07-13 11:08 CEST
- schedule_Config.pm, Schedintvls.pm, t/007-schedule.t: implement and test
  delete method for Schedintvls objects
- Spec.pm: clarifications

0.048  2014-07-13 11:46 CEST
- Spec.pm: write up the "Privilege levels in the Perl API" section

0.049  2014-07-13 13:12 CEST
- tickets/tickets: add new tickets, clean up old tickets
- regenerate project webpage
- REST.pm: rename init -> init_no_db and make a new 'init' that "does
  everything", including connecting to the database
- t/: adjust tests to use the new 'init' and 'init_no_db' methods

0.050  2014-07-13 16:15 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: implement schedule_at_timestamp and current_schedule stored
- employee_Config.pm: have SELECTs get employee's current_schedule
- t/007-schedule.t: test for presence of schedule attribute in employee object

0.051  2014-07-13 16:55 CEST
- employee_Config.pm: add SQL_EMPLOYEE_SCHEDULE_AT_TIMESTAMP and
- REST.pm: add 'eid_of_root' method
- Employee.pm: add 'schedule' accessor
- Factory.pm: add 'schedule_by_eid' function
- t/002-root.t: add several 'eid_of_root' unit tests 
- t/004-employee.t: clean up, add more tests

0.052  2014-07-13 20:27 CEST
- Spec.pm: update to reflect current state of code
- dbinit_Config.pm, Schedintvls.pm, t/007-schedule.t: minor cleanup

0.053  2014-07-13 22:24 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: add activities and intervals tables
- Spec.pm: work on Activities, Intervals, and Locks sections

0.054  2014-07-14 10:08 CEST
- Activity.pm: adapt existing code from Employee.pm
- rename 'name' column to 'code' in 'activities' table
- activity_Config.pm: new file

0.055  2014-07-14 12:10 CEST
- Spec.pm: change L<...> to C<...> to avoid pod2html's annoying practice of
  rendering the links as "the ... manpage"
- bin/dochazka-rest: add license boilerplate
- moved 'cud' subroutine into new module App::Dochazka::REST::Model::Shared
  to avoid code duplication in Activity.pm and Employee.pm
- t/008-activity.t: add stub for activity-related unit tests
- config/Dochazka_Message_en.conf: add a DOCHAZKA_DBI_ERR message for
  reporting DBI errors
- config/employee_Config.pm: add SQL_EMPLOYEE_DELETE

0.056  2014-07-14 12:43 CEST
- Spec.pm: cleanup
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_ACTIVITY_DEFINITIONS
- REST.pm: have 'create_tables' insert initial set of activities

0.057  2014-07-14 12:59 CEST
- config/Dochazka_Messages.conf: remove colon from DOCHAZKA_DBI_ERR
- model/Shared.pm: fix bug in cud (wasn't returning err status on DBI err)
- t/008-activity.t: add lots of unit tests

0.058  2014-07-14 15:59 CEST
- activity_Config.pm: add 'upper' safeguards to make sure no lower-case
  activity code makes it into the database, yet to accept lower-case in 
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'code_to_upper' trigger on activities table,
  split off valid_intvl from valid_schedintvl so it can be applied to 
  both 'schedintvls' and 'intervals'
- Spec.pm: update to reflect latest code
- t/008-activity.t: add more unit tests

0.059  2014-07-14 16:24 CEST
- Privhistory.pm: block in 'get_privhistory' function
- rename t/008-activity.t to t/009-activity.t
- add stub t/008-schedintvls.t for testing "illegal" schedintvls

0.060  2014-07-14 20:38 CEST
- REST.pm: put 'create_tables' SQL incantations into a transaction
- Schedintvls: put 'insert' SQL incantations into a transaction that
  gets rolled back if any of the intervals are bad
- t/008-schedintvls.t: test with bogus intervals, test that no 
  intervals are inserted if any of them are bad

0.061  2014-07-15 11:06 CEST
- t/001-init.t: make diagnostic messages more useful
- config/sql/interval_Config.pm: new SQL for use in Interval.pm
- Interval.pm: start developing the stub into something useful
- dbinit_Config.pm: rename intervals.int_id to intervals.iid (Interval ID)
- REST.pm: revamp 'try' code block in 'create_tables'
- Activity.pm, Employee.pm: use new best practice for 'cud' calls
- Privhistory.pm, Schedhistory.pm: rewrite insert and delete methods to use 'cud'
- Schedule.pm: rewrite insert method to use 'cud'
- Shared.pm: add 'open_transaction' and 'close_transaction', revamp 'cud' to use

0.062  2014-07-15 13:17 CEST
- make adjustments so test suite succeeds even if PostgreSQL server not

0.063  2014-07-15 16:56 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm, REST.pm: get rid of DBINIT_AUTOCOMMIT
- dbinit_Config.pm, Dochazka_Config.pm, REST.pm: use DOCHAZKA_DBNAME
  instead of DBINIT_DBNAME
- REST.pm: reset_db now drops/re-creates 'dochazka' user and grants all
  dochazka database privileges to that user, 'create_tables' runs as 
  user 'dochazka'
- REST.pm: connect_db_pristine takes full PARAMHASH

0.064  2014-07-15 17:48 CEST
- more modifications to ensure test suite doesn't fail on build workers and
  other automatons (CPAN Testers, Open Build Service)

0.065  2014-07-15 18:00 CEST
- rename to App::Dochazka::REST

0.066  2014-07-15 18:02 CEST
- fix current_ver.plx and prepare release script for CPAN

0.067  2014-07-15 22:36 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix 'intervals' table definition
- interval_Config.pm, Interval.pm: add missing 'long_desc' everywhere
- t/010-interval.t: start unit test file for activity intervals
- move priv_by_eid and sched_by_eid functions from Factory.pm to Shared.pm,
  populate 'aclpriv' attribute in each function that consults it, instead of in
- POD cleanup
- Util/Timestamp.pm, t/011-tsrange_equal.t: add tsrange_equal function
- Util/Timestamp.pm, t/: split $today into two ($today and $today_ts), and
  do the same for $yesterday and $tomorrow -- hopefully this makes the code
  _less_ complicated

0.068  2014-07-16 08:35 CEST
- Build.PL: add DBD::Pg and DBI dependencies

0.069  2014-07-16 22:11 CEST
- move 'make_spawn' and 'reset' from Util/Factory.pm to Model/Shared.pm,
  delete Util/Factory.pm

0.070  2014-07-17 11:42 CEST
- Shared.pm, REST.pm: get rid of open_transaction and close_transaction as they
  don't work as expected
- Schedintvls.pm, t/007-schedule.t: revamp 'delete' method
- Dochazka_Message_en.conf: add DOCHAZKA_RECORDS_DELETED

0.071  2014-07-17 21:37 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: add locks table
- Spec.pm: work on Lock section
- Interval.pm: make load_by_iid also load the long_desc, add 'update' and 
  'delete' methods
- Lock.pm: first crack at lock data model
- Activity.pm: fix order of attributes in update and make delete reset the 
  object on success

0.072  2014-07-17 21:42 CEST
- MANIFEST: minor fix

0.073  2014-07-18 08:19 CEST
- Schedule.pm: add an untested 'delete' method
- Privhistory.pm, Schedhistory.pm, Schedintvls.pm: add 'no update method' verbiage
- Shared.pm: when croaking on odd number of arguments, stringify the actual
  arguments and include them in the error message
- t/009-activity.pm: add tests for 'update' method

0.074  2014-07-18 08:39 CEST
- Build.PL: add another missing dependency (JSON.pm)

0.075  2014-07-18 09:44 CEST
- now that App::Dochazka::REST is on CPAN, and since Spec.pm was getting to
  be too big, make the following documentation changes:
  - break out the "... in the database" and "... in the Perl API" sections
    into the respective data model modules under C<App::Dochazka::REST::Model>
  - move the rest of the Spec.pm verbiage into L<App::Dochazka::REST>

0.076  2014-07-18 10:20 CEST
- MANIFEST: update to reflect current state
- REST.pm, Privhistory.pm, Schedhistory.pm: work on POD

0.077  2014-07-18 13:16 CEST
- REST.pm: POD cleanup
- Interval.pm: add missing POD verbiage
- release.sh: attempt to fix minor brokenness that sometimes causes version
  numbers to get messed up when switching from one development machine to
- Shared.pm: add 'noof' function
- t/001-init.t: add comments and two unit tests
- t/003-current_priv.t, t/004-employee.t: rework tests, clean up database
  when done

0.078  2014-07-18 13:43 CEST
- Privhistory.pm, etc.: change privhistory.int_id to privhistory.phid
- Schedhistory.pm, etc.: change schedhistory.int_id to schedhistory.shid
- schedule_Config.pm: add missing SQL_SCHEDHISTORY_DELETE parameter

0.079  2014-07-18 16:13 CEST
- Schedule.pm: fix bug in 'delete' method, implement 'load_by_sid' method
- t/: clean up several unit test files (unit test files no longer leave
  any database artifacts behind, so each one starts from a clean slate
  and can be run independently)

0.080  2014-07-19 18:03 CEST
- lock_Config.pm, t/012-lock.t: add the beginnings of some SQL and unit tests
  for lock objects
- privhistory_Config.pm: add SQL_PRIVHISTORY_SELECT_BY_PHID and
- Privhistory.pm, t/005-privhistory.t: add load_by_phid method and get_privhistory function
- Timestamp.pm: add untested functions 'split_tsrange' and 'canonicalize_ts'

0.081  2014-07-21 09:08 CEST
- minor edit to bump version number as PAUSE refuses to accept version 0.080

0.082  2014-07-21 19:44 CEST
- Build.PL: add another dependency to appease CPAN Testers
- bin/*, config/dochazka-rest.psgi, Resource.pm: start working on executable
  for starting the server

0.083  2014-07-22 10:18 CEST
- dochazka-rest.psgi: minimize
- Resource.pm: add POD, work on 'resource_exists' (path dispatcher)
- Dispatch.pm: put path dispatch state machine into separate module

0.084  2014-07-22 14:32 CEST
- bin/dochazka-rest: rework into standalone server startup script
- t/301-psgi.t: start testing web server functionality
- REST.pm: add POD re: starting server and authentication, include PSGI
  $app coderef in $REST singleton
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm, Resource.pm: add DOCHAZKA_REST_HTML param
  defining the HTML displayed when someone accesses the server from a
- Resource.pm: enable HTTP Basic Authorization for authentication, using a
  hard-coded dummy username/password pair for now
- Build.PL, t/000-dependencies.t: update dependencies

0.085  2014-07-23 09:12 CEST
- t/000-depends.t: fix bug (wrong number of tests)
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: new file for path dispatch messages
- Dispatch.pm: work on '_get_response'
- Resource.pm: use 'expurgate' method (new in App::CELL::Status 0.194)
- t/301-dispatch.t: rename from 301-psgi.t and add unit tests

0.086  2014-07-23 09:40 CEST
- REST.pm, Dispatch.pm: document request syntax

0.087  2014-07-23 11:16 CEST
- Dochazka_Config.pm: improve default HTML (DOCHAZKA_REST_HTML)
- t/301-dispatch.t: add unit tests
- Dispatch.pm: remove SYNOPSIS so the meat of the POD starts higher up on
  the page
- obs.sh: add OBS CI script

0.088  2014-07-23 12:53 CEST
- bin/dochazka-rest: load the local sitedir
- REST.pm: explain current installation/bootstrap process in detail in the
  "INSTALLATION" section

0.089  2014-07-23 15:19 CEST
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_URI_MAX_LENGTH
- Dispatch.pm: fix methods so they all set "extraneous_url_part" if
- Resource.pm: add uri_too_long method
- t/: rename 301-dispatch.t to 301-resource.t and split off 330-dispatch.t
  from it, test uri_too_long in 301-resource.t

0.090  2014-07-23 17:23 CEST
- Employee.pm: add 'expurgate' and 'select_multiple_by_nick' methods
- Dispatch: add '/lookup/employee/nick' request (doesn't quite work yet)
- remove all mentions of 'acleid' and 'aclpriv' from data model;
  authorization will take place at the web resource level

0.091  2014-07-23 23:08 CEST
- Employee.pm: finally find and fix problem with 'expurgate'
- t/004-employee.t: add tests for expurgate method
- REST.pm: get rid of $REST singleton: 'init' now acts as a constructor
  returning an object
- lots of modifications to all files to make them work without $REST singleton

0.092  2014-07-24 08:12 CEST
- Dispatch: deprecate '_get_response' in favor of 'is_auth' which will be
  called from Response.pm->is_authorized

0.093  2014-07-24 08:18 CEST
- Build.PL: require perl 5.012 (RT#97442 -- thanks, Slaven!)

0.094  2014-07-24 10:52 CEST
- bin/: eliminate $REST singleton
- /version now reports whether server is UP or DOWN

0.095  2014-07-24 11:58 CEST
- config/: DOCHAZKA_REST_HTML is now a message, no longer a site param,
  and it also newly reports the version number and server status
- dbh.pm: add 'status' routine that reports database server status
- Dispatch.pm: use the new dbh.pm->status routine in '_version'
- Resource.pm: use the new dbh.pm->status routine in 'render_html'

0.096  2014-07-24 14:19 CEST
- Employee.pm: revamp load_by_nick and load_by_eid
  so they now work as both instance and class methods
- Schedintvls.pm: fix parentage and use dbh.pm->dbh method
- Shared.pm: spawn no longer sticks dbh into objects
- Resource.pm: use $CELL->msg in render_html
- t/: update tests to current state

0.097  2014-07-24 15:37 CEST
- bin/dochazka-rest: force Plack::Middleware::StackTrace to be used on
  _all_ errors
- Resource.pm: make the server display HTML by default, with the
  JSON response embedded in the HTML

0.098  2014-07-24 17:49 CEST
- Resource.pm, Dispatch.pm: finished converting to 'is_auth',
  eliminated deprecated 'resource_exists' and '_get_response'
  routines, added a 'forbidden' request that always triggers a

0.099  2014-07-25 14:50 CEST
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_URI and DOCHAZKA_DOCUMENTATION_URI
  site params
- REST.pm: work on POD
- Dispatch.pm: a flurry of modifications
- Resource.pm: change $self->{'context'} into a hashref, implement a _push
  method to make it easy to add to it
- t/: disable all data model tests except 001-init.t, tests can be activated by
  setting an environment variable

0.100  2014-07-25 17:19 CEST
- added CSS to our HTML template to enable line wrapping in <pre></pre>
- Build.PL: require Path::Router 

0.101  2014-07-26 23:24 CEST
- Resource.pm, Dispatch.pm: major revamp to implement Path::Router
- Resource.pm, Dispatch.pm, LDAP.pm: authentication
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: get ready for each resource to have its own controller
  (dispatch) module
- Employee.pm: authentication
- t/: update tests to current state, add some HTTP tests

0.102  2014-07-27 19:18 CEST
- each major resource will have its own controller, e.g.: 
- each controller will inherit from App::Dochazka::REST::Dispatch, 
  where the 'init' method will also run the 'init' methods in 
  all of its sub-controllers (taken from the DISPATCH_CONTROLLERS
  site param)
- implement separate Path::Router instances for GET, POST, etc.

0.103  2014-07-27 20:42 CEST
- Resource.pm, Dispatch.pm, Dispatch/Employee.pm: separate router accessor and
  router initialization routines so there are separate routers for each HTTP
  method (just 'GET' and 'POST' for now) -- this is necessary to be able to 
  handle a GET request for, e.g., '/employee/nick/bud' differently than a
  POST request for the same path/resource

0.104  2014-07-27 21:03 CEST
- add GET route /employee/eid/:param

0.105  2014-07-27 22:44 CEST
- move 'authenticate' from Model/Employee.pm to Resource.pm and rename to
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: add default GET target
- cleanup
- t/: rename data model tests to 1??-something.t and tweak them so they run
  cleanly again

0.106  2014-07-28 10:26 CEST
- cleanup
- put current employee object in request context
- Resource.pm, Dispatch*: send entire context to targets and let them pick out
  what they need from it

0.107  2014-07-28 12:16 CEST
- add core dependencies to Build.PL
- clean up test suite
- t/: fix 3?? tests so they don't break builds in OBS

0.108  2014-07-28 13:16 CEST
- Resource.pm: expurgate employee objects (to remove passhash and salt)
  before displaying them; if DOCHAZKA_DEBUG environment variable is set,
  display the entire context, otherwise display 'entity' only
- Model/Employee.pm: make 'expurgate' method delete 'passhash' and 'salt'
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: make 'employee/nick/:param' resource return 
  an array only when the search finds more than one employee

0.109  2014-07-28 14:28 CEST
- bring back 'employee/current' resource
- fix 'link' attribute displayed for each resource by '_get_default' targets

0.110  2014-07-28 16:23 CEST
- working on LDAP authentication

0.111  2014-07-28 21:12 CEST
- work on LDAP authentication
- add a 'privhistory' resource
- start working on 'privhistory/current' and 'privhistory/current/:tsrange'
  resources, implement ACL restriction ('active' and 'admin' only)
- t/332-dispatch-privhistory.t: add tests for 'privhistory' resource, including
  test of ACL restriction

0.112  2014-07-28 22:25 CEST
- Privhistory.pm: fix bug "when handed a backwards tsrange, get_privhistory
  returns 0 records instead of returning DOCHAZKA_DBI_ERR as it should"
- test for the bug

0.113  2014-07-29 09:46 CEST
- REST.pm: work on POD (Request-response cycle)

0.114  2014-07-29 17:51 CEST
- LDAP auth
- privhistory resource
- Model/Employee.pm: implement true/false 'nick_exists' exported function

0.115  2014-07-30 09:08 CEST
- Model/Privhistory.pm: fix bug "DBI errors should not include file and line
  number in 'catch' block of 'get_privhistory' routine"
- Model/Employee.pm: add 'eid_exists' exported function; rewrite 'nick_exists';
  revise load_by_nick, load_by_employee, and _load methods
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: add 'privhistory/nick' and 'privhistory/eid' 

0.116  2014-07-30 14:19 CEST
- LDAP.pm: get rid of 'Argument "Net::LDAP::LDAP_SUCCESS" isn't numeric'
  warning (not clear how to properly use this constant); when searching
  for the user's DN, check 'uid', 'cn', and 'email' fields for matches,
  instead of just 'uid'
- rename DOCHAZKA_BASIC_AUTH_REALM for clarity and turn it into a site
  configuration parameter so it can be overrided

0.117  2014-07-30 15:53 CEST
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: add proper ACL checks to 'employee/nick' and
- Dispatch/ACL.pm: put ACL check code into a separate module
- Test.pm: put some common testing code into a separate module

0.118  2014-07-30 17:04 CEST
- resolve two tickets re: "get database handle from parent and eliminate it
  from function/method calls"

0.119  2014-07-31 02:25 CEST
- revamp ACL model: ACL profile of resource is now in the 'defaults'
  attribute of the route object. ACL check reduced to four lines of
  boilerplate code that are included in each target.

0.120  2014-07-31 03:33 CEST
- add 'employee/count' and 'employee/count/:priv' resources

0.121  2014-07-31 09:06 CEST
- Resource.pm: add log messages to _authenticate routine

0.122  2014-07-31 09:27 CEST
- another ACL revamp: do the ACL check in Resource.pm->forbidden, eliminate
  boilerplate code in targets

0.123  2014-07-31 15:23 CEST
- allow site admin to set nick-to-LDAP mapping (DOCHAZKA_LDAP_NICK_MAPPING)

0.124  2014-07-31 15:38 CEST
- resolve ticket "make LDAP auth switchable so unit testing scripts can
  disable it" by adding META_DOCHAZKA_UNIT_TESTING meta param and testing
  for it in Resource.pm
- LDAP.pm now exports the ldap_exists and ldap_auth functions

0.125  2014-07-31 16:33 CEST
- t/000-depends.t: add dependency on Params::Validate
- Build.PL: build_require Test::Fatal, require Params::Validate
- Model/Activity.pm: add parameter validation code

0.126  2014-08-01 13:23 CEST
- Model/Activity.pm: load_by_code, load_by_aid, _load now use "best practices"
  established in Model/Employee.pm
- start adding parameter validation code using Param::Validate
- start adding unit tests for the new parameter validation code

0.127  2014-08-01 17:07 CEST
- cleanup, validate parameters, add some tests that call functions with
  invalid parameters

0.128  2014-08-01 18:21 CEST
- Model/Activity.pm, Model/Shared.pm: moved '_load' to shared so code can
  be re-used

0.129  2014-08-01 18:54 CEST
- Model/Employee.pm: use the new Shared.pm->load routine
- Model/Activity.pm, Model/Employee.pm: eliminate deprecated _load routines
- t/: update tests to current state

0.130  2014-08-01 19:09 CEST
- Model/Schedule.pm, Model/Shared.pm: use shared 'load' routine for schedules
- t/: update tests to current state

0.131  2014-08-02 16:34 CEST
- Shared.pm: modify 'cud' and 'load' so they take named parameters, add
  parameter validation, add a 'make_accessor' routine
- t/004-shared-paramvalid.t: elicit lots of fatal errors from Model/Shared.pm
- Model/: remove all database ping checks (replaced by a single line in
  dbh.pm), adapt all calls to 'cud' and 'load', replace a lot of spaghetti code
  with boilerplate
- t/: adapt tests to current state

0.132  2014-08-02 23:51 CEST
- dynamically generate routers and default targets from site configuration in
  dispatch_GET_Config.pm (WIP)

0.133  2014-08-04 10:29 CEST
- dynamic generation of resources now works, in a global sense, but some 
  individual resources are broken

0.134  2014-08-04 12:12 CEST
- REST.pm: enable setting of 'debug_mode' in init routine
- Model/Employee.pm: 'select_multiple_by_nick' always return payload with
  result_set and search_key, even when result_set is empty
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: simplify target routines
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: fix bug in make_get_default that was causing empty
  resource list when generating HTTP request via Plack::Test
- add some calls to $log->debug
- Test.pm: add 'status_from_json' method to facilitate testing of HTTP
- t/330-dispatch.t: add a bunch of tests that examine the HTTP responses
  returned when various resources are requested

0.135  2014-08-04 15:55 CEST
- t/330-dispatch.t: fill in missing tests of HTTP response content
- t/331-dispatch-employee.t: fill in missing tests of HTTP response content
- t/332-dispatch-privhistory.t: fill in missing tests of HTTP response content
- Dispatch/Privhistory.t: refactor targets so they make more sense
- Model/Privhistory.t: work on get_privhistory routine
- t/105-privhistory.t: update to reflect current code 

0.136  2014-08-04 20:15 CEST
- REST.pm: add some POD about how the REST interface is self-documenting
- Dispatch.pm, Dispatch/*.pm: add _post_default routine
- Shared.pm: rename 'make_get_default' to 'make_default' and adapt it to
  generate both _get_default and _post_default
- config/dispatch/dispatch_POST_Config.pm, Resource.pm: start laying groundwork
  for POST processing
- POST requests to all resources with _post_default as their target are working
  but unit tests are missing

0.137  2014-08-04 20:47 CEST
- t/: add tests for the first POST resources (the really simple ones 
  like 'help')

0.138  2014-08-04 21:25 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: implemented '/echo' POST resource, including unit tests
- t/: renumber and rename dispatch-related unit test files to accommodate
  new POST code

0.139  2014-08-05 09:44 CEST
- REST.pm: write some POD

0.140  2014-08-05 12:39 CEST
- REST.pm: work on POD
- Dispatch.pm: fix bug in 'echo' POST resource (wasn't handling empty
- Resource.pm: implement 'known_content_type' and 'malformed_request'
  routines - requests with body containing anything other than legal JSON will
  be rejected

0.141  2014-08-05 15:52 CEST
- implement basic handling of PUT requests

0.142  2014-08-05 21:46 CEST
- implement 'employee' and 'employee/:nick' (INSERT/UPDATE) PUT resources
  (ATM without unit tests)
- Model/Employee.pm: fix bug "'update' routine doesn't work at all"
- Resource.pm: in 'malformed_request', push JSON from request body onto
  context _after_ decoding it into a Perl hashref
- minor cleanup/fixup

0.143  2014-08-06 10:19 CEST
- working on employee PUT resources: refactor targets, add 'eid' resources
- Model/Shared.pm: make 'cud' return RETURNING values in payload
- Model/Employee.pm: make 'insert' and 'update' return payload received from

0.144  2014-08-06 13:55 CEST
- Model/Employee.pm: fix bug "'update' returns OK status when called with
  undefined EID -- should be ERR"
  emphasize that EID is required
- t/317-dispatch-put-employee.t: add lots of unit tests

0.145  2014-08-06 15:08 CEST
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: GET resource 'employee/nick/:nick' now returns
  only a single employee record unless nick parameter contains a '%',
  in which case it returns a result set (JSON array of employee records)
- t/: adapt tests

0.146  2014-08-07 09:42 CEST
- config/dispatch/: improve resource descriptions by including method
- REST.pm: write some POD about POST and PUT
- staging/: get rid of old ballast, add some new ballast (CLI scripts)
- minor cleanup

0.147  2014-08-07 11:05 CEST
- t/317-dispatch-put-employee.t: fix 'keys on reference' oversight
  that caused build to fail with Perl 5.20
- staging/cli.plx: work on CLI script
- split off "pure" data model functions into App::Dochazka so they can
  be shared with App::Dochazka::CLI

0.148  2014-08-08 10:15 CEST
- test release script
- t/: update depends script

0.149  2014-08-08 10:25 CEST
- test release script once again

0.150  2014-08-10 18:25 CEST
- Build.PL: add dependencies Plack::Middleware::Session, Plack::Middleware::StackTrace
- config/sql/: add new 'sessions' table and 'random_number()' SQL function

0.151  2014-08-10 22:49 CEST
- update dependencies
- start implementing session management

0.152  2014-08-11 10:02 CEST
- more work on session management (reconsider idea of storing sessions in
- REST.pm: describe authentication/session management algorithm in POD
- config/, Dispatch.pm: add a "/session" resource that displays session state

0.153  2014-08-11 13:18 CEST
- update dependencies
- config/Dochazka_Config.pm: add 'DOCHAZKA_REST_SESSION_EXPIRATION_TIME'
  and 'DOCHAZKA_REST_DEBUG_MODE' site params
- REST.pm: in 'init_no_db', respect 'debug_mode' PARAMHASH key and
  DOCHAZKA_REST_DEBUG_MODE site param, in that order
- Resource.pm: finish implementing session management
- NOTE: since session management doesn't seem to work with Plack::Test, it is
  completely disabled when META_DOCHAZKA_UNIT_TESTING is true (set this to true
  in unit tests that use Plack::Test)

0.154  2014-08-11 14:19 CEST
- add 'Plack::Session' to build_requires, just in case CPAN Testers gets
  funny ideas

0.155  2014-08-11 16:45 CEST
- Resource.pm: cleanup

0.156  2014-08-12 10:22 CEST
- cleanup, documentation

0.157  2014-08-12 15:52 CEST
- REST.pm: add a 'DEBUGGING' section to POD
- Util.pm: add a new 'Util.pm' module for miscellaneous utilities
  and put 'deep_copy' function into it
- Resource.pm: fix bug "die with StackTrace happens when DOCHAZKA_DEBUG
  environment variable set"

0.158  2014-08-13 03:21 CEST
- REST.pm: add parameter validation to init_no_db
- t/301-resource.t: fix bug found thanks to the above parameter validation

0.159  2014-08-14 14:55 CEST
- config/REST_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_HOST and DOCHAZKA_PORT
- bin/dochazka-rest: look into how we could allow admin to specify host/port on
  command line, yet default to values in site configuration if they are not
  specified there

0.160  2014-08-16 10:17 CEST
- bin/dochazka-rest: comment out 'die' statement so server runs again

0.161  2014-08-18 10:38 CEST
- fix bug: "LDAP users can log in with wrong/no password"

0.162  2014-08-21 15:31 CEST
- t/002-root.t: fix broken unit test
- bin/dochazka-rest: turn on debug_mode
- Resource.pm: uncomment session ID debug message in _validate_session

0.163  2014-08-27 17:42 CEST
- Dispatch/Employee.pm->_put_employee: allow undef as value for optional fields
  ('fullname', 'email', 'passhash', 'salt', 'remark') 
- Model/Employee.pm->expurgate: when expurgating employee objects, do not
  remove 'passhash' and 'salt' properties

0.164  2014-08-28 11:26 CEST
- Model/Shared.pm: do not put empty strings into the database

0.165  2014-09-01 07:51 CEST
- Unicode hell
- add more debug messages

0.166  2014-09-01 16:40 CEST
- Resource.pm: Unicode hell! /employee/nick/číča is handled correctly when
  sent by browser, but incorrectly when sent via App::Dochazka::WWW - yet
  the path_info string is decoded correctly in 'service_available' in both
  cases! Very strange.

0.167  2014-09-04 17:34 CEST
  config parameters (as is already the case in App::Dochazka::WWW) - no 
  more chasing temporary files

0.168  2014-09-04 17:41 CEST
- t/: change default configuration directory (for unit testing purposes) from
  '/etc/dochazka' to '/etc/dochazka-rest', as the former is ambiguous

0.169  2014-09-17 09:59 CEST
- REST.pm: modify INSTALLATION section of POD to bring it closer to current

0.170  2014-09-17 10:30 CEST
- REST.pm: add some debug messages

0.171  2014-09-17 10:51 CEST
- REST.pm: fix bug 'Can't call method "errstr" on an undefined value' when
  connect_db_pristine can't connect to database; remove debug messages

0.172  2014-09-17 11:13 CEST
- t/001-init.t: bail out of testing if we cannot connect to database

0.173  2014-09-17 14:28 CEST
- REST.pm: expand INSTALLATION section of POD with explanation of how to test database
  connection using 'psql'

0.174  2014-09-24 16:38 CEST
- try to fix UTF-8 bug, but only make it worse

0.175  2014-09-25 09:29 CEST
- Resource.pm: encode response body in UTF-8 before sending it out on the line

0.176  2014-10-14 17:31 CEST
- Dispatch/: add some comments
- Resource.pm: add debug message; add allow_nonref; find bug #57 

0.177  2014-10-15 10:33 CEST
- start revamping path dispatch code in light of bug #57 (PUT request to
  non-existent resource returns HTTP code 200 and null entity body)
- realize that it makes no sense to return 404 on a PUT request, since the
  whole idea of PUT is to create a new resource
- the principal change is in Resource.pm->allowed_methods:
  - the definition of each resource (in config/dispatch) should contain list of allowed methods
  - when path is recognized, return the allowed methods from the resource definition
  - when the path is not recognized _AND_ the method is PUT, return 405 Method Not Allowed

0.178  2014-10-15 16:41 CEST
- the design change in 0.177 caused a lot of breakage: put the pieces back together (WIP)

0.179  2014-10-15 22:54 CEST
- Build.PL: require App::CELL 0.197 (for 'get_param')
- continue fixing brokenness following the design change in 0.177

0.180  2014-10-16 08:40 CEST
- massage Changes file
- config/dispatch: make 'help' resources for all four HTTP methods we support
- t/: fix or disable all broken tests - test suite running clean again, but
  many tests are missing

0.181  2014-10-16 10:35 CEST
- make 'employee/nick' and 'employee/eid' be POST requests (instead of PUT) -
  we will reserve PUT for unique resources like 'employee/nick/joedavis'

0.182  2014-10-16 10:56 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: add POD for "" and "help" resources

0.183  2014-10-16 11:12 CEST
- LDAP.pm: use EXPORT_OK instead of EXPORT
- Resource.pm: import routines from LDAP.pm explicitly

0.184  2014-10-16 12:59 CEST
- Resource.pm: implement basic handling of DELETE requests

0.185  2014-10-16 13:37 CEST
- t/: tweak naming scheme for dispatch unit test files; add unit test files
  for DELETE method
- config/dispatch/dispatch_Top_Config.pm: add target for DELETE on 'echo'

0.186  2014-10-16 16:44 CEST
- Dispatch/, t/: work on dispatch-related POD, unit tests

0.187  2014-10-16 17:53 CEST
- t/: more dispatch tests

0.188  2014-10-16 22:46 CEST
- t/: add a bunch of tests; refine siteparam and metaparam tests; find
  App::CELL bug ($meta can be used to access site parameters)

0.189  2014-10-17 11:10 CEST
- Resource.pm: provide hash to keys, instead of hash reference

0.190  2014-10-17 17:48 CEST
- Build.PL: require latest App::CELL to avoid bug
- implement 'bugreport' resource
- implement PUT method for 'metaparam/:param' resource
- Dispatch.pm: add POD for more resources
- t/310-dispatch-top-get.t: add test case for 'bugreport' resource
- t/312-dispatch-top-put.t: add test case "set meta parameter via REST

0.191  2014-10-20 16:53 CEST
- Hackweek Day 1
- Build.PL: depend on latest version of App::Dochazka
- config/dispatch/dispatch_Employee_Config.pm: use refactored employee
- config/sql/employee_Config.pm: do not include 'priv' and 'schedule' in
  employee objects
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: refactor employee PUT and POST targets
- Model/Employee.pm: add 'overlay' method
- Resource.pm: instead of having 'priv' property directly in the current
  employee hash, we make a separate 'current_priv' property for it; 
  push the HTTP method onto the context hash ASAP (in service_available)
- t/316-dispatch-employee-post.t: add some "real" tests involving inserting
  and update employee objects
- t/317-dispatch-employee-put.t: fix broken tests

0.192  2014-10-20 22:15 CEST
- dispatch/dispatch_Employee_Config.pm: resources into alphabetical order; add
  'employee/current/priv' resource
- dispatch/dispatch_Message_en.conf, Dispatch/Employee.pm: add
  'employee/current/priv' resource
- Model/Shared.pm: add some log messages in course of debugging a problem with

0.193  2014-10-21 08:35 CEST
- t/: fix accumulated brokenness in data model tests
- t/315-dispatch-employee-get.t: clean up comments and add a test case

0.194  2014-10-21 09:21 CEST
- Resource.pm: if method is GET and result is "No records found", return
  404 instead of 200 + status object
- t/: adapt tests to this change

0.195  2014-10-21 10:51 CEST
- Model/Employee.pm->noof_employees_by_priv: if $priv is not a valid
  privlevel, return 'OK' status + status code DISPATCH_NO_RECORDS_FOUND
  to trigger a 404 Not Found response; also, put 'count' property in the
  payload where it belongs
- t/315-dispatch-employee-get.t: adapt existing test case

0.196  2014-10-21 11:38 CEST
- config/dispatch_Top_Config.pm: make "echo" work with POST only; put
  resources in alphabetical order
- t/: remove 'echo' tests from top-level PUT and DELETE units

0.197  2014-10-21 11:47 CEST
- work on development-checklist
- t/: standardize method order (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE); adapt units

0.198  2014-10-21 12:10 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: document all target subroutines; put into alphabetical order
  by resource name/path

0.199  2014-10-21 16:31 CEST
- Hackweek Day 2
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_RESOURCE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED
- dispatch_Top_Config.pm: implement 'not_implemented' resource
- Dispatch.pm: implement 'not_implemented' resource, alphabetical order
- t/: add missing top-level dispatch tests
- new ../development-checklist chart to clarify and streamline
  resource-implementation workflow

0.200  2014-10-21 22:29 CEST
- ../development-checklist: finish implementing top-level resources
- Dispatch.pm: when getting site and meta params, show file and line
  number along with other metadata; tweak resource documentation
- t/: some tests failing due to bug in App::CELL::Config->get_param_meta

0.201  2014-10-22 08:30 CEST
- Build.PL: require App::CELL 0.200 for bug fix
- t/: adjust two tests now that PUT metaparam/:param and PUT siteparam/:param
  are assigning the request body to the parameter directly

0.202  2014-10-22 16:47 CEST
- Hackweek Day 3
- lots of refinements to (plus documentation and test cases for) employee
- implement DELETE support for employee resources
- eliminate problematic "short-cut" 'employee/:nick' and 'employee/:eid'
- make it possible to update an employee property to null
- eliminate problematic 'overlay' method in Model/Employee.pm
- improve debug message in Resource.pm
- add negative and otherwise pathological test cases

0.203  2014-10-22 17:15 CEST
- t/317-dispatch-employee-post.t: got tests running again

0.204  2014-10-23 10:57 CEST
- t/: figure out how to run tests using 'prove -r'; make a 't/dispatch/'
  directory for dispatch tests; merge all top-level dispatch tests into a
  single file 't/dispatch/top.t'

0.205  2014-10-23 14:02 CEST
- Hackweek Day 4
- Build.PL: make Module::Build walk t/ directory recursively
- REST_MetaConfig.pm: make sure META_DOCHAZKA_VALID_RESOURCES is
  initialized to an empty hashref
- add on-line documentation infrastructure
- config/dispatch/dispatch_Top_Config.pm: add HTML documentation strings
  to all the top-level resources; add 'docu' resource definition
- Dispatch.pm: remove POD sections corresponding to the HTML documentation
  strings added to resource definition file; add target subroutine
  for 'docu' resource; use heredoc in _forbidden
- Resource.pm: enable validations to be specified in resource definitions
  (see Path::Router) -- untested; during path/router initialization build
  up META_DOCHAZKA_VALID_RESOURCES (hash of valid resources); push
  'documentation' property onto context
- t/dispatch/top.t: add tests for 'docu' resource

0.206  2014-10-23 14:31 CEST
- config/dispatch/dispatch_Employee_Config.pm: add HTML documentation
  strings to all the employee resources
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: remove POD documentation that has been moved to the
  resource definition file
- find bug "POST docu" returns same string, no matter which resource is
  specified (should return the documentation string stipulated for the
  resource in the resource definition)"
- t/dispatch/top.t: add test cases for the bug

0.207  2014-10-23 15:16 CEST
- rename meta param META_DOCHAZKA_VALID_RESOURCES to
  META_DOCHAZKA_RESOURCE_DOCS and store resource documentation strings
  there during path router initialization
- in the 'docu' target, get the HTML string from
- Resource.pm: no longer need to push documentation HTML string onto the
- Test.pm: add a 'docu_check' routine (to automate testing of each resource
  for presence of documentation in the resource definition)
- t/dispatch/top.t: run docu_check on each top-level resource

0.208  2014-10-24 08:43 CEST
- convert portion of employee dispatch tests to new structure

0.209  2014-10-24 10:49 CEST
- complete development workflow for employee resources
- dispatch_Employee_Config.pm: add missing documentation
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: fix bug "DELETE employee/nick/:nick actually
  inserts a new employee if :nick not found"
- t/: continue migrating dispatch tests to new structure; disable old
  units so ./Build test doesn't run them; add new unit

0.210  2014-10-24 15:33 CEST
- Hackweek Day 5
- implement privhistory resources using new development workflow
- merge 'privhistory/current' and 'privhistory/current/:tsrange' into a
  single resource 'privhistory/current/?:tsrange'
- dispatch/dispatch_Privhistory_Config.pm: put resources in alphabetical
  order; document resources; add more supported methods
- t/dispatch/privhistory: add privhistory tests in new structure
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: put targets in order according to their
  corresponding resources; rename _get_nick and _get_eid to _nick and _eid,
  respectively, and expand them to support PUT and DELETE
- Model/Privhistory.pm: add some debug messages

0.211  2014-10-24 22:40 CEST
- Hackweek Day 5, continued
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add UNIQUE (eid, effective) constraint to
  privhistory table to avoid duplicate entries in a given employee's
  privhistory listing
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_PRIVHISTORY_COULD_NOT_SPAWN
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: implement support for PUT and DELETE requests in
  _eid and _nick targets
- Model/Employee.pm: fix bug "get 500 Server Error when I send a request for
  bogus resource 'privhistory/eid/asdf'"
- t/dispatch/privhistory/: add quite a few tests

0.212  2014-10-25 23:23 CEST
- update MANIFEST to current state
- change 'privhistory' to 'priv'
- add new 'priv/current/?:ts' resource
- t/: start adapting tests

0.213  2014-10-26 22:36 CET
- config/dispatch/priv_Config.pm: add "priv/current/eid/:eid/?:ts" and
  "priv/current/nick/:nick/?:ts" resources; unclear how privhistory records
  will be added and deleted
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: remove duplicate message
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: repurpose _current_priv so it works for the new
  resources added in this commit; rename _eid and _nick to _history_eid and
  _history_nick, respectively

0.214  2014-10-27 13:12 CET
- config/dispatch/top_Config.pm: add 'cli' property to all top-level
  resource definitions; put into alphabetical order; rename 'privhistory'
  to 'priv'
- Dispatch.pm: make 'docu' resource return "resource => ''" when called
  without an argument, instead of "resource => undef"; make
  "not_implemented" resource include HTTP method in payload

0.215  2014-10-27 13:39 CET
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm, config/dispatch/priv_Config.pm: add
  'cli' properties to all resource definitions
- ../development-checklist: complete manual CLI testing of all top-level
  and employee resources

0.216  2014-10-27 14:29 CET
- config/dispatch/priv_Config.pm: fix 'priv/eid/:eid/?:ts' and
  'priv/nick/:nick/?:ts' resource definitions
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_EMPLOYEE_CURRENT_PRIV_AT_TIMESTAMP
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: fix bugs in _current_priv
- Model/Shared.pm: fix bugs in priv_by_eid and _st_by_eid

0.217  2014-10-27 17:53 CET
- config/dispatch/priv_Config.pm: eliminate duplicate 'priv' resource
  definition that was giving me grief; fix two wrong ACL profiles;
  eliminate 'priv/history/?:tsrange' and replace it with
  'priv/history/current/?:tsrange'; add 'priv/history/phid/:phid' resource
- config/dispatch/top_Config.pm: tweak resource documentation
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: tweak priv-related messages
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: tweak priv-related messages, add
  'priv/history/phid/:phid' resource target
- t/: add new tests; adapt existing tests to current state

0.218  2014-10-27 20:31 CET
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: tweak bad/missing parameter message
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: handle non-integer EID values more gracefully
- Test.pm: add descriptions to docu_check tests
- t/dispatch/employee/eid.t: add descriptions to tests; add some new "negative"
  test cases

0.219  2014-10-27 22:33 CET
- t/: clean up units; merge all employee tests into a single unit (employee.t);
  merge all priv tests into a single unit (priv.t)
- config/dispatch/priv_Config.pm: alphabetical order tweak
- Test.pm: export all the test functions (EXPORT instead of EXPORT_OK); bring
  in create_testing_employee and delete_testing_employee
- STATUS: all top-level, employee, and priv resources implemented and tested,
  ready to start work on activity, interval, etc. resources

0.220  2014-10-28 09:35 CET
- MANIFEST: add Dispatch/Activity.pm
- config/dispatch/activity_Config.pm: add 'activity/all' resource definition
- config/dispatch/top_Config.pm: add 'activity' resource definition; rename
  '_not_implemented' target to 'not_implemented' because we are now exporting
  it from Dispatch/Shared.pm
- config/dispatch_Config.pm: uncomment DISPATCH_RESOURCES_ACTIVITY
- Dispatch.pm: import not_implemented target from Dispatch/Shared.pm
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: fix debug messages
- Dispatch/Privhistory.pm: import priv_by_eid from the right module
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: export 'not_implemented' routine
- Resource.pm: add 'use App::Dochazka::REST::Dispatch::Activity' so activity
  targets will work

0.221  2014-10-28 12:08 CET
- MANIFEST: add t/dispatch/activity.t 
- config/sql/: add 'SQL_ACTIVITY_SELECT_ALL'; add 'disabled'
  field to 'activities' table; adapt SQL statements where appropriate
- t/dispatch/activity.t: new unit for activity dispatch tests

0.222  2014-10-28 21:51 CET
- config/dispatch/activity_Config.pm: activate 'activity/all' resource for GET
- config/sql/activity_Config.pm: divide 'activity/all' SELECT into two variants
  (with and without disabled activities)
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: implement _get_all_without_disabled and
  _get_all_including_disabled dispatch targets
- Model/Activity.pm: eliminate superfluous 'use' lines; implement
  'get_all_activities' routine
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add tests for GET activity/all

0.223  2014-10-28 22:37 CET
- config/dispatch/top_Config.pm: bring comments up-to-date
- Dispatch.pm: modify "_help_post" ('docu' dispatch target) to display ACL
  profile of queried resource as well as its documentation
- Resource.pm: modify path initializer to populate META_DOCHAZKA_RESOURCE_ACLS

0.224  2014-10-29 08:07 CET
- activity_Config.pm: add 'activity/all/disabled' resource definition
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: comment out 'get_all' target
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add basic tests for 'activity/all/disabled'; add FIXME
  lines for future tests

0.225  2014-10-29 09:33 CET
- dispatch/activity_Config.pm: add 'activity/aid/:aid' resource definition
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add initial tests for 'activity/aid/:aid'

0.226  2014-10-29 10:34 CET
- Build.PL: require 0.172 of App::Dochazka (for 'disabled' field)
- config/sql/activity_Config.pm: make SELECTs return disabled field
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add some tests for 'activity/aid/:aid' resource (GET)
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: implement 'activity/aid/:aid' resource for GET requests

0.227  2014-10-29 13:54 CET
- Dispatch/{Employee,Activity}.pm: fix bug where PUT request with request body
  consisting of just a number or just a string (e.g. '9', or '"asdf"') was
  causing the server to vomit 500
- activity_Config.pm: support PUT and DELETE requests for 'activity/aid/:aid';
  add resource definition for 'activity/code/:code'
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_CODE_DOES_NOT_EXIST
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: support PUT and DELETE requests for 'activity/aid/:aid';
  add support for 'activity/code/:code'
- Model/Activity.pm: fix 'update' routine to support the new 'disabled' field
- Model/Shared.pm: make a note in 'cud' routine that order of attrs must match
  the '?' characters in the SQL statement
- Test.pm: add 'create_testing_activity' and 'delete_testing_activity'
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add a bunch of tests

0.228  2014-10-29 16:43 CET
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: trying to get _insert_activity to deal gracefully with
  bogus JSON
- t/: add DELETE tests for 'activity/aid/:aid'; add tests for
  'activity/code/:code'; tweak tests

0.229  2014-10-30 13:07 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.174 for new 'filter' routine
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add check constraints for 'nick' (employees) and
  'code' (activities) fields because folks might try to insert an activity code
  like '!!!' or commit other similar bogusness
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: add new 'pre_update_comparison' routine for validating
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: refactor _update_activity and _insert_activity so they
  filter out bogus properties
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: refactor _update_employee and _insert_employee so they
  filter out bogus properties
- t/: adapt tests to current state; add some tests that attempt to
  insert/update bogus properties

0.230  2014-10-30 18:21 CET
- activity_Config.pm: add resource definitions for 'activity/aid' and 'activity/code'
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add DELETE tests for 'activity/code/:code'

0.231  2014-10-30 19:37 CET
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: handle an edge case ($eid might be undefined due to
  bogus user input)
- t/dispatch/employee.t: label some tests; add tests for some edge cases
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add tests for some edge cases

0.232  2014-10-30 22:07 CET
- activity_Config.pm: activate 'activity/code' dispatch target
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: adapt '_code' dispatch target to handle POST
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add tests

0.233  2014-10-31 13:30 CET
- realize that there are resources where the GET method needs ACL profile of,
  e.g., "active" but the remaining methods (PUT, POST, DELETE) need to be
  available only to administrators
- Resource.pm: modify 'forbidden' method to handle resources with ACL profiles
  defined for each HTTP method separately
- config/dispatch/activity_Config.pm: define per-method ACL profiles where needed
- Model/Privhistory.pm: improve documentation of 'get_privhistory' routine
- Test.pm: add 'req_active', 'req_json_active', 'create_active_employee', and
  'delete_active_employee' routines
- t/dispatch/activity.t: adapt tests to use the new routines in Test.pm and to
  test the per-method ACL profile definitions

0.234  2014-10-31 16:48 CET
- config/dispatch/: convert 'documentation' property of resource definitions
  from HTML to POD
- t/dispatch/activity.t: provide some tests for 'activity/aid' and
  'activity/code' resources

0.235  2014-10-31 17:29 CET
- Dispatch.pm: do not chomp off linebreaks when processing resource
  documentation string

0.236  2014-10-31 21:29 CET
- Build.PL: require Pod::Simple::HTML (needed by 'docu/html' target)
- config/dispatch/: activate 'activity/aid' resource for POST; add '=pod' 
  line at top of documentation string on each resource; rename 'docu' target
  from '_help_post' to '_docu'; add 'docu/html' resource definition; convert
  some remaining documentation from HTML to POD
- Dispatch.pm: add a '_docu_html' target
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: adapt '_aid' target for POST
- Test.pm: expand 'docu_check' routine to cover 'docu/html' resource as well as
  straight 'docu'
- Util.pm: add a 'pod_to_html' conversion routine
- t/dispatch/activity.t: fill in remaining tests necessary to meet minimal
  workflow expectations
- t/dispatch/top.t: add battery of 'docu/html' tests, mostly plagiarized from

0.237  2014-11-01 14:11 CET
- rename Dispatch/Privhistory.pm to Dispatch/Priv.pm to match 'priv' resource

0.238  2014-11-03 10:30 CET
- add many schedule-related resources to development-checklist
- in new schedule_Config.pm file with schedule resource definitions
  copied from priv_Config.pm, edit resource descriptions and documentation
- in Model/Privhistory.pm, move 'get_privhistory' routine to Model/Shared.pm
  and generalize into 'get_history'; make 'get_privhistory' and
  'get_schedhistory' in Model/{Privhistory, Schedhistory}.pm be wrappers for this
  new shared routine
- t/: adapt to current state

0.239  2014-11-03 12:15 CET
- renamed all 'priv/current/...' and 'schedule/current/...' resources
  to 'priv/self/...' and 'schedule/self/...', respectively
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: renamed _get_current to _get_history_self; move
  _current_priv logic to Dispatch/Shared.pm->current because we will call it
  from Dispatch/Schedule.pm as well;
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: ongoing adaptations
- t/: adapt to current state

0.240  2014-11-03 16:19 CET
- MANIFEST: add Dispatch/Schedule.pm, t/dispatch/schedule.t
- activity_Config.pm: add 'activity/help' resource definition
- priv_Config.pm, etc.: rename some resources and targets
  (in particular s/current/self/ in resource names)
- dispatch_Config.pm, Resource.pm: activate schedule resources
- dispatch_Message_en.pm: add new DISPATCH_EMPLOYEE_SCHEDULE and
- config/sql/schedule_Config.pm: add new SQL_SCHEDHISTORY_SELECT_RANGE_BY_EID
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: adapt 'current' routine to work for both priv and
  schedule resources
- Model/Shared.pm: fix some bugs
- Resource.pm: activate schedule resources
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add tests for 'activity/help'
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add tests for "/schedule/eid/:eid/?:ts",
  "/schedule/help", "/schedule/nick/:nick/?:ts", and "/schedule/self/?:ts"

0.241  2014-11-03 22:32 CET
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: "numify" $eid in return value payload from dispatch
  target 'current'; check for hashref instead of scalar now that we are
  converting the schedule from JSON string into Perl hashref
- Model/Schedule.pm: rename 'get_json' to 'get_schedule_json' and add
  'decode_schedule_json' for converting the schedule JSON string into a Perl
- Model/Shared.pm: return decoded schedule (hashref) from schedule_by_eid
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: uncomment/adapt some tests
- t/: get model units to run cleanly again

0.242  2014-11-04 08:30 CET
- config/dispatch/schedule_Config.pm: put resource definitions in alphabetical order;
  add missing POD; add missing 'schedule/intervals' resource definition

0.243  2014-11-04 09:56 CET
- schedule_Config.pm, Dispatch/Schedule.pm: make 'schedule/history/...'
  resources use "not_implemented" dispatch target so they don't vomit 500

0.244  2014-11-04 11:32 CET
- schedule_Config.pm: split 'schedule/intervals/?:shid' into two separate
  resources for parsing clarity

0.245  2014-11-04 17:50 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.175 for 'ssid' (instead of 'scratch_sid')
- schedule_Config.pm: 'schedule/intervals' is POST and DELETE only; activate
  DELETE on 'schedule/intervals/:sid'; rename ':shid' parameter to ':sid'
- rename 'scratch_sid' field/property of intervals to 'ssid'
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_SCHEDINTVLS_MISSING,
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: add _intervals_post and _intervals_delete dispatch
- move 'expurgate' logic to Model/Shared.pm and implement a wrapper method
  in each model module
- Model/Schedintvls.pm: fix 'insert' method so it returns a sensible status
- Test.pm: in docu_check, run 'payload' tests only if there is a payload;
  add as-yet untested 'create_testing_schedule' and 'delete_testing_schedule'
- t/: add new 'intervals.t' unit; adapt existing units to current state

0.246  2014-11-04 21:08 CET
- stabilization after the last commit
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: add some tests called for by development workflow

0.247  2014-11-04 22:21 CET
- add 'schedule/all' and 'schedule/all/disabled' resource definitions
- add 'disabled' field to 'schedules' table
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: when schedule already exists, return
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: test for 'DISPATCH_SCHEDULE_OK' when inserting the
  same schedule a second time

0.248  2014-11-05 11:05 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.176 to ensure Schedule objects have a
  'disabled' property
- config/dispatch/schedule_Config.pm: activate 'schedule/all' and 
  'schedule/all/disabled' resources
- config/sql/schedule_Config.pm: add 'disabled' field to SQL statements;
  add two new SQL statements to get all schedule records
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: import 'get_all_schedules' and
  'get_all_schedules_including_disabled' routines
- Model/Schedule.pm: implement 'get_all_schedules' and
  'get_all_schedules_including_disabled' routines

0.249  2014-11-05 12:18 CET
- give 'schedule/all/...' dispatch targets more sensible names
- enable POST on 'schedule/intervals/:sid', including documentation
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add 405 tests for 'schedule/all/...'

0.250  2014-11-05 17:54 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.177 for TO_JSON method; require
  App::CELL 0.201 to get rid of Data::Structure::Util
- Resource.pm: get rid of wacky debug code; add 'convert_blessed' to our
  JSON 'encode' method call now that we have TO_JSON methods in all models;
  this obviates the need to call 'unblessed'
- Data::Structure::Util does not work with perl 5.20, so it needs to go;
  remove all mentions of it; fix resulting brokenness 
- Util.pm: get rid of jury-rigged 'deep_copy' routine (use Storable::dclone

0.251  2014-11-06 09:42 CET
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm->_intervals_delete was reporting success even when
  nothing was actually deleted - fixed
- Model/Schedule.pm->schedule_all was crashing when no records found (because
  $counter was not initialized) - fixed
- t/104-employee.t: deprecate expurgate in favor of TO_JSON
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: when no schedule records are in the database,
  'schedule/all/...' will return 404 - fixed
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add basic tests for 'schedule/all' and

0.252  2014-11-06 16:43 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.181 for new boilerplate code
- schedule_Config.pm: rename '/schedule/intervals/:sid' to 
- dbinit_Config.pm: add a trigger to make immutable/unupdatable the 'schedule'
  field of the 'shedules' table 
- add a 'SQL_SCHEDULE_UPDATE' statement to support updates on the
  'schedules' table
- replace calls to 'expurgate' method with 'TO_JSON'
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: implement _intervals_get and _schedule_post dispatch
  targets and '_update_schedule' routine adapted from Employee.pm
- Model/Shedule.pm: override the boilerplate 'compare' method for this
  model because the 'disabled' field needs special handling; implement
  an 'update' method
- Resource.pm: fix a debug message
- t/107-schedule.t: add test case for 'update' method
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: add GET test case for '/schedule/sid/:sid' resource

0.253  2014-11-07 14:33 CET
- Test.pm: make a new 'req' routine that to replace the current rag-tag
  collection of kludgey routines for generating HTTP requests against the
  Plack::Test object
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: add 'POST schedule/sid/:sid' test cases; migrate the
  entire unit to the new 'req' routine 
- t/: move model tests into their own subdirectory and comment out 'skip_all'
  so they run
- Model/: remove 'expurgate' method from all model modules (replaced by TO_JSON);
  remove 'compare' method overlay (replaced by compare_disabled)
- t/model/activity.t: adapt tests, remove deprecated tests, add new tests

0.254  2014-11-07 16:19 CET
- t/dispatch/activity.t: migrate to new 'req' function

0.255  2014-11-07 22:12 CET
- t/dispatch/employee.t: strenuously migrate to the new 'req' routine

0.256  2014-11-08 20:30 CET
- t/dispatch/priv.t: migrate another unit to 'req'

0.257  2014-11-08 21:35 CET
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: migrate unit to 'req'

0.258  2014-11-09 09:10 CET
- t/dispatch/top.t: migrate unit to 'req'
- Test.pm: deprecate and eliminate kludgey testing routines (replaced by 'req')

0.259  2014-11-10 08:54 CET
- Model/Shared.pm: finally get up the courage to return 'NOTICE' status level
  instead of 'OK' when SELECT statements return no records - this makes
  "nothing found" easy to distinguish from "something found", while keeping "ERR"
  reserved for DBI errors; add 'make_test_exists' to generate 'nick_exists',
  'eid_exists', etc. etc. (to be used in all model modules)
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: adapt to above change
- Model/Employee.pm: revamp nick_exists and eid_exists (generalize these routines
  and generate them at runtime for code re-use)
- Resource.pm: adapt to above change
- t/dispatch/activity.t: cleanup
- t/model/employee.t: cleanup
- not testing cleanly

0.260  2014-11-10 11:29 CET
- Dispatch/: cleanup
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: break out common code from _history_eid and _history_nick
  into a separate '_history_end_game' routine
- Model/: cleanup
- Model/Shared.pm: fix make_test_exists; make get_history include both
  EID and nick in the payload
- t/: adapt tests to current state
- tests running cleanly again

0.261  2014-11-10 12:14 CET
- Model/: add 'aid_exists', 'code_exists', 'iid_exists', etc. runtime-generated
  boilerplate functions to all models where they make sense
- Model/Employee.pm: cleanup
- Model/{Schedule,Shared}.pm: eliminate circular dependency and clean up aftermath
- t/model/: add test cases for new boilerplate

0.262  2014-11-10 14:02 CET
- release/: new docgen.plx to auto-generate POD documentation on all resources;
  adapt release.sh to use the new docgen.plx script
- docs/Resources.pm: auto-generated POD documentation 
- config/docgen_Config.pm: special params for use in docgen.plx 
- config/dispatch/: clean up some of the docs
- config/dispatch_Config.pm: add POD to DISPATCH_RESOURCE_LISTS
- Resource.pm: adapt 'init_router' routine to new DISPATCH_RESOURCE_LISTS

0.263  2014-11-10 14:40 CET
- REST.pm: eliminate obsolete POD; add new POD about
- config/dispatch/: add some asterisks
- config/docgen_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_DOCGEN_EPITAPH to make
  Docs/Resources.pm a valid module
- ../release/docgen.plx: process the epitaph

0.264  2014-11-10 17:13 CET
- ../release/docgen.plx, config/docgen_Config.pm: POD module generated by
  docgen.plx not rendering correctly on metacpan.org - tweak; add DESCRIPTION
- Model/Schedule.pm: fix broken schedule_all routine (it wasn't using the right
  SQL statement)
- t/dispatch/schedules.t: add proper minimal test cases for 'schedule/all' and

0.265  2014-11-11 17:45 CET
- config/dispatch/schedule_Config.pm: rewrite documentation of
  'schedule/intervals' resource
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: cleanup
- major refactor of history-related dispatch targets and supporting
  code for code sharing between Privhistory and Schedhistory
- lots of regressions; not testing cleanly yet
- config/dispatch/schedule_Config.pm: activate history resources,
- experimenting with metacpan POD rendering glitch

0.266  2014-11-11 10:10 CET
- docgen.plx: flesh out auto-generated resource documentation by adding
  permitted methods and CLI command
- more trial-and-error on metacpan POD rendering issue (change all heredocs
  so the end flags are unique)
- Model/Shared.pm: implement new 'load_multiple' routine to eliminate some
  creeping code duplication
- Model/Activity.pm: make get_all_activities use 'load_multiple'
- Model/Schedule.pm: replace 'schedule_all' and 'schedule_all_disabled' with 
  a single 'get_all_schedules' routine based on 'load_multiple'
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: adapt to the new routines
- t/: adapt to current state; add test cases for get_all_activities

0.267  2014-11-11 22:51 CET
- complete refactor of shared history-related dispatch targets
- integrate intervals.t into schedule.t
- split history.t off from priv.t
- remove history-related tests from schedule.t
- (now ready to add schedhistory tests to history.t)

0.268  2014-11-12 09:13 CET
- t/dispatch/history.t: adapt to test both 'priv/history' and
  'schedule/history' resources
- ../release/docgen.plx: add ACL profile to each resource; tweak display of
  HTTP methods
- t/dispatch/history.t: clean up comments, variable and function names

0.269  2014-11-12 11:15 CET
- ../release/release.sh not incrementing version number of Docs/Resources.pm -
  attempt to fix

0.270  2014-11-12 11:39 CET
- ../release/docgen.plx: tweak POD formatting

0.271  2014-11-12 11:43 CET
- cleanup distro infrastructure

0.272  2014-11-12 13:38 CET
- Dispatch/Employee.pm, t/dispatch/employee.t: add current schedule to payload
  of 'employee/current/priv' resource
- Docs/Workflow.pm: new POD module describing workflow scenarios from an
  end-user perspective
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_EMPLOYEE_CURRENT_PRIV
- Test.pm: add 'create_inactive_employee'; rename 'delete_active_employee' to
  'delete_employee_by_nick' (complete re-write)
- t/dispatch/activity.t: add some tests for 'activity/help'; prepare for this
  resource to handle resources where 'acl_profile' is a HASHREF
- ../release/docgen.plx: tweak POD formatting some more

0.273  2014-11-12 16:49 CET
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: make 'make_default' handle resources that use
  fine-grained acl_profile definition
- t/dispatch/activity.t: test above handler

0.274  2014-11-13 10:43 CET
- config/dispatch/: allow 'inactive' to view own priv/schedule history
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: refactor 'current' routine to use a dispatch table
- Docs/Workflow.pm: add verbiage
- Test.pm: create_{active,inactive}_employee return $eid
- t/: start fixing regressions

0.275  2014-11-13 15:01 CET
- fix regression: "GET schedule/eid/:eid vomits 500 or returns nonsense"
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: the regression was caused by not saving the return
  value from the call to {priv,schedule}_by_eid in the 'current' routine
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add test case for this regression 

0.276  2014-11-13 15:37 CET
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add more positive tests focused on 'current' dispatch

0.277  2014-11-13 16:30 CET
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: cleanup
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add negative tests for 'schedule/eid/:eid/?:ts'

0.278  2014-11-13 22:32 CET
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add more negative tests
- ../development-checklist, Docs/Workflow.pm: start blocking in interval
  and lock resources; add verbiage
- config/dispatch/: make 'employee/self' be a synonym for 'employee/current'
  and enable POST requests on these resources so employees can, e.g., change
  their own password; update documentation of history resources
  on 'employee/self' 
- t/dispatch/employee.t: run all 'employee/current' tests on 'employee/self'
  as well; realize that if a resource returns 405 it will do so regardless
  of which user we authenticate as (even non-existent user)

0.279  2014-11-14 10:39 CET
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: add _post_current (dispatch target for POST
  'employee/{current, self}'
- t/dispatch/employee.t: ACL checks are not working for resources with
  fine-grained ACL profile definition: add a test case for this

0.280  2014-11-14 11:29 CET
- employee_Config.pm: fix 'employee/self' acl_profile property
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: request body needs to be a hashref - check for that
  where we really care about it - in _put_post_delete_employee_by_eid
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: pre_update_comparison was causing DOCHAZKA_BAD_INPUT to
  be returned if no fields would actually change on update, but this might be
  confusing - change it to allow updates in such cases
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add test cases for POST employee/{current,self} by
  inactive and active employees; adapt tests to current state

0.281  2014-11-14 16:42 CET
- finish implementation (including test cases) of POST dispatch
  target for 'employee/{current,self}' resource

0.282  2014-11-14 21:36 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: add trigger clause to make 'sid' field immutable
- Docs/Workflow.pm: add verbiage
- t/model/schedule.t: add test case verifying that 'update' method does not
  change the database even if the 'sid' field is changed

0.283  2014-11-18 07:45 CET
- REST_Message_en.conf: add finer-grained notice messages for 'cud'
- Model/Shared.pm: in cud, check return value of '$sth->execute' and
  return finer-grained notices to distinguish various edge cases
- t/: adapt to current state

0.284  2014-11-18 11:01 CET
- unit tests: move existing '002-root' and '003-current-priv' units to 
  new t/sql directory; add new 't/sql/immutable_id.t' unit to test 
  new triggers to make 'eid', 'iid', etc. fields immutable
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add "immutability" triggers for 'employees.eid',
  'schedhistory.shid' and 'privhistory.phid'

0.285  2014-11-18 11:53 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm, t/sql/immutable_id.t: finish making '*id' fields immutable

0.286  2014-11-18 12:49 CET
- dispatch_Config.pm, interval_Config.pm: add basic set of 'intervals'

0.287  2014-11-18 15:33 CET
- config/dispatch/HTTP_Message_en.conf: make a separate message file for codes
  that map directly to an HTTP error code
- config/, lib/: transform DOCHAZKA_BAD_INPUT and DOCHAZKA_INSUFFICENT_PRIV into 
  special status codes that map directly to HTTP error codes
- Resource.pm: when target returns certain status codes (see package variable
  %status_http_map), translate them directly into HTTP error codes
- t/: adapt to current state

0.288  2014-11-19 10:05 CET
- Dispatch/Lock.pm: lay groundwork for locks
- t/dispatch/interval.t: new tests 
- interval_Config.pm, dispatch_Message_en.conf: minor fixes
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: add special ACL handling
- Model/Interval.pm: fix bug (wrong order of properties in call to 'cud')
- Test.pm: let 'req' handle any user as long as "passhash" property is
  set the same as "nick"

0.289  2014-11-19 11:08 CET
- interval_Config.pm: make not-implemented resources use 'not_implemented'
  dispatch target
- t/dispatch/interval.pm: add some missing boilerplate tests

0.290  2014-11-19 11:23 CET
- interval_Config.pm: 'interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange' resource was broken due to
  missing EOH - fixed
- t/dispatch/interval.t: $base for 'interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange' resource was
  set to wrong value - fixed

0.291  2014-11-19 15:19 CET
- HTTP_Message_en.conf, Resources.pm: add 404 status trigger
- interval_Config.pm: call the hypothetical error code DISPATCH_TOO_MANY_RECORDS_FOUND
- top_Config.pm: fix factual error in documentation 
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_TOO_MANY_RECORDS_FOUND definition 
- Dispatch/Shared.pm->history: trigger 404 when no records found
- Model/Employee.pm: return DISPATCH_NO_RECORDS_FOUND with status level 'NOTICE'
- t/dispatch/history.t: explore more possibilities for entering an invalid EID; 
  adapt to current state (status-triggered 404 errors)
- t/dispatch/interval.t: add basic tests for 'interval/self/:tsrange'

0.292  2014-11-19 16:40 CET
- dispatch/interval_Config.pm: enable _fetch_* dispatch targets
- sql/interval_Config.pm: add SQL_INTERVAL_SELECT_BY_EID_AND_TSRANGE
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: implement _fetch_* dispatch targets
- Model/Interval.pm: implement a fetch_by_eid_and_tsrange function
- Model/Shared.pm: load_multiple had no provision for binding parameters -
- t/dispatch/interval.t: add some basic tests for
  '/interval/eid/:eid/:tsrange', 'interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange' and

0.293  2014-11-19 18:05 CET
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: let _new set EID to that of current user
  if no EID specified in request body
- t/dispatch/interval.t: add tests under 'interval/new' resource

0.294  2014-11-19 22:59 CET
- Dispatch.pm: adapt _docu* dispatch targets so they expect to receive argument
  in 'resource' property
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: pass argument with DISPATCH_PARAMETER_BAD_OR_MISSING to
  report which property is missing
- Resource.pm: only that JSON is not malformed that converts into a hashref
- Test.pm: adapt to current state
- t/dispatch/intervals.t: add two tests under 'interval/new'

0.295  2014-11-20 11:50 CET
- rename resource 'schedule/interval' to 'schedule/new'
- Resource.pm: no longer accept content bodies that do not convert cleanly into
  a hashref - this required some minor retooling of the following resources that
  had been accepting bare scalars or JSON arrays:
  - 'docu' and 'docu/html'
  - 'metaparam' and 'siteparam'
  - 'schedule/new'
- Dispatch.pm->_param_post now saves the pre-change value and attempts to
  restore it if the new value is not set properly
- t/: adapt to current state

0.296  2014-11-20 14:01 CET
- split 'metaparam' / 'metaparam/:param'

0.297  2014-11-20 18:21 CET
- config/dispatch/lock_Config.pm: add lock resource definitions
  (very similar to interval_Config.pm)
- dispatch/interval_Config.pm: adapt to generalized dispatch targets
- dispatch_Config.pm: enable lock resources
- sql/lock_Config.pm: add missing SQL statements
- Dispatch/: remove bogus "use App::Dochazka::REST::Dispatch::ACL qw( check_acl);" 
  line from all dispatch modules
- Dispatch/ACL.pm: add 'check_acl_context' routine (shared between interval
  and lock dispatch targets)
- Dispatch/{Interval,Shared}.pm: generalize most of the dispatch targets
- Dispatch/Lock.pm: get it ready for business
- Model/Lock.pm: add missing fetch_by_eid_and_tsrange routine
- t/dispatch/: rename 'interval.t' to 'interval_lock.t' and start running
  each resource's tests in a foreach loop so the same tests are run for 
  'interval/..' and 'lock/..' counterparts

0.298  2014-11-20 21:51 CET
- sql/lock_Config.pm: fix typos in SQL_LOCK_UPDATE
- Dispatch/Lock.pm: in '_new', make eid not required in request body 
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: fix bugs in interval+lock shared routines
- add several debug log messages; comment out one debug log message
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: test both 'interval/..' and 'lock/..'
  for all resources

0.299  2014-11-23 12:13 CET
- REST.pm: add caveat about tsranges with unbounded intervals
- Test.pm: add dbi_err routine to eliminate code duplication in units
- t/dispatch/: use the new 'dbi_err' routine everywhere

0.300  2014-11-23 14:50 CET
- t/300-ACL.t: add unit to vet the 'check_acl' routine
- Dispatch/ACL.pm: refactor the 'check_acl' routine
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: stop re-implementing check_acl in the 'make_default'
- Resource.pm: fix bug: "ACL profile of '/forbidden' resource is set to
  bogus scalar 'undefined' instead of undef"; adapt to check_acl refactor
- t/dispatch/history.t: add more tests; improve comments

0.301  2014-11-23 23:24 CET
- Dispatch/ACL.pm: make 'check_acl_context' return OK status when the
  request passes its check
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: block out an 'interval_sanity' routine (WIP)
- Dispatch/{Interval,Lock}.pm: adapt to current state

0.302  2014-11-24 14:43 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'no_intervals_after' and 'intvl_ok' stored PL/pgSQL procedures
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: make '_insert_interval' validate its arguments using Params::Validate
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: test attendance and lock intervals for bad string 'infinity';
  add 'lock_sanity' routine to perform analogous role to 'interval_sanity'

0.303  2014-11-24 16:47 CET
- config/sql/: globally replace tsrange with tstzrange and TIMESTAMP
  'intervals' and 'locsk' so all new 'intvl' values are vetted at insert/update
  using the 'intvl_ok' stored procedure
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: tweak '_no_infinity'
- t/: with the change to "WITH TIME ZONE", some return values have "+01"
  appended, so adapt tests in those cases
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add a new section tests that examine handling
  of bogus tstzrange values that might be provided by the user

0.304  2014-11-24 17:13 CET
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: export lock_sanity
- Dispatch/Lock.pm: add 'lock_sanity' call to '_new'
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: fix tests broken by migration to 'WITH TIME ZONE';
  add a positive test illustrating a suspicious-looking interval that is acceptable
- t/model/: add '+01' to some timestamp literals because they are now timestamptz

0.305  2014-11-24 18:11 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: notice that we already have a 'valid_intvl' trigger; revamp
  'intervals' and 'locks' triggers to use it
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add a group of tests to keep track of which
  pathological tsranges ('intervals' in Dochazka terms) we are successfully
  checking for

0.306  2014-11-26 09:31 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'intvl_not_locked' trigger before update or insert on
  'intervals' table - checks to make sure the interval would not overlap with
  any existing lock
- Model/Shared.pm: fix bug where 'load' routine was needlessly adding 
  'count => 1' to the payload, which is supposed to be just an object
- t/: some tests started to fail because we were creating intervals and locks
  with the same intervals - fixed by changing the lock interval
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: now that we have a functioning trigger, add tests
  that attempt to insert intervals that conflict with a lock
- t/model/triggers: add new subdirectory for trigger tests
- t/model/triggers/immutable_id.t: new unit to test triggers that make ID
  fields immutable

0.307  2014-11-26 16:40 CET
- Model/: make 'update' methods return 'DOCHAZKA_ID_MISSING_IN_UPDATE' if id
  property missing
- Test.pm: add new 'gen_$class' multi-purpose routines
- t/model/general/id.t: use 'gen_$class' routines
- t/model/general/reset.t: expand to test 'reset' method in all classes

0.308  2014-11-27 11:11 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.184 for 'attrs' and 'get' methods
- dbinit_Config.pm: add checks for presence of 'infinity' in tsranges
- Test.pm: bring in 'test_sql_success' and 'test_sql_failure' functions
  so we aren't duplicating them in the units
- t/model/employee.t: cleanup; eliminate some duplicated code (low-hanging
- t/model/general/reset.t: finishing touches
- t/sql/: cleanup
- t/sql/schedintvl.t: new tests for intvl triggers

0.309  2014-11-27 17:09 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: have 'schedule_at_timestamp' return NULL instead of {} when
  there is no schedule in effect
- Model/Shared.pm: make decode_schedule_json handle the above NULL value
- t/: fix all the tests that were expecting {} but now get undef instead

0.310  2014-11-27 22:04 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'schedule_policy' trigger function to prevent users
  from introducing intervals in time periods when the employee has no or
  ambiguous scheduling
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: adapt to the above trigger (ensure testing user
  has a schedule and the schedule is in effect)
- t/: disable a bunch of tests broken by introduction of this trigger

0.311  2014-11-27 23:04 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: expand no_lock_conflict to handle DELETE as well as INSERT/UPDATE
- t/model/{interval,lock}.t: adapt to current state
- t/model/lock.t: add test confirming that it is no longer possible to delete a
  locked interval

0.312  2014-11-28 11:27 CET
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add some tests simulating: (1) create interval,
  (2) lock it, (3) attempt to update it - interval is locked, (4) attempt to
  delete it - interval is locked
- dbinit_Config.pm: add another trigger and run into problems because I didn't realize PostgreSQL
  executes triggers in alphabetical order

0.313  2014-11-28 12:20 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: rename triggers so "alphabetical order" is aligned with
  "order of intended execution"
- Dispatch/{Interval,Lock,Shared}.pm: since all sanity checks will be
  implemented via triggers, the sanity stuff we put here before is unnecessary,
  so delete it
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: we are no longer returning 400 when intervals
  are malformed or non-compliant
- t/model/interval.t: now that we have enabled the 'priv_policy' trigger, make
  sure the testing user has a proper privhistory before attempting to add
  intervals in his name
- t/model/: both interval.t and lock.t required the same setup/teardown code,
  so move the lock tests to interval.t and get rid of lock.t

0.314  2014-11-28 15:23 CET
- rename t/model/interval.t -> t/model/interval_lock.t
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'history_policy' trigger function to ensure that
  privhistory/schedhistory records are not entered if they conflict with an
  existing interval
- t/model/interval_lock.t: add minimal tests for the 'history_policy' trigger

0.315  2014-11-28 16:23 CET
- got Path::Router validations to work!!!
- config/dispatch/activity_Config.pm: added validations clauses
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm: added validations clauses
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: delete DISPATCH_AID_DOES_NOT_EXIST and
- dbinit_Config.pm: change 'kosher_code' constraint on 'activities' table to
  match the validations clause
- Dispatch/Activity.pm: noticed that we were still returning custom codes (e.g.
  DISPATCH_AID_DOES_NOT_EXIST) instead of a simple 404 (405 on PUT) -- fixed
- t/dispatch/activity.t: fix tests broken by the above changes

0.316  2014-11-28 16:48 CET
- dispatch/employee_Config.pm: add validations clause to the
  'employee/count/:priv' resource definition
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: handle upper/mixed case priv strings gracefully
- Model/Employee.pm: noof_employees_by_priv was written long ago - update it to
  use best practices
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add 'employee/count/:priv' test cases

0.317  2014-11-28 17:26 CET
- dispatch/employee_Config.pm: add validations clause to 'employee/nick/:nick'
  resource definition
- sql/dbinit_Config.pm: change 'kosher_nick' constraint to match the above
  validations clause
- t/dispatch/: add some more tests demonstrating invalid codes caught
  by the new validations clauses

0.318  2014-11-28 18:12 CET
- Build.PL: require latest version of App::CELL
- dispatch/{interval,lock}_Config.pm: add validations clause
- dispatch/top_Config.pm: added missing 'interval' and 'lock' top-level
  resource definitions
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add some test cases for the above validations

0.319  2014-11-28 18:30 CET
- dispatch/{interval,lock}_Config.pm: add validations clauses
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: adapt existing tests to new validations clauses;
  add new tests to demonstrate the new validations clauses; one resource 
  (lock/nick/:nick/:tsrange) was completely missing - added it

0.320  2014-11-28 19:33 CET
- config/dispatch/: add remaining validations clauses
- t/: adapt existing tests to the new validations clauses without getting hung
  up about adding new tests, because if I were to implement tests for all cases
  I'd never get this thing finished

0.321  2014-11-28 21:59 CET
- dispatch/employee_Config.pm: adjust ACLs so 'inactive' and 'active' employees
  can do various operations - trusting that later logic will prevent them from
  seeing or modifying any data but their own
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: eliminate _post_current routine after moving ACL code
  into _put_post_delete_employee_by_eid
- t/dispatch/employee.t: adapt to current state

0.322  2014-11-29 23:03 CET
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm: change ACL profiles of all the resources
  for which we want to let 'inactive' and 'active' employees edit certain
  fields of their own employee profile - this opens something of a bag of worms
  because we have to let these requests through to Dispatch/Employee.pm
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: eliminate deprecated messages
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: refactor several routines to let 'inactive' and
  'active' users update certain fields of their own employee profiles
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: eliminate deprecated messages
- t/dispatch/employee.t: adapt existing tests; add some tests to probe the 
  feature we just added
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: adapt to current state

0.323  2014-12-01 10:45 CET
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: have an active user try to create a lock on
  someone else's attendance

0.324  2014-12-03 09:03 CET
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka 0.185 so employees have a sec_id property
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm: fix validations clause so it allows %
  sign, which we use as a wildcard in the GET method
- config/sql/{dbinit,employee}_Config.pm: add sec_id property to employees table
- REST.pm: write some POD to explain our approach to ACLs; do not mention a
  'policies' table since we never implemented it; explain how employees are
  identified (with mention of 'sec_id')
- Model/Employee.pm, Dispatch/Employee.pm: enable sec_id 
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add tests for some lock edge cases
- t/{dispatch,model}/employee: adapt to the new 'sec_id' property

0.325  2014-12-03 09:40 CET
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add a basic test for GET employee/nick/:nick with a
  wildcard in the search key

0.326  2014-12-03 16:46 CET
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: make it so introspection resources do not return
  'acl_profile' property because some resources now have "mixed" acl_profiles

0.327  2014-12-03 22:26 CET
- start a substantial refactor to make each employee have her own database
  connection (thanks to DBIx::Connector)
- (test suite failing)

0.328  2014-12-05 08:57 CET
- REST.pm: refactor database (re-)initialization routines
- t/001-init.t: adapt to new routines
- dbh.pm: attempt to make get_conn handle all DBI connection scenarios
- start migrating modules to new dbh.pm, which will be renamed to ConnBank.pm

0.329  2014-12-05 16:40 CET
- config/sql/session_Config.pm: delete (deprecated)
- rename dbh.pm to ConnBank.pm
- move Timestamp.pm (App::Dochazka::REST::Util::Timestamp) to ../staging/ as it
  is not used and the DBI calls need to be rewritten
- removed all mentions of App::Dochazka::REST::dbh from modules outside of Model/
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add SQL_NOOF_CONNECTIONS; set DEFAULT PRIVILEGES
  so user connections will work (in order to be able to revoke a user's
  privileges, it will be better to set the privileges via a trigger)
- introduce roles, fix privilege problems so now our "production" roles
  ('dochazka' and numeric "EID" roles) can see tables, etc.

0.330  2014-12-05 17:11 CET
- ConnBank.pm: remove the $site->DOCHAZKA_DBNAME connection option,
  which was confusing - either use 'superuser' or the root EID
- REST.pm: remove deprecated 'connect_db' and 'connect_db_pristine' routines
- t/001-init.t: adapt to current state

0.331  2014-12-05 18:03 CET
- embark on a quest to eliminate all instances of the string 'dbh' from the
  entire codebase

0.332  2014-12-06 07:47 CET
- Model/Shared.pm: start converting DBI calls to DBIx::Connector; clean up some
  cruft along the way; add select_single routine for SELECT statements expected
  to return 0 or 1 record
- Test.pm: add a 'do_select_single' wrapper for 'select_single'
- t/sql/current_priv.t: refactor tests to use 'do_select_single'

0.333  2014-12-06 11:59 CET
- massive refactor ongoing to migrate the codebase to DBIx::Connector
- restore Timestamp.pm as we need it for unit tests
- t/004-shared-paramvalid.t, t/011-tsrange_equal.t, t/203-util-timestamp.t - 
  move three old and probably unnecessary units to staging because I don't have
  the patience to adapt them to the current state
- REST.pm: initialize DOCHAZKA_EID_OF_... site params in 'init' 
- Dispatch.pm: fix _get_dbstatus so the module compiles
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm, Model/Activity.pm, Model/Schedintvls.pm,
  Model/Schedule.pm, Model/Shared.pm: adapt to DBIx::Connector; cleanup
- Test.pm: add 'initialize_unit' routine to mitigate code duplication in the
  units, adapt 'test_sql_success' and 'test_sql_failure' to DBIx::Connector,
- t/sql/: adapt all units to DBIx::Connector
- t/dispatch/: start adapting to DBIx::Connector (WIP)

0.334  2014-12-06 14:39 CET
- fix Changes munge from last commit
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm, Dispatch/Employee.pm: re-enable 'count'
- Dispatch/: start migration to DBIx::Connector
- Model/: finish migration to DBIx::Connector
- Model/Schedule.pm: use 'select_single' in 'insert' method
- Model/Shared.pm: fix 'DISPATCH_RECORDS_FOUND' statuses; fix { isa =>
  'DBIx::Connector' } clauses
- Test.pm: finish migration to DBIx::Connector
- t/sql/, t/model/: migrate to DBIx::Connector; all tests running cleanly now
- NEXT: migrate Dispatch methods and t/dispatch/ units to DBIx::Connector

0.335  2014-12-06 21:11 CET
- REST.pm: deprecate the DOCHAZKA_DBUSER user (we are no longer using it)
- Dispatch/: migrate all modules to DBIx::Connector
- Model/Employee.pm: add $SIG{__WARN__} handler; when employee is created,
  set up the corresponding role
- Model/Shared.pm: fix bugs in make_test_exists and get_history
- Resource.pm: fix bugs introduced during migration to DBIx::Connector
- t/dispatch/activity.t now running cleanly

0.336  2014-12-07 18:37 CET
- hunt down and fix remaining bugs/errors/typos introduced during migration
- test suite running cleanly again

0.337  2014-12-08 11:26 CET
- config/sql/audit_Config.pm: bring in Audit Trigger from 
- Build.PL: add 'meta_merge' clause as recommended by Randy Stauner at
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: the DBINIT_CREATE parameter, where we create all
  tables, functions, triggers, etc., is a bit disorganized -- start adding
  'COMMENT' statements and taking other cleanup measures 
- REST.pm: work on documentation; add code to load and create the audit triggers
- Resource.pm: fixed bug (uncovered by the audit triggers) "all incoming HTTP
  connections are using PostgreSQL user '1', which should be reserved for the
  root employee"

0.338  2014-12-08 15:17 CET
- work on transaction auditing feature:
  - no more "shadow" db roles
  - all traffic goes through a single connection (which can be pooled)
  - pass EID to audit trigger via "SET LOCAL dochazka.eid"

0.339  2014-12-08 22:30 CET
- after discussions, reconsider my idea of creating a "shadow db role" for each
  employee; instead, I will try to get the EID into the audit trigger via a
  custom GUC (session variable)
- REST.pm: eliminate 'create_tables' routine; all database initialization now
  takes place in 'reset_db'
- ConnBank.pm: refactor 'get_conn'
- adapt all instances of 'get_conn' throughout the code base
- {Dispatch,Model}/Employee.pm: eliminate 'select_multiple_by_nick' routine;
  call load_multiple directly from the dispatch target
- t/: adapt to current state

0.340  2014-12-09 11:09 CET
- for auditing purposes we need to send not only the DBIx::Connector object,
  but also the current EID in all 'cud' calls
- Model/Shared.pm: in cud routine, add 'eid' to PARAMHASH and run
  SQL_SET_DOCHAZKA_EID_GUC to set 'dochazka.eid' GUC session variable
- {Dispatch,Model}/Activity.pm: carry out necessary modifications

0.341  2014-12-09 17:17 CET
- work on getting the current EID into Model/Shared.pm->cud
- send request context in all 'insert', 'update' and 'delete' method calls on
  datamodel objects; these methods then split out the DBIx::Connector object
  and the current EID
- Model/: make all necessary modifications
- Test.pm, Dispatch/: deal with cascade effects (WIP)
- t/sql/, t/model/: adapt tests to current state
- t/dispatch/: WIP

0.342  2014-12-10 10:52 CET
- audit_Config.pm: DROP SCHEMA is not necessary here, since the immediately
  preceding command is DROP DATABASE
- Dispatch/: completed the migration described above
- Model/: fix some lingering migration-related issues
- Test.pm, t/: migration broke lots of tests; we are now expected to send the
  request context, but with Plack::Test there is none(!); fortunately, it is
  trivial to simulate such a context ($faux_context)
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: get rid of

0.343  2014-12-10 16:43 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix names of parameters used to store PostgreSQL superuser
  credentials for testing purposes
- ConnBank.pm: refactor the entire module
- REST.pm: adapt to the new ConnBank.pm code; make 'init' routine return a
  status object with the Plack application in the payload
- Dispatch/, Model/, Test.pm, t/: adapt to the new ConnBank.pm code

0.344  2014-12-10 18:01 CET
- bin/dochazka-rest: adapt to recent modifications to REST.pm->init
- dbinit_Config.pm: sum(numbackends) is not working for some reason; work
  around the problem
- REST/Dispatch.pm: add missing 'use Try::Tiny'; add some debugging messages to
  '_get_dbstatus'; numify number of connections
- Test.pm: add some error checking; 
- t/dispatch/top.t: add subtest for 'dbstatus' resource

0.345  2014-12-11 11:35 CET
- REST.pm: add verbiage to POD
- Resource.pm, Dispatch/Employee.pm: prepare for Blowfish

0.346  2014-12-11 18:36 CET
- hash passwords using Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest
  - App::Dochazka::CLI authentication works fine
  - tests in t/dispatch/ are broken
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: implement 'hash_the_password' routine, call it from
  _insert_employee and _update_employee; export it for use in Test.pm
- Resource.pm: in _authenticate, compare password with stored salted hash 
- Test.pm: import hash_the_password and use it in create_testing_employee;
  adapt calls
- dbinit_Config.pm, t/sql/root.t: use the real hash+salt instead of the
  plaintext password

0.347  2014-12-11 20:13 CET
- REST_Config.pm: modify DOCHAZKA_PROFILE_EDITABLE_FIELDS so inactives and
  actives can still change their password now that we are hashing
- config/dispatch/employee_Config.pm: 'GET employee/nick/:nick' acl_profile was
  set too restrictive - fix
- dbinit_Config.pm: use real hash/salt when INSERTing 'root' and 'demo'
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: fix hash_the_password function calls
- Resource.pm: put call to Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest into a try/catch
  block; add some basic error-checking
- t/: adapt to current state

0.348  2014-12-12 09:39 CET
  auditing optional, and (2) give site admin control over which tables are
- REST.pm: make auditing optional; implement 'create_audit_triggers' and
  'delete_audit_triggers' routines to enable auditing to be disabled and
  re-enabled as and when desired

0.349  2014-12-12 16:43 CET
- Resource.pm: try to eliminate suspected double-encoding problem

0.350  2014-12-12 18:06 CET
- config/dispatch/interval_Config.pm: add resource definition for
- dbinit_Config.pm: work on valid_schedintvl ticket
- ConnBank.pm: use the new site params in construction of data source string,
  provided they are set
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: start adding tests for the new
  'interval/summary/?:qualifiers' resource

0.351  2014-12-12 21:59 CET
- dbinit_Config.pm: the valid_schedintvl() function we had before was bogus -
  write a proper one
- t/model/schedintvls.t: add some tests that try to enter sets of intervals
  spanning more than 168 hours (which is banned by policy, enforced by the
  valid_schedintvl function)

0.352  2014-12-13 14:51 CET
- Build.PL: require Authen::Passphrase::SaltedDigest

0.353  2014-12-13 22:19 CET
- t/202-qualifiers.t: new unit to test Dispatch/Intervals->process_quals routine
- Dispatch/Intervals.pm: implmement 'process_quals' routine to parse qualifiers;
  start writing _get_summary (dispatch target for /interval/summary/?:qualifiers)

0.354  2014-12-14 22:47 CET
- config/dispatch/interval_Config.pm: activate the new 'interval/summary/..."
- Dispatch/Interval.pm: work on dispatch target for the new resource
- Util/Timestamp.pm: export '$current_month' and '$current_year'

0.355  2014-12-18 10:07 CET
- REST.pm: work on POD

0.356  2014-12-18 18:40 CET
- Resource.pm: add 'finish_request' routine to add 'no_cache' headers
- t/301-resource.t: test for presence of "no-cache" headers in HTTP response

SPLIT OFF App::MREST into separate distribution

0.357  2015-01-27 11:32 CET
- eviscerate Resource.pm and rename it to Auth.pm -> most of the Resource.pm
  functionality has been moved to Web::MREST

0.358  2015-01-29 20:00 CET
- REST.pm: emasculate init routine
- Auth.pm: inherit from Web::MREST::Entity; call init routine from is_authorized
  so we can get access to the database
- Dispatch.pm: bring in top-level resources from Web::MREST and add a couple of
  our own

0.359  2015-01-30 10:47 CET
- REST_MetaConfig.pm: delete deprecated params
- Dispatch.pm: resource defs and :ALL from Dispatch/Employee.pm
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: implement 'whoami' resource

0.360  2015-01-30 17:12 CET
- config/, Employee/Dispatch.pm: migrate four resource definitions

0.361  2015-01-30 21:02 CET
- Test.pm, t/model/, t/sql/: get all non-resource tests running again

0.362  2015-02-02 10:20 CET
- Auth.pm, ACL.pm: migrate 'forbidden' method to Web::MREST; handle cases when
  acl_profile property does not exist, is undefined, is invalid
- Dispatch.pm: give 'forbidden' resource an invalid acl_profile; add note about
  this to resource documentation string

0.363  2015-02-02 11:44 CET
- t/301-resource.t: finish migrating unit to Web::MREST
- bin/dochazka-rest: migrate server startup script to Web::MREST
- Dispatch.pm: improve documentation of docu resource
- Employee.pm: fix typo
- Test.pm: migrate 'docu_check' routine to Web::MREST
- t/dispatch/top.t: start migrating unit to Web::MREST

0.364  2015-02-02 17:03 CET
- migrate 'priv/history/...' resource definitions
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: migrate '/priv/history/self/?:tsrange' handler (working

0.365  2015-02-02 21:44 CET
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: rewrite the main privhistory handler (split into three parts)

0.366  2015-02-03 07:26 CET
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: get handler_priv_history_post into a working state

0.367  2015-02-03 12:23 CET
- Dispatch/: split off History.pm from Priv.pm and make it work for both
  'priv/history/...' and 'schedule/history/...' resources
- Dispatch.pm: load resource definitions from Dispatch/History.pm
- remove old, pre-migration code obsoleted by these changes

0.368  2015-02-04 17:04 CET
- migrate 'schedule/new' resource definition
- migrate 'schedule/new' resource handler (WIP)
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: migrate (WIP)

0.369  2015-02-04 18:08 CET
- Dispatch/History.pm: handle errors
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: in handler_schedule_new, do the work in pass two,
  because in pass one 'request_entity' is not yet populated
- Test.pm: migrate dbi_err and create_testing_schedule
- t/dispatch/history.pm: migrate (WIP)

0.370  2015-02-05 09:44 CET
- Dispatch/History.pm, Dispatch/Shared.pm, t/dispatch/history.t: migrate (WIP)

0.371  2015-02-05 15:10 CET
- migrate 'priv/...' (non-history) resources (WIP)
- iron out last bugs, t/dispatch/history.t runs cleanly now

0.372  2015-02-06 06:12 CET
- Dispatch/Priv.pm: implement separate handler for 'priv/{eid,nick}'
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: migrate 'schedule/all' and 'schedule/all/disabled' resources
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: migrate the not-very-aptly-named 'current' routine
- t/dispatch/{priv,schedule}.t: remove 'noop'/'help' tests
- t/dispatch/priv.t: unit runs cleanly

0.373  2015-02-06 15:23 CET
- migrate 'schedule/...' resources (WIP)

0.374  2015-02-08 19:49 CET
- Dispatch/Schedule.pm: migrate 'schedule/eid/...' and 'schedule/nick/...';
  start migrating 'schedule/sid/:sid'
- Dispatch/Employee.pm: migrate 'employee/count/?:priv'; move hash_the_password
  to Util.pm
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: migrate unit tests

0.375  2015-02-09 08:52 CET
- Dispatch/Shared.pm: make a generalized method ('handler_first_pass_lookup')
  for fetching objects from the database based on URI mapping
- start migrating resource handlers to the new method

0.376  2015-02-09 15:15 CET
- migrating resources to 'handler_first_pass_lookup'

0.377  2015-02-09 20:33 CET
- debugging WIP

0.378  2015-02-10 08:40 CET
- migrate 'employee/...' resources (WIP)
- get rid of 'make_default', which was used to implement 'help' resources
  but is not compatible with Web::MREST

0.379  2015-02-10 17:29 CET
- massive reorganization: move handler routines to Dispatch.pm

0.380  2015-02-10 18:27 CET
- Dispatch.pm: merge 'current' into 'handler_get_privsched'; fix _update_schedule
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: migrate unit tests - unit runs cleanly again

0.381  2015-02-11 10:42 CET
- work on employee handlers (PUT employee/eid/:eid and PUT employee/nick/:nick)
  with two-pass additional ACL check for updates; insert is working, too
- TODO: migrate rest of employee resources and t/dispatch/employee.t

0.382  2015-02-11 14:41 CET
- ResourceDefs.pm: new module; move all migrated resource defs into it;
  add missing acl_profile properties to top-level resource defs; 
- Test.pm: include location header in return status (a-la Web::MREST)
- t/dispatch/top.t: migrate unit

0.383  2015-02-11 16:43 CET
- migrate Employee resources (WIP)

0.384  2015-02-12 07:31 CET
- support 'employee/search/nick/:key'

0.385  2015-02-12 09:22 CET
- Dispatch.pm: make 404 explanation in 'handler_get_employee_search_nick' more
- move ACL.pm up one level in the directory structure, since the Dispatch/
  directory will soon be gone

0.386  2015-02-12 09:44 CET
- Dispatch.pm: in 'GET employee/search/nick/:key', add '%' characters to :key
  implicitly if none are provided (and note this in resource documentation)
- Model/Shared.pm: in load_multiple, mention search keys in the result

0.387  2015-02-12 10:13 CET
- Dispatch.pm: make 404 explanation more descriptive
- t/dispatch/employee.t: get unit running cleanly

0.388  2015-02-12 11:22 CET
- move Dispatch/Shared.pm up one directory level
- convert insert_employee and update_employee into ordinary functions and move
  them to Shared.pm - to be manageable, Dispatch.pm should contain resource
  handlers only

0.389  2015-02-12 14:40 CET
- Dispatch.pm, Shared.pm: migrating shared (non-handler) routines to Shared.pm

0.390  2015-02-12 15:05 CET
- drop 'test/?:specs' routine, which is specific to Web::MREST testing

0.391  2015-02-12 15:15 CET
- Dispatch.pm, Shared.pm: move shared employee ACL check routines to Shared.pm

0.392  2015-02-12 16:04 CET
- Dispatch.pm, Shared.pm: eliminate "history boilerplate" by integrating its
  functionality directly into two history handlers

0.393  2015-02-12 21:16 CET
- ResourceDefs.pm, Dispatch.pm: start migrating 'activity/...' resources
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: replace hard-coded strings with message
  object codes
- Shared.pm: implement 'shared_entity_check'

0.394  2015-02-13 08:28 CET
- continue migrating 'activity/...' resources
- finished moving shared routines from Dispatch.pm to Shared.pm

0.395  2015-02-13 09:04 CET
- finish migrating 'activity/...' resources
- cleanup

0.396  2015-02-13 15:15 CET
- major migration push (just four handlers left to go)

0.397  2015-02-13 21:51 CET
- migrate last resources
- cleanup (WIP)

0.398  2015-02-16 08:25 CET
- Dispatch.pm: fix syntax error
- ResourceDefs.pm: add missing resources 'activity', 'employee', 'interval', 'lock'
- Shared.pm: fix function name 'shared_process_quals'
- t/model/: clean up tests (WIP)

0.399  2015-02-16 11:01 CET
- all tests running cleanly again
- ACL.pm, Auth.pm: return to previous behavior where resources default to "403
  Forbidden" in absence of a valid acl_profile property

0.400  2015-02-16 14:42 CET
- Test.pm, t/: comment out 'diag' statements so test output is clean
- docgen.plx, Docs/Resources.pm: first shot at migrating script that generates
  resource documentation
- ResourceDefs.pm: fix 'documentation' properties so all resources have a 

0.401  2015-02-16 21:59 CET
- docgen.plx: tweak to extract allowed methods for each resource
- Docs/Resource.pm: re-generate POD by latest docgen.plx

0.402  2015-02-17 18:30 CET
- t/model/schedule.t: fix brokenness previously hidden by a stale module file
  in /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl

0.403  2015-02-18 11:59 CET
- use normalize_filespec to avoid $ENV{'HOME'}, which does not work on Windows

0.404  2015-02-18 17:59 CET
- dispatch_Messages_en.conf, Auth.pm: define and use DISPATCH_ACL_CHECK_FAILED message
- Dispatch.pm: remove extraneous 'my'

0.405  2015-02-20 15:24 CET
- ACL.pm: add 'acl_check_is_me' - generalized check for handlers that have
  acl_profile "passerby" but may only used to operate on one's own records
- ResourceDefs.pm, Dispatch.pm: use 'acl_check_is_me' in several handlers

0.406  2015-02-20 20:55 CET
- ResourceDefs.pm: add employee/sec_id/:sec_id

0.407  2015-02-21 15:30 CET
- t/dispatch/employee.t: adapt tests to new ACL policy

0.408  2015-02-21 15:58 CET
- Model/Employee.pm: add load_by_sec_id routine
- t/model/employee.t: add rudimentary unit tests for load_by_sec_id
- Shared.pm: change all instances of $self to $d_obj since none of the routines
  in this module use method calls; add sec_id to shared_first_pass_lookup

0.409  2015-02-22 16:36 CET
- implement shared_get_employee and use it to implement three resource handlers

0.410  2015-02-23 20:42 CET
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add rudimentary tests of "employee/sec_id/:sec_id"

0.411  2015-02-24 10:55 CET
- Build.PL: no longer re-create README on each build
- README: instead, point would-be readers to metacpan.org
- REST.pm: work on POD

0.412  2015-03-20 21:35 CET
- config/sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add disabled_to_zero trigger to convert NULL
  values to "false" in the disabled field
- t/sql/disabled_to_zero.t: test disabled_to_zero trigger

0.413  2015-03-24 21:30 CET
- allow single-character nicks

0.414  2015-03-25 16:24 CET
- Dispatch.pm: convert "hardcoded text as status codes" into proper status

0.415  2015-03-30 17:29 CEST
- require App::Dochazka 0.186 for 'scode' property in schedule class
- make test suite tolerate 'scode' property
- t/sql/schedule_Config.pm: add scode property to all SQL statements where it
  makes sense
- implement 'schedule/scode/:scode' property with basic test cases

0.416  2015-04-01 09:39 CEST
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: trying to verify with tests that the new schedule
  insert logic really does what we want

0.417  2015-04-02 22:06 CEST
- use TDD to get what we want: POST schedule/new ignores scode value when given
  schedule exactly matches an existing schedule with a different (non-NULL)

0.418  2015-04-03 09:08 CEST
- SQL: split 'disabled_to_zero' function/triggers into separate variants for
  insert and update; confidently add 'NOT NULL' constraint to 'disabled' fields
- t/sql/disabled_to_zero.t: adapt to current state
- t/model/schedule.t: add notes the way it should have been from the beginning

0.419  2015-04-03 18:06 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: change ACL of 'GET schedule/all' so inactives and actives
  can do it, too
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: add appropriate test cases

0.420  2015-04-04 21:18 CEST
- SQL: implement 'not_before_1892' function to enforce sane timestamp policy
  (no dates before 1892 in the database)
- t/: adapt tests; add test cases

0.421  2015-04-05 13:34 CEST
- REST/Shared.pm: in 'shared_get_privsched', return 404 if no priv/schedule
  assigned (instead of returning 200 OK with a null priv/schedule) 
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: adapt tests

0.422  2015-04-05 20:45 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: make schedule_at_timestamp return SID instead of the
  schedule JSON itself
- Model/Shared.pm: schedule_by_eid returns SID
- REST/Shared.pm: shared_get_privsched looks up the SID and returns the
  entire schedule
- t/dispatch/schedule.t: adapt tests affected by the above change
- t/sql/disabled_to_zero.t: clean up after ourselves

0.423  2015-04-06 13:42 CEST
- REST/Shared.pm: make shared_employee_acl_part2 declare 403 status with a
  proper App::CELL::Status instead of a hard-coded string

0.424  2015-04-06 18:59 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: allow inactives and actives to view their own privilege
  and schedule histories; fix spelling of the word 'schedule' in the 'cli'

0.425  2015-04-06 22:15 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm, config/sql/: modifications to allow POST (update) on
  'priv/history/phid/:phid' and 'schedule/history/shid/:shid'
- Model/Privhistory.pm, Model/Schedhistory.pm: add update method
- UPDATE privhistory does not work as it should
- tests not running cleanly

0.426  2015-04-07 07:15 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix bug in 'root_immutable_old' that was causing
  NEW.* values to be replaced with OLD.* on updates
- t/sql/privhistory.t: add test case for the above bug
- t/sql/root.t: replace comments with note()s

0.427  2015-04-07 09:14 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix DBINIT_MAKE_ROOT_IMMUTABLE triggers that were causing
  UPDATE and DELETE operations to silently fail
- REST/Dispatch.pm: add targets for POST operations on
  'priv/history/phid/:phid' and 'schedule/history/shid/:shid'
- REST/Shared.pm: add 'shared_update_history' routine
- t/dispatch/: adapt tests, add tests

0.428  2015-04-14 15:40 CEST
- REST/Shared.pm: include nick in error message

0.429  2015-04-14 17:06 CEST
- fix bug "GET interval/eid/:eid/:tsrange and interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange
  should work for active employees on themselves"

0.430  2015-04-16 10:34 CEST
- fix bug "Unexpected error in t/sql/current.t"

0.431  2015-04-16 16:01 CEST
- make "GET interval" operations return the activity code as well as the AID
  to make life easier for clients

0.432  2015-04-16 18:33 CEST
- implement priv_during_range and sid_during_range PL/pgSQL functions

0.433  2015-04-16 21:20 CEST
- tweak SQL code
- config/sql/employee_Config.pm: add SQL statements for the new
  priv_during_range and sid_during_range stored procedures
- Model/Employee.pm: implement priv_during_range and sid_during_range methods 
- t/model/during_range.t: some basic test cases for priv_during_range and

0.434  2015-04-17 08:55 CEST
- sql/dbinit_Config.pm: get rid of unused 'stamp' rows; replace yesterday's kludgey
  functions with shiny new versions
- sql/employee_Config.pm: provide params for accessing the shiny new SQL functions
- Dispatch.pm: fix bug "handler_history_post" omits 'remark' property
- Model/Employee.pm: provide methods for accessing the shiny new SQL functions
- ResourceDefs.pm: update documentation of 'interval/eid/:eid/:tsrange' and
  'interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange' resources
- t/model/during_range.t: adapt to current state

0.435  2015-04-17 11:11 CEST
- enforce policy on 'interval/eid/:eid/:tsrange',
  'interval/nick/:nick/:tsrange', and 'interval/self/:tsrange' resources:
  they only work if the tsrange specified does _NOT_ contain privhistory
  records (i.e. the employee's privilege level and schedule must be
  constant over the tsrange, where "constant" is defined as "no history
  records during the range")
- Dispatch.pm: refactor to eliminate code duplication

0.436  2015-04-17 13:25 CEST
- impose a limit on number of attendance intervals returned by SELECT; the
  limit is configurable and can be set to "no limit"

0.437  2015-04-17 15:40 CEST
- add three new 'schedule/intervals/...' resources for retrieving the set
  of attendance intervals that fall within the employee's schedule over a
  given tsrange (commit includes both resource definitions and handlers,
  but the latter are returning dummy values ATM)

0.438  2015-04-18 09:43 CEST
- fix bug ".../nick/:nick resources accept % character"
- ResourceDefs.pm: replace repeated literal regexes with references to regex
  variables (WIP)

0.439  2015-04-18 10:31 CEST
- Util/Schedule.pm: start new utility module
- Dispatch.pm: several log messages contained an obsolete resource names or
  wrong function names-> fixed
- Model/Employee.pm: refactor for readability
- Model/Interval.pm: add some debug messages

0.440  2015-04-18 13:05 CEST
- config/sql/: add privhistory_at_tsrange and schedhistory_at_tsrange
  stored procedures and SQL_... site params to access them
- Model/Employee.pm: make privhistory_at_timestamp and
  schedhistory_at_timestamp accept tsranges, too
- Dispatch.pm: first try at implementing a handler for 
  "GET schedule/intervals/..." resources
- Model/Shared.pm: move canonicalize_ts and canonicalize_tsrange here
  from Util/Timestamp.pm; use select_single to execute the SQL statements
- t/util/canonicalize.t: test unit for canonicalize_... functions
- Util/Schedule.pm: add a new module for the 'intervals_in_schedule'
  function, which is supposed to return an employee's set of scheduled
  intervals for a given tsrange (WIP)
- config/..._Message_en.conf: add some error messages
- t/model/during_range.t: add test cases

0.441  2015-04-18 17:03 CEST
- Util/Schedule.pm: yelp if range > one year; change greedy '.*' to non-greedy

0.442  2015-04-18 20:06 CEST
- rename "schedule/intervals/..." resources to "interval/fillup/..." and make them
  take lower and upper date bounds instead of tsrange

0.443  2015-04-19 21:11 CEST
- Model/Interval.pm: canonicalize tsrange in fetch_by_eid_and_tsrange
  (fixes https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=103826)

0.444  2015-05-18 10:46 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: fix address for reporting bugs

0.445  2015-06-28 11:15 CEST
- config/dispatch_Config.pm: delete obsolete configuration file
- config/docgen_Config.pm: fix pointer to resource configuration file

0.446  2015-06-28 11:19 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: remove leading / from interval/fillup resources

0.447  2015-06-28 15:00 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: put priv validation regex in a variable
- ResourceDefs.pm: add 'employee/list/?:priv' resource definition 
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_LIST_EMPLOYEE_NICKS
- sql/employee_Config.pm: add SQL statements for getting employee nicks
- Dispatch.pm: add handler for 'GET employee/list/?:priv' resource
- Model/Employee.pm: implement list_employees_by_priv() function
- ResourceDefs.pm: add 'employee/list/?:priv' resource definition
- t/model/employee.pm: convert comments to notes
- t/model/employee.pm: add tests for list_employees_by_priv() function

0.448  2015-06-28 17:34 CEST
- REST/Test.pm: add test_employee_list() generic testing function
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add basic tests of 'employee/list/?:priv' resource
- t/model/employee.t: use the new generic test_employee_list() function

0.449  2015-06-28 19:55 CEST
- REST/Dispatch.pm: add handler_get_employee_team() function
- REST/Dispatch.pm: use select_set_of_single_scalar_rows()
- ResourceDefs.pm: add definition of 'employee/team' resource
- Model/Employee.pm: use select_set_of_single_scalar_rows() to list
- Model/Shared.pm: implement select_set_of_single_scalar_rows()

0.450  2015-06-28 20:56 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: add 'supervisor' field to employees table
- dispatch_Message_en.conf: add DISPATCH_LIST_EMPLOYEE_NICKS_TEAM
- Dispatch.pm: fix handler_get_employee_team()
- Model/Employee.pm: block in get_team_nicks(); fix list_employees_by_priv()
- Model/Shared.pm: fix select_set_of_single_scalar_rows()
- t/: add supervisor attribute of Employee class where necessary

0.451  2015-06-28 22:38 CEST
- t/model/employee.t: add calls to supervisor accessor where appropriate
- config/sql/employee_Config.pm: add supervisor attribute where needed
- Model/Employee.pm: implement team_nicks method
- t/model/employee.t: add basic tests for team_nicks method

0.452  2015-07-01 16:56 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: make handler_get_employee_team() use team_nicks method
- add 'employee/eid/:eid/team' and 'employee/nick/:nick/team' resources
  (implemented using team_nicks method)

0.453  2015-07-04 10:13 CEST
- tickets: nice things we could add to spec file
- Model/Employee.pm: revert 2015-06-28 edit that caused a regression
- t/dispatch/employee.pm: fix test that was silently letting an error go past

0.454  2015-07-04 19:46 CEST
- bin/dochazka-rest: send local sitedir as third parameter to mrest startup

0.455  2015-07-04 20:25 CEST
- REST/Auth.pm: pass context to Employee insert method

0.456  2015-07-04 20:31 CEST
- Auth.pm: provide faux context to Employee insert method for LDAP autocreate

0.457  2015-07-04 22:28 CEST
- Auth.pm: insert initial privhistory record for LDAP-autocreated users
- Util/Timestamp.pm: get $t, $today etc. from App::Dochazka
- t/: adapt units to current state

0.458  2015-07-05 11:26 CEST
- Dispatch.pm, t/: do not use App::Dochazka::REST::Util::Timestamp
- Test.pm: call init_timepiece() in initialize_unit()
- Util/Timestamp.pm: cleanup/eliminate last vestiges of $t, $today, etc.

0.459  2015-07-05 13:30 CEST
- REST_Config.pm: change default value of DOCHAZKA_LDAP_AUTOCREATE_AS to
- Auth.pm: do not create any priv history record if DOCHAZKA_LDAP_AUTOCREATE_AS
  is set to passerby

0.460  2015-07-08 07:44 CEST
- t/dispatch/supervisor.t, MANIFEST: new test (WIP)
- ACL.pm: implement acl_check_is_my_report()
- REST/Shared.pm: shared_get_employee() use acl_check_is_my_report()
- move aid_by_code() from t/dispatch/interval_lock.t to REST/Test.pm

0.461  2015-07-08 08:17 CEST
- ACL.pm: drop acl_check_iid_lid() function
- Dispatch.pm: replace acl_check_iid_lid() calls with acl_check_is_me() calls
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: convert comments into note() calls

0.462  2015-07-08 09:59 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: convert _handler_get_interval() into _handler_get_intlock() and
  use it for both locks and intervals; eliminate duplicated code; POD cleanup;
  make separate handler_get_interval_iid() and handler_get_lock_lid() functions
  so we can allow supervisors to peek
- ResourceDefs.pm: separate GET handlers for 'interval/iid/:iid' and

0.463  2015-07-09 09:56 CEST
- Build.PL: add App::Dochazka 0.189 as build depenency
- t/dispatch/supervisor.t: add more tests

0.464  2015-07-10 16:50 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: change ACL profile of GET lock/eid/:eid/:tsrange
  and GET lock/nick/:nick/:tsrange to 'active', so active employees
  can view their locks and supervisors can view the locks of their
- t/dispatch/supervisor.t: add more tests

0.465  2015-07-10 17:34 CEST
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: do not rely on IID having a particular value,
  since this only holds if/when tests are run in a particular order

0.466  2015-07-12 22:24 CEST
- t/dispatch/supervisor.t: test that inactive supervisors cannot see their
  peons' attendance data

0.467  2015-07-21 15:27 CEST
- REST.pm: define $VERSION in top-level module only
- Adapt to rename of App::Dochazka to App::Dochazka::Common
- release.sh: new release script

0.468  2015-07-21 16:01 CEST
- Update Copyright statement to include 2015
- release.sh: add "osc update"

0.469  2015-07-22 22:17 CEST
- implement new resources:
  - GET employee/eid/:eid/minimal
  - GET employee/nick/:nick/minimal
  - GET employee/sec_id/:sec_id/minimal
- t/dispatch/employee.t: add some basic test cases for the new
  GET employee/.../minimal resources
- t/: adapt test suite to App::Dochazka::Common rename

0.470  2015-07-23 14:50 CEST
- t/dispatch/employee.t: disable tests that broke when employees were allowed to modify their email address
- t/201-LDAP.t: expanded tests
- ResourceDefs.pm: add employee/nick/:nick/ldap resource
- LDAP.pm: make ldap_search() look up a property; implement populate_employee()
- Dispatch.pm: add handler_get_employee_ldap() for GET employee/nick/:nick/ldap
- Auth.pm: populate certain employee attributes from LDAP upon successful LDAP autocreate
- REST_Config.pm: default value for DOCHAZKA_LDAP_POPULATE_MATRIX
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka::Common 0.191 for "set()" method
- Dispatch.pm: increase granularity of employee/.../minimal ACL check
- No longer auto-generate Makefile.PL

0.471  2015-07-23 16:55 CEST
- t/201-LDAP.t: add simple test cases for GET employee/nick/:nick/ldap
- ResourceDefs.pm: enable PUT on employee/nick/:nick/ldap
- LDAP.pm: fix populate_employee() so it returns not_ok if nick is not in LDAP
- Dispatch.pm: implement handler_get_employee_ldap and handler_put_employee_ldap
- Auth.pm: fix DOCHAZKA_LDAP_AUTOCREATE_AS code path

0.472  2015-07-24 17:06 CEST
- doc: config/REST_Config.pm: tell users to not add a nick property to
- t/: test POST employee/nick without required nick property
- Dispatch.pm: return 400 if POST employee/nick without nick property
  (fixes github issue #2) 
- Dispatch.pm: handler_put_employee_ldap() return 404 if nick not found in LDAP

0.473  2015-07-25 03:45 CEST
- REST_SiteConfig.pm: add config file for overriding Web::MREST core params
  since those are set first
- REST.pm: add a version() package method
- GET version now reports App::Dochazka::REST version instead of Web::MREST
  version (Github issue #3)
- t/sql/disabled_to_zero.t: fix issue where test was not cleaning up after itself
- Dispatch.pm: write a debug message if LDAP is enabled
- MANIFEST: refrain from packaging release script

0.474  2015-07-25 16:33 CEST
- t/001-init.t: skip all tests if PostgreSQL server unreachable
- REST/Test.pm: make initialize_unit() do skip_all if PostgreSQL server unreachable
- ConnBank.pm: catch exceptions in conn_status()
- REST.pm: init() routine is no longer used; move it to REST/Test.pm
- bin/dochazka-rest: enable passing of command-line options to mrest script
  (resolves github issue #4)
- Build.PL: require Web::MREST 0.274 for bin/mrest command-line options
- bin/dochazka-rest: process command-line options using GNU getopt
- REST.pm: update init_no_db() documentation to reflect current state
- release scripting mods

0.475  2015-07-25 16:57 CEST
- Build.PL: set repository and bugtracker URLs

0.476  2015-07-25 17:49 CEST
- REST/Test.pm: use conn_up() instead of conn_status()
- ConnBank.pm: add conn_up() and rewrite conn_status() as a wrapper
- Auth.pm: drop obsolete call to App::Dochazka::REST::init()
- Auth.pm: call App::Dochazka::REST::ConnBank::init_singleton() instead of deprecated App::Dochazka::REST::init()
- ConnBank.pm: make init_singleton() use values from site configuration
- ConnBank.pm: make init_singleton() be idempotent

0.477  2015-07-25 20:13 CEST
- ResourceDefs.pm: change ACL profile to passerby in two places
- config/dispatch_Message_en.conf: fix DISPATCH_KEEP_TO_YOURSELF message which
  was no longer accurate

0.478  2015-07-29 17:22 CEST
- Import normalize_filespec() from Web::MREST::CLI, where it now resides
- Dispatch.pm: do not report passhash and salt back to users

0.479  2015-07-30 14:41 CEST
- Build.PL: require Web::MREST 0.279 for early debugging feature
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/13
- REST.pm: document the early debugging feature
- Test.pm: drop call to init_no_db(); use Web::MREST::init() only
- Dispatch.pm: be more careful with DOCHAZKA_EMPLOYEE_MINIMAL_FIELDS
- REST.pm: drop init_no_db() which is no longer used
- Build.PL: require a more recent version of App::CELL

0.480  2015-07-30 21:56 CEST
- Test.pm: do not send deprecated debug_mode param to Web::MREST::init()
  (fixes build failure in OBS)

0.481  2015-08-01 18:43 CEST
- Model/Shared.pm: add functions from deprecated Util/Timestamp.pm
- Model/{Priv,Sched}history.pm: get_history() is now exported
- Util/Timestamp.pm: drop deprecated module
- Build.PL: require Date::Holidays::CZ version 0.08

0.482  2015-08-02 14:14 CEST
- Implement timestamp_delta_plus() and timestamp_delta_minus()
- t/util/timestamp_delta.t: add two tests with more complex psqlintervals
- Implement interval/eid/:eid/:ts/:psqlint and related resources
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/15
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add easy-to-implement test cases for 
  - GET interval/eid/:eid/:ts/:psqlint
  - GET interval/nick/:nick/:ts/:psqlint

0.483  2015-08-04 09:44 CEST
- t/dispatch/holiday.t: add test cases
- Dispatch.pm: handle explicit infinity in handler_holiday_tsrange()
- Be careful with unbounded tsranges
- t/model/general/split_tsrange.t: add unit to test split_tsrange() function
- t/dispatch/holiday.t: lay groundwork for a unit to test GET holiday/:tsrange
- Implement GET holiday/:tsrange
- Add infrastructure for GET holiday/:tsrange
- Dispatch.pm: abstract _tsrange_from_mapping() into a helper function

0.484  2015-08-05 16:32 CEST
- Util/Holiday.pm: implement holidays_and_weekends() function
- t/util/holiday.t: add unit to test Util/Holiday.pm
- Util/Holiday.pm: add is_weekend() and get_tomorrow()
- t/dispatch/holiday.t: add another test case
- Util/Holiday.pm: make holidays_in_daterange() put holidays in a hash
  instead of an array
- Dispatch.pm: cleanup code and improve documentation

0.485  2015-08-06 21:56 CEST
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: lay groundwork for DELETE on interval/... resources
- ResourceDefs.pm: lay groundwork for DELETE interval/... resources
- Dispatch.pm: vet fillup date range using canonicalize_date()
- Model/Shared.pm: add a canonicalize_date() function
- Util/Holidays.pm: change structure of holidays_in_daterange() return value
- Util/Schedule.pm: make intervals_in_schedule() avoid holidays
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/10
- Dispatch.pm: intervals_in_schedule() takes a PARAMHASH now

0.486  2015-08-07 20:35 CEST
- Model/Lock.pm: implement count_locks_in_tsrange() routine including test
- Add parameters to put upper limit of number of intervals that can be
  deleted at once
- sql/interval_Config.pm: make interval selects more conservative and add
  SQL for deleting multiple intervals
- Model/Shared.pm: add a cud_generic() function for CUD operations on
- Model/Interval.pm: working implementation of
  delete_intervals_by_eid_and_tsrange() with rudimentary test case

0.487  2015-08-09 10:58 CEST
- t/model/interval_lock.t: add more delete_intervals_by_eid_and_tsrange() test cases
- Some interval handlers will be used for GET and DELETE; rename them accordingly
- Dispatch.pm: implement DELETE interval/{eid,nick,self} over tsrange
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/17
- Make DISPATCH_NOTHING_IN_TSRANGE message more descriptive by including the

0.488  2015-08-09 20:59 CEST
- t/dispatch/interval_fillup.t: add unit for fillup tests (WIP)
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: fix syntax errors
- ResourceDefs.pm: make fillup resources take tsrange instead of dates
- dbinit_Config.pm: add tempintvls table (with temp_intvl_seq to prevent race conditions)
- Build.PL: require latest version of App::Dochazka::Common for Tempintvls class
- Util/Date.pm: add module canon_to_ymd(), ymd_to_canon(), and canon_date_diff() routines
- REST_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_INTERVAL_FILLUP_LIMIT defaulting to 365 days
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/8
- Model/Shared.pm: make split_tsrange() complain when given an unbounded tsrange
- Model/Tempintvls.pm, t/model/tempintvls.t: start implementing the Tempintvls
  class (populate, _vet_tsrange methods)

0.489  2015-08-10 15:55 CEST
- t/model/privhistory.t: fix a lurking bug
- Move create schedule testing logic to REST/Test.pm so it can be called from
  other units
- Util/Schedule.pm: cleanup (remove deprecated function)
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement _vet_employee() with basic test cases
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement _vet_activity() with test cases
- sql/tempintvl_Config.pm: add configuration file for tempintvls-related SQL
- Util/Schedule.pm: drop deprecated module (replaced by Model/Tempintvls.pm)
- Test.pm: make test_schedule_model() take schedintvls as an argument
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement fillup()

0.490  2015-08-11 08:25 CEST
- MANIFEST: add config/sql/tempintvls_Config.pm
- Test.pm: do not hardcode count in test_schedule_model()
- Model/Shared.pm: enable noop() on tempintvls table
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: cleanup, implement delete() method
- config/sql/tempintvls_Config.pm: fix filename
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement commit() dry run

0.491  2015-08-12 01:02 CEST
- Drop Test::CheckManifest dependency
- t/: update to current state
- Dispatch.pm: re-implement interval/fillup handler
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement vet(), new(), and DESTROY() methods
- ResourceDefs.pm: clean up 'interval/fillup/...' resource definitions
  References: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/9

0.492  2015-08-13 12:47 CEST
- dbinit_Config.pm: add partial_interval_lower() and partial_interval_upper() stored procedures
- Build.PL: require latest version of App::Dochazka::Common
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: make _vet_employee() optionally take employee object instead of EID
- t/model/tempintvls.t: make unit clean up after itself
- Dispatch.pm: call Tempintvls->new() with employee object instead of EID
- Tempintvls class: drop superfluous attributes, re-implement commit() to use SQL stored procedure
- Make 'interval/fillup/...' take tsrange and return partial intervals on overlap
  Fixes: https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/9

0.493  2015-08-14 09:30 CEST
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: make illegal interval regex configurable
- messages: standardize on DOCHAZKA_UNBOUNDED_TSRANGE
- Dispatch.pm: make _handler_interval_fillup() return DISPATCH_RECORDS_FOUND
  with correct count
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: accept employee object only, not eid
- global: allow warnings
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: start mods to enable POST on interval/fillup/...
- dbinit_Config.pm: add stored procedure returning boolean whether two
  tstzranges overlap
- t/: update to current state, drop 000-depends.t unit that duplicates work
  done by the OBS, rename some units for better consistency, consolidate
  split_tsrange() tests in split_tsrange.t

0.494  2015-08-15 16:30 CEST
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: make constructor take context hash instead of
  DBIx::Connector object
  https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/18 Fixes: #18
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: store the context and DBIx::Connector object in the
  object, implement several accessors that were missing, drop the vet() method,
  make constructor return the object itself instead of a status object (put the
  constructor status in an attribute)
- Dispatch.pm, t/: update to current state
- Enable POST on interval/fillup/... resources
  https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/7 Fixes: #7

0.495  2015-08-16 17:12 CEST
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: return $self even when there is an error
  https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/20 Fixes: #20

0.496  2015-08-18 22:02 CEST
- Dispatch.pm: handle fillup tsranges that do not have any scheduled attendance
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: let fillup() take a PARAMHASH that might say
  include_holidays => 1
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: fix count in fillup/commit
- dbinit_Config.pm: fix priv_change_during_range() and
  schedule_change_during_range() stored procedures

0.497  2015-08-19 22:45 CEST
- config/: go over all files and clean them up
- Build.PL: change author email to official @suse.com address
- Shared.pm: refrain from piecing together App::CELL::Status codes
- Model/Shared.pm: clean up cud() and cud_generic()
- t/001-init.t: cleanup, improve tests
- ACL.pm: cleanup/fixup the check_acl() routine

0.498  2016-08-20 09:55 CEST
- Test.pm: set log level to debug in initialize_unit()
  https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/16 Fixes: #16
- t/: more cleanup
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: implement _is_holiday() correctly
- config/REST_SiteConfig.pm: override MREST_APPNAME

0.499  2016-12-08 15:42 CEST
- README.rst: start documenting release workflow
- README.md: rename to README.rst
- README: remove deprecated README file
- Model/Tempintvls.pm: make variable names less confusing
- t/: cleanup
- LICENSE: work continues in 2015

0.500 2015-12-08 16:24 CET
- prerelease.sh: automatically update Changes file, add tag
- README.rst: describe the new release workflow in more detail

0.501 2015-12-09 14:40 CET
- README.rst: fix literal code blocks
- README.rst: add reminder to push using --follow-tags
- implement Dockerized testing environment
- docker-test.sh: bootstrap script for Dockerized testing env

0.502 2015-12-10 14:02 CET
- several Dockerfile tweaks
- Fix https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/26
  - config/REST_Config.pm: add DOCHAZKA_TIMEZONE config param
  - t/001-init.t: check DOCHAZKA_TIMEZONE sanity
  - Test.pm: check DOCHAZKA_TIMEZONE in every unit
  - Ensure PGTZ environment variable is set
- Fix https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/28
  - t/: be more careful about timezone

0.503 2015-12-10 21:04 CET
- Fix https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/30
  - t/001-init.t: bail out if DOCHAZKA_TIMEZONE not set
- Fix https://github.com/smithfarm/dochazka-rest/issues/31
  - Test.pm: initialize_unit() return PSGI app instead of status obj
  - t/: move "pure" unit tests to t/unit/
  - t/: simplify regression test init boilerplate
  - tests: rename initialize_unit() to initialize_regression_test()

0.504 2015-12-11 21:40 CET
- Make release and prerelease scripts executable
- MANIFEST.bak: remove superfluous file
- Build.PL: require App::Dochazka::Common 0.194
- docgen_Config.pm: do not convert warnings into errors
- tests: use Test::Warning to test for unexpected warnings
  (except in 001-init.t)
- dbinit_Config.pm: remove spurious warning

0.505 2016-01-01 15:42 CET
- doc: minor clarifications
- REST.pm: add Report Generation section to POD
- Build.PL: require 0.195 for Component class
- Add Component class, resources, handlers, basic tests
- t/dispatch/: add missing LogToFile lines
- Dispatch.pm: improve error checking

0.506 2016-01-02 02:36 CET
- MANIFEST: add t/dispatch/component.t
- REST.pm: name the genreport resource
- Remove component/path/:path, add component/all
- t/dispatch/component.t: add path_exists() helper function
- t/dispatch/component.t: use path_exists() to test
- component.t: rename path_exists() -> path_exists_by_dispatch()
- prerelease.sh: fix timestamp
- Component: check for invalid ACL profile
- ACL.pm: fix uninitialized value in string eq warnings
- t/dispatch/employee.t: fix "Wide char in print" warning
- Implement Feature #37:
  - Dispatch.pm: add init() function that populates Mason directory
  - Test.pm: call Dispatch.pm->init() in initialize_regression_test()
  - t/dispatch/component.t: test the sample component

0.507 2016-01-02 19:39 CET
- Mason.pm: add module for Mason interpreter singleton
- Mason.pm->init_singleton(): improve error-checking
- Mason.pm: add $comp_root package variable
- Util/Date.pm: drop unused dependency
- REST/Test.pm: skip tests if Mason initialization fails
- Implement Feature #39:
  - REST.pm: implement, use, test reset_mason_dir() routine
  - REST.pm->reset_mason_dir(): return comp_root in payload
  - REST.pm->reset_mason_dir(): return payload only on success
  - Model/Component.pm: add create_file method
  - Model/Component.pm: call create_file on successful insert and update
  - Model/Component.pm: add delete_file method

0.508 2016-01-02 20:24 CET
- Build.PL: add Mason dependency
- docker: add Mason dependency
- t/mason.t: skip tests if state directory inaccessible

0.509 2016-01-02 21:56 CET
- docker: add new dependencies and create state directory
- ResourceDefs.pm: add genreport resource definition
- Implement basic "POST genreport" operation

0.510 2016-01-02 23:24 CET
- Model/Component.pm: improve error handling in generate method
- Add sample/site_param.mc Mason template
- Mason.pm: add basic class_header parameter
- t/dispatch/component.t: do not complain when we add sample templates
- Dispatch.pm->handler_genreport: pass arguments to generate method
- Model/Component.pm->generate: accept and process template arguments

0.511 2016-01-04 00:43 CET
- various documentation fixes
- bin/docgen.plx: reinstate resource POD generation script (lost in
  migration from SourceForge to GitHub)
- REST/Test.pm: use accessors to get employee EID
- Docs/Workflow.pm: cover report generation and Mason components
- Model/Shared.pm->tsrange_equal(): return true or false
- Model/Shared.pm: implement tsrange_intersection()
- Partial intervals feature (#43)
  - Build.PL: require Common 0.196 for partial intervals
  - interval_Config.pm: use overlap instead of contained by
  - sql: make SQL_INTERVAL_SELECT_BY_EID_AND_TSRANGE ignore partial intervals
  - config/sql/interval_Config.pm: fix syntax error
  - Model/Interval.pm: get whole and partial intervals
  - Model/Interval.pm: use tsrange_intersection() to create partial intervals
  - t/model/interval_lock.t: add partial interval tests

0.512 2016-01-04 11:43 CET
- Fix "Partial intervals not shown in temporal order" (#46)
  - bin/create_active_employee.t: script to create employee in empty database
  - sql/interval_Config.pm: refrain from sorting intervals
  - Model/Interval.pm: sort concatenated set of intervals
  - Model/Shared.pm: use tstzrange instead of tsrange
  - t/model/interval_lock.t: test case for #46

0.513 2016-01-04 20:39 CET
- Implement feature "No database operations on partial intervals" (#47)
  - Model/Interval.pm: no database operations on partial intervals
- Implement "Test function to delete all attendance data" (#49)
  - REST.pm: split insert initial set of activities code into separate function
  - Model/Shared.pm->cud_generic(): make bind_params parameter optional
  - REST/Test.pm: delete_all_attendance_data() function
  - t/{dispatch,model}: use delete_all_attendance_data()

0.514 2016-01-05 11:41 CET
- Fix "INTERVAL DELETE operations clobber partial intervals" (#50)
  - Model/Shared.pm: improve cud() and cud_generic() return status
  - t/: adapt tests to current state
  - config: SQL_INTERVAL_DELETE_BY_EID_AND_TSRANGE ignore partial intervals
- sql/interval_Config.pm: do not apply LIMIT when selecting partial intervals
- Dispatch.pm: fix a double my
- REST.pm: rearrange sections; new high-level content; move details to

0.515 2016-01-06 21:15 CET
- doc: fix GitHub issue tracker URL
- Model/Interval.pm: drop obsolete comment
- ResourceDefs.pm: rethink interval/summary/...
- interval/summary/eid/:eid/:tsrange skeleton implementation
- Dispatch.pm: make _handler_intlock aware of interval/summary
- Implement handler for interval/summary/eid/:eid/:tsrange
- Util/Date.pm: implement calculate_hours() function
- Model/Activity.pm: implement code_by_aid() function
- Improve interval/summary/eid/:eid/:tsrange handling

0.516 2016-01-09 20:42 CET
- cleanup: merge Utils::Date into Utils::Holiday
- cleanup: move REST::Util::Holiday to REST::Holiday
- cleanup: refrain from using the /a modifier
- Component_Config.pm: enclose siteparam template in HTML 4.0
- doc: improve comments in Util.pm
- doc: expand documentation of genreport resource
- Model/Interval.pm: simplify interval summary data structure
- Dispatch.pm: require 'source', 'acl' properties for insert only
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: add interval/summary tests
- Implement feature "Component class: add validations property" (#54)
  - sql/component_Config.pm: add validations to SQL statements
  - sql/dbinit_Config.pm: add validations to components table
  - REST.pm->reset_db: add validations to SQL_COMPONENT_INSERT
  - Model/Component.pm: add validations property
  - t/dispatch/component.t: add validations property
  - Build.PL: require App::Dochazka::Common 0.199 for component validations
- Fix bug "genreport resource does not validate parameters" (#53)
  - genreport resource: apply validations, if any
  - REST/Dispatch.pm->handler_genreport(): vet parameters more carefully

0.517 2016-01-11 00:29 CET
- config/Component_Config.pm: use Data::Dumper in component
- config/Component_Config.pm: beginnings of monthly report template
- t/model/tempintvls.t: change Util::Date to Holiday
- Dispatch.pm->handler_genreport(): refactor function
- Revamp Docker testing environment:
  - version.plx: Perl script to print App::Dochazka::REST version
  - .gitignore: ignore docker/Dockerfile
  - bin/dochazka-dbinit: add database reset script
  - docker: Makefile to generate 3 different images from a single
  - docker-test.sh: adapt to current state

0.518 2016-01-11 18:29 CET
- version.plx: use the right library directory
- docker/: split into two separate subdirs "production" and "testing"
- docker/: fix CMD so it runs dochazka-rest --initialize
- bin/dochazka-rest: finish adding --initialize option

0.519 2016-01-14 19:42 CET
- docker:
  - Dockerfile: delete file which should not be here
  - .gitignore: adapt to current state
  - Makefile: push the images/tags to dochazka organization
  - test-drive.sh: rename test drive script and update README
  - test-drive.sh: remove silly exit statement
  - test-drive.sh: use longer --link form
  - test-drive.sh: increase wait times
- documentation:
  - ACL.pm: fix POD
  - Model/Employee.pm: adapt POD to current state
  - REST/Guide.pm: adapt INSTALLATION chapter to current state

0.520 2016-01-19 15:17 CET
- dispatch: vastly simplify interval/fillup resource(s)
- t/dispatch/fillup.t: drop all tests
- Dispatch: rename handler_post_interval_fillup -> handler_fillup
- Dispatch.pm: delete employee key fields after employee has been determined
- refactor Tempintvl and Fillup modules
  - Model/Tempintlvs.pm: support date lists
  - t/model/tempintvls.t: wipe out database at beginning as well as at end
  - Model/Interval.pm: tweak POD
  - Model/Tempintvls.pm: fix syntax error
  - Model/Tempintvls.pm->new(): add clobber and dry_run parameters
  - Model/Tempintvls.pm: add tsranges property
  - Model/Tempintvls.pm: drop include_holidays parameter
  - Model/Tempintvls.pm: drop deprecated SQL_TEMPINTVLS_SELECT_EXCLUSIVE
  - Rename Tempintvls->Fillup and add Tempintvl class
  - Rename ::Model::Fillup to just plain ::Fillup
  - Fillup.pm: refactor accessors and reset() method
  - t/unit/holiday.t: add canonicalized interval test case
  - Holiday.pm->calculate_hours(): return 0 if problem
  - Fillup.pm, Tempintvl.pm: refactor
- Build.PL: require latest App::Dochazka::Common

0.521 2016-01-19 16:28 CET
- Dispatch.pm: remove references to deprecated Tempintvls.pm

0.522 2016-01-20 10:02 CET
- MANIFEST.SKIP: ignore test-drive.sh
- Implement "fillup needs to gracefully avoid existing intervals"
  - Fillup.pm->commit: collect basic statistics (success/failure)
  - Fillup.pm->new(): correctly set boolean attributes
  - t/fillup.t: new test case - conflicting interval

0.523 2016-01-20 10:15 CET
- Docs/Resources.pm: re-generate resource documentation
- release.sh: automatically fill in OBS commit message

0.524 2016-01-20 15:55 CET
- WISHLIST: holding area for stale feature requests
- Fillup.pm->new(): fix date_list and tsrange validations
- t/fillup.pm: add a date_list test case
- Fix bug "interval/fillup returns wrong intervals for very short tsrange"
  - Fillup.pm: remove too-short tsrange check
  - t/fillup.t: add too-short tsrange test cases
- Fix bug "fillup: enforce configurable limit on length of date_list"
  - config/: add "date_list too long" config param and message
  - Fillup.pm: complain when date_list is too long

0.525 2016-01-22 09:26 CET
- Fillup.pm: "clobber conflicting intervals" feature

0.526 2016-01-24 23:55 CET
- Test.pm: add create_testing_interval and delete_testing_interval
- t/dispatch/interval_lock.t: rename helper function
- t/dispatch/fillup.t: get ready to start adding test cases
- Dispatch.pm: re-implement interval/fillup resource (#61)
- Fix bug "Holiday problems when employee has weekend work scheduled"
  - t/fillup-bug-67.t: add test case demonstrating the bug
  - t/unit/holiday.t: add test confirming bug #67
  - Holiday.pm: get holidays that fall on weekends
- Fillup.pm: fix various date_list bugs

0.527 2016-01-30 23:59 CET
- MANIFEST: add t/fillup-bug-67.t
- Fillup.pm->commit: return OK even if no intervals created
- Fillup.pm: give fillup intervals a fig leaf
- Fillup.pm->commit(): do not overwrite long_desc parameter
- document the DBIx::Connector object in the request context
- factory-progress: working document for Factory submission

0.528 2016-02-01 00:58 CET
- factory-progress: submit Starman to Factory
- Dispatch.pm: do not reinitialize Path::Router object on every request

0.529 2016-04-23 18:26 CEST
- factory-progress: add dependencies missing from SLES-12-SP1
- Guide.pm: add some clarifications from testing on humans
- systemd: add dochazka-rest.service file (#59)
- Build.PL: bump Date::Holidays::CZ dependency to 0.12 (#76)

0.530 2016-09-01 23:38 CEST
- MANIFEST: include dochazka-rest.service (systemd unit file)
- dispatch/interval_lock.t: add basic supervisor test case
- tests: rename create_testing_employee to create_bare_employee
- tests: rename delete_testing_employee to delete_bare_employee
- Test.pm: improve error reporting and documentation
- Test.pm: reimplement create_*_employee functions as wrappers
- t/model/id.t: improve documentation
- REST/Test.pm: start work on gen_interval()
- New dbinit paradigm
- t/001-init.t: drop redundant test file

0.531 2016-09-02 10:28 CEST
- Rename dbinit-development -> dochazka-resetdb
- dochazka-resetdb: abort immediately on non-zero exit status
- dochazka-rest: drop --initialize option
- dochazka-dbinit: set up logging

0.532 2016-09-03 08:45 CEST
- release.sh: submitrequest to Application:Dochazka
- t/001-noauto.t: replacement for t/001-init.t

0.533 2016-09-03 10:03 CEST
- release: make release scripts generic
- Drop release scripts

0.534 2016-09-04 22:19 CEST
- MANIFEST.SKIP: release script helper files
- Travis CI

0.535 2016-09-05 18:27 CEST
- README.rst: add Travis CI badges
- test: skip more gracefully in Travis CI
- bin/dochazka-rest: no longer require double '--'

0.536 2016-09-08 10:39 CEST
- Drop "factory-progress" file
- MANIFEST.SKIP: docker, tickets
- doc: how to use Starman instead of default web server
- bin/dochazka-resetdb: do not run the test suite
- Document how to (re-)initialize the database
- create ext/ dir and move inside there extra (non-production related) files
  (Theo Chatzimichos)
- run systemd service as dochazka user, use starman as webapp server
  (Theo Chatzimichos)
- tests: make integration tests run again...

0.537 2016-09-11 21:19 CEST
- set owner of the db (Theo Chatzimichos)
- change the systemd user to dochazka-rest (Theo Chatzimichos)
- build/ops: regenerate Makefile.PL
- build/ops: set OBS_PROJECT to Application:Dochazka:staging

0.538 2016-09-12 11:33 CEST
- build/ops: update MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP
- config: set default DOCHAZKA_STATE_DIR to /var/lib/dochazka-rest

0.539 2016-09-13 08:47 CEST
- REST.pm: improve DOCHAZKA_STATE_DIR error message
- build/ops: do not package test-drive.sh
- test: do not load config params from /etc/dochazka-rest

0.540 2016-09-13 14:23 CEST
- Add sample configuration file for inclusion in packaging
- doc: provide more guidance in sample config file
- doc: append .example to name of sample config file
- scripts: do not run dochazka-dbinit from dochazka-resetdb

0.541 2016-09-14 12:49 CEST
- scripts: add executable bits to all scripts in bin/
- tests: comment out TRAVIS_PERL_VERSION check in init routine
- set up database in travis for the testsuite (Theo Chatzimichos)
- Plumb sync property into Employee data model
- build/ops: make Makefile.PL use File::ShareDir::Install
- build/ops: create state dir in Travis CI
- build/ops: require App::Dochazka::Common 0.205
- tests: dump status when bailing out in t/dispatch/activity.t
- build/ops: turn DOCHAZKA_AUDITING off in Travis CI

0.542 2016-09-15 09:01 CEST
- A more-general DOCHAZKA_LDAP_MAPPING parameter
- Employee sync method
- tests: comment out DOCHAZKA_STATE_DIR diagnostic
- tests: run tests non-verbose in Travis CI

0.543 2016-09-17 23:24 CEST
- tests: present less alarming message when skipping integration test
- tests: eliminate redundancy in skipped integration test message
- tests: improve state dir error messages in t/mason.t
- Add help msg and params support for resetdb script
- auth: more logging detail for debugging session issues
- Model/Employee.pm: refactor sync method
- ldap: refactor (drop populate_employee, add autocreate_employee)
- dispatch: refactor handler_put_employee_ldap()
- dispatch: active employees can sync themselves
- doc: update POD in employee/nick/:nick/ldap resource definition
- ldap: add sanity checks, respect sync property
- ldap: set employee sync property in autocreate
- tests: refactor t/ldap.t
- scripts: fix dochazka-resetdb --help
- scripts: add run-tests.sh script
- Model/Employee.pm: get_all_sync_employees() function
- REST.pm: new init_arbitrary_script() function
- scripts: dochazka-ldap-batch-create
- scripts: clean up end of bin/dochazka-ldap-batch-create
- Move autocreate_employee() to Model/Employee.pm
- scripts: dochazka-ldap-sync-all
- REST.pm: make init_arbitrary_script() take a "quiet" option
- build/ops: package the new LDAP scripts in CPAN distro
- build/ops: do not package run-tests.sh script

0.544 2016-09-19 01:07 CEST
- Drop employee/current and employee/current/priv resources
- Add resource definitions for {priv,sched}/history/eid/:eid/:ts
- Add resource definitions for {priv,sched}/history/eid/:eid/now
- dispatch: distinguish single/multiple in history handler names
- Shared.pm: include timestamp in shared_get_class_prop_id() return list
- dispatch: implement GET handler for single-record history resources
- model: handle undef timestamps in history load_by_eid methods
- ResourceDefs.pm: better timestamp validation regex
- tests: add dispatch tests for {priv,schedule}/eid/:eid/{:ts,now}
- Add resource definitions for employee/{eid,nick}/{:eid,:nick}/full
- In employee/self/full resource, rename current_emp property to "emp"
- handlers: make employee/self/full return history objects
- tests: test for history objects in employee/self/full output
- dispatch: generalize pass 1 and 2 of GET employee/*/full handler
- Implement "employee/{eid,nick}/{:eid,:nick}/full" handlers
- tests: refactor "employee/self/full" dispatch tests
- tests: functional tests for employee/{eid,nick}/{:eid,:nick}/full

0.545 2016-09-23 14:45 CEST
- cleanup: reduce log verbosity of load_multile() in Model/Shared.pm
- Auth.pm: add more debug log messages, session mgmt

0.546 2016-09-25 09:44 CEST
- Revamp session management
- doc: update session management section of Guide

0.547 2016-09-26 14:00 CEST
- run-tests.sh: do not make an empty "1" file
- Auth.pm: require 'eid' property in _validate_session()
- model: stricter match for system users in ldap_sync()
- dispatch: improve error messages generated by LDAP handlers

0.548 2016-11-01 15:43 CET
- build/ops: move project back to Application:Dochazka (in OBS)
- Dispatch.pm: fix session resource
- Implement new "session/terminate" resource

0.549 2017-03-02 00:57 CET
- tests: fix top-level resource sanity test
- doc: dump session to log in Auth.pm
- scripts: cleanup dochazka-rest startup script
- build/ops: require Web::MREST 0.287
- doc: clarify schedule/scode/:scode
- make POST schedule/history accept scode as well as sid
- doc: clean up comments in Model/Shared.pm
- Make dbinit create DEFAULT schedule
- tests: add scode tests to t/sql/schedhistory.t
- tests: adapt tests to preserve DEFAULT schedule
- sql: make schedhistory SELECTs return scode as well as SID
- tests: schedhistory SELECTs are now returning scode

0.550 2017-10-16 22:05 CEST
- build/ops: require App::Dochazka::Common 0.207
- Drastically reduce verbosity of DBI error messages...
- Model/Employee.pm: regex for non-whitespace instead of true/false
- Dispatch.pm: have session/terminate return a real status code
- tests: ldap.t: display value of DOCHAZKA_LDAP_SERVER config param
- config: tweak whitespace in Component_Config.pm
- Auth.pm: debug log message with LDAP password
- ResourceDefs: allow passerby to GET activities
- doc: ResourceDefs: clarify schedule property of employee/self/full

0.551 2017-10-20 15:29 CEST
- ResourceDefs: allow passerby to GET schedule/sid/:sid

0.552 2017-10-23 11:53 CEST
- ResourceDefs: fix permissions on schedule/eid/:eid/?:ts
- Fillup: produce 100% schedule fulfillment without clobbering
- Fillup: return just scheduled intervals if clobber is true
- Model/Shared: make canonicalize_tsrange() fail on empty tsranges
- fillup: get conflicting intervals list in chronological order

0.553 2017-10-25 23:37 CEST
- WISHLIST: add "GET ldap/info"
- Dispatch: implement POST interval/scheduled
- Shared.pm: rip out dead code
- t/fillup.t: expand test coverage of Fillup
- Fix {priv,schedule}_change_during_range, {priv,sched}history_at_timestamp

0.554 2017-10-31 14:31 CET
- Fillup: return different code when dry_run is set
- tests: add 'interval/scheduled' coverage to t/dispatch/fillup.t
- Fillup: fix success and failure messages
- dbinit_Config: disallow modification of root supervisor field

0.555 2017-11-02 20:23 CET
- Model/Shared: introduce DOCHAZKA_SQL_TRACE to control SQL debugging info
- sql: add trigger preventing employees from supervising themselves
- Resource "POST interval/scheduled" no longer requires AID
- ResourceDefs: adjust POD of "interval/scheduled"

0.556 2017-11-02 23:20 CET
- Fillup: fix status code when no intervals created/identified
- Dispatch: fix regression in POST interval/fillup

0.557 2017-11-15 12:07 CET
- Add has_reports property to GET employee/.../full
- doc: ResourceDefs: mention URI encoding in employee/search/nick/:key
- ResourceDefs: let inactive and above search employee profiles
- Dispatch: refrain from returning 400 on certain harmless updates

0.558 2020-02-11 19:49 CET
- ResourceDefs: allow inactives to get full employee profiles of supervisees
- Dispatch: allow supervisor to generate scheduled intervals of supervisee
- build/ops: drop Makefile.PL, add t/critic.t and t/manifest.t